Bloomberg Campaign Comes To Parkland


In a symbolic show of support for gun control, Mike Bloomberg’s campaign is opening an office in Parkland.

His campaign signed a lease for a field office in the northwest Broward town today on the second anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Doulgas High murderous rampage on Feb. 14, 2018, a source told Browardbeat.

Bloomberg was endorsed yesterday by Parkland’s congressman, U. S. Rep. Ted Deutsch, D-Boca Raton.

The former New York Mayor and billionaire media mogul spent tens of millions of dollars promoting gun control his nonprofit Everytown for Gun Safety.

He has also made gun control one of his Democratic presidential campaign’s signature issues.

6 Responses to “Bloomberg Campaign Comes To Parkland”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Good for Mr Bloomberg! Gun ‘Rights’ have made our country THE ONLY CIVILIZED COUNTRY WITH HUGE MURDER N GUN VIOLENCE RATES. I dont believe the Suoreme Court Decisions such as ‘Heller’ mean ANYONE CAN HAVE ANY GUN.

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Here comes the money guy.Although he will never get the Black vote.His ” stop and frisk” will and I don.t care how.many times he apologizes Black people will not forget,or vote for him.Although it has been reported he is will to spend 2 Billion dollars if necessary.Basically all Mr.Bloomberg is doing is getting in the way for Joe Biden.Besides with the last 100 yrs I don’t t think the United States has ever elected a president that was not at least 6 ft.tall.So I guess I will stick to cutting hair ..

  3. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Positions very malleable. From NYT “The stakes for Mr. Bloomberg in the gun debate may be particularly high, as he seeks to persuade Democratic voters to look past some of his more conservative positions — including his record of championing aggressive policing as mayor, and his general sympathy for the banking industry — and embrace him as a key champion of a few core progressive concerns. And as other Democrats criticize the way he is using his personal fortune in the election, Mr. Bloomberg has pointed to his self-funded advocacy on guns, climate and other issues as proof of his good intentions.”

    He’s an opportunist who disavows prior more conservative actions when called out.

  4. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    From Wikipedia: “Political positions
    Bloomberg was a lifelong Democrat until 2001, when he switched to the Republican Party before running for Mayor. He switched to an independent in 2007, and registered again as a Democrat in October 2018.”

  5. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    From the Washington Post,Henry Olsen “Back in March, Bloomberg said he wouldn’t run because he was “clear-eyed about the difficulty of winning the Democratic nomination in such a crowded field.” The field remains crowded and eight months have passed, making his job that much harder. Perhaps he sees a path no one else can divine. Or perhaps he just needs to stop looking in the mirror and get himself a new set of glasses.”

  6. Richard J Kaplan (Ret.) says:


    While as Mayor I met and worked with projects that Mayor Bloomberg participated with. He is very capable.

    After serving as Mayor, Bloomberg also created and funded the group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, that many Mayors, including myself joined.

    Not long afterwards I had a spirited conversation with someone with the NRA on the phone against this organization and trying to get me to remove my support. This had worked with some of my colleagues.

    I asked them if they were really in support of people having illegal guns. Their answer was that they were against anything that in any way restricted gun ownership and that is really what this organization was about, which while not said, presumably meant they were in favor of illegal guns. There were also some reference that unless I dropped out I would not being re-elected.

    Obviously I didn’t agree and told them that I felt they had failed in their responsibility to promote gun safety.

    I’ll leave it at that on what the NRA really stands for.

    Now I have endorsed someone else, but I can tell you that I wouldn’t discount Bloomberg as a credible candidate that I could support if my candidate doesn’t succeed.

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