Blogger Chaz Stevens Scores Again


Chaz Stevens is the face of the new media.

Not me.  I’m the old media working on the Internet.

(Old Media is an understatement: This is me at the Pompano Beach City Commission in the 1970s.  I already had been working professionally for over a decade.  For my younger readers, that mechanical device in front of me is a typewriter. Check out my hair, which I wish I had today. Check out that shirt! The other reporter is Kathy Koch of the Fort Lauderdale News during an era when more than one journalist covered each Broward government.) 

Stevens, with no experience in journalism listed on his biography, has brought Deerfield Beach City Hall to its knees.

He is the the new version of a city hall gadfly– electronically empowered, fighting the power structure with bits and bytes. 

This week he got more results.

First, a little about Stevens.  I have never met him, but I have admired his work for several years.

His online bio indicates he is a software consultant.  He’s no kid at 46.

His work on has resulted in the arrests of former Mayor Al Cappellini and Commissioner Steve Gonot.

This week he hit pay dirt again.

An independent audit sparked by his criticism found that the city can’t account for some of the $1.68 million revenues from various festivals.

Stevens has long blamed Commissioner Sylvia Poitier for ethical laps in Deerfield and blamed her for some of this.  The audit agreed.

Approximately $28,000 in revenue disappeared.  Poitier, behind closed doors, was involved in handling the money.

She also directed that the proceeds be directed to an agency run by her daughter.

There is much more on Stevens blog .

I again warn that he is not a trained journalist and his writing style borders on the hysterical at times.  However, there are trained “journalists on the Internet in Broward whose writing not only borders on the hysterical, but is constantly out-of-control.

That’s one of the problems of the Internet.  No editing, or not enough editing in the case of the mainstream media like the Sun-Sentinel.

Sadly, the Sun-Sentinel largely ignores Stevens’ role in the Deerfield scandals. I haven’t been in that newsroom for over three years, so I don’t know what’s behind that decision.

That mainstream paper is wrong.  Stevens’ blog has been like the Chinese water torture, its drip, drip, drip exposing the corruption in Deerfield City Hall.

Stevens’ job shows you don’t need to be working for the Sun-Sentinel, or the Miami Herald or New Times to get results.  All you just need a computer, dedication and most of all, the facts.

50 Responses to “Blogger Chaz Stevens Scores Again”

  1. Lady Law says:

    You were actually cute, Nevins.

  2. Git R Done says:

    Nah, he was handsome, big difference.
    He was always very intelligent and knew what he was talking about, a way ahead of the game too

  3. Chaz Stevens, Author says:

    Hey Buddy;

    Thanks for the nice words. Very heartening to hear them coming from a veteran reporter such as yourself.

    In a shameless plug, I am almost done writing a book entitled “Making a Difference: 88 award winning tips for taking on taking back your local government”. Perhaps my words can help empower others to affect changes.

    As to the word “hysterical”. Are you speaking about hysterical funny or going mental hysterical. Either way, guilty as charged.

    Here’s a quick post I wrote about Deerfield’s latest corruption saga.

    I call it “Tits for Taxpayer Money”.


    Tits For Taxpayer Money

    Radioactive, mentally unbalanced, sexually abused… Stalker, racist, rapist, wife beater, woman hater. Scoundrel, rapscallion, raconteur.

    Well, truth be told, those last three were mine. But the others? Just a few of the names that I have been called in my single handed pursuit of making Deerfield Beach a better place for all of our kids. But no needs to cries me a river.

    Was it worth it? Oh hell yeah. Four elected officials will have been arrested, removed from office, and denied any future in the political arena BECAUSE OF ME.

    Four? Wait. By my count, there’s only Capellini and Gonot.

    You can add to that list Commissioner Sylvia Poitier and former commissioner Gloria Battle.

    See gentle reader, let me clue you in on a secret. Poitier is done. Like stick a fork in her done.

    Why’s that Chaz?

    Over the next few days, as I release items of interest from the Kessler Report, you will learn how she personally helped, behind closed doors, count festival cash receipts, of which about $27,000 or so that has turned up missing. You’ll wince when you learn of the role the now infamous Westside Deerfield Businessman Association played in our street festivals. Or the triple billing by Jimmy Bo Horne (he’s not new, he’s true!) and his connection to Vince Kendrick and George Edmunds. Or the $900,000 we spent on the Mango over a two year period. I’ll regale you with the tits for taxpayer money story. For extra credit, I’ll toss in an accounting system that allows for easy and untraceable embezzlement by staff employees.

    So friends, get ready, get set, and let’s go. This moment in Deerfield Beach history lovingly brought to you by Chaz Stevens and MAOS.

    I say we dance… Shall we?

  4. ontheequator says:

    Ahhhhhhh …. for the good old days.

  5. Commissioner Keith S. London says:

    Could it be jealousies?

    The news papers used to investigate and actually uncover corruption and misdeeds.

    Now what are they doing?

    What happened to the fourth estate, and how can we get it back?

    Or do we need Chaz to train every citizen how to be an investigator?

    Commissioner Keith S. London
    Hallandale Beach

  6. Chaz Stevens, Author says:


    Nice ponytail you hippy.

  7. Kevin says:


    I see that the same troll stole your hair as the one who stole mine!!

    Kevin Hill

    Yes, the same troll snuck into my closet and shrunk all my 1970s clothes. That must be why they don’t fit anymore.

  8. Kevin says:

    PS: That shirt!!!!! So 70s!!!!

  9. disenchanted says:

    are there any investgative reporters left at the papers, they have ended up as mere ad sheets, very little more, and,i, for one am sorry. we a had good news at one time and now……….

  10. SunnyD says:

    Chaz Stevens Rocks and The Sun-Sentinel BLOWS, HARD.

  11. Mark Edelstein says:

    Mr. Stevens is kept at arms length by most reasonable people due to his propensity to burn sources he has promised protection to.

    Like a drowning man who will push down his rescuer to raise his own head above water, Stevens will use and then burn anyone necessary to improve his position. He has consistently taken the fruits of others efforts and attached his name to them in order to take credit for himself.

    He is an entertaining prostitute for attention and like all such low self-esteem sufferers is better observed from a distance.

  12. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Chaz has no respect for women. He has berated women and referred to them as female body parts and used horrible, demeaning, vicious slurs and the magnitude of any good work he has done is tainted and tarnished by his anti-women sexist views. He is a dweeb who deserves to be taken behind the woodshed, and no, Chaz you sick twisted piece of garbage, not for your pleasure. He is a disgrace and an embarassment. He has no courage for he does it from behind his computer in his dungeon at the morgue where he lives.

  13. The Problem With Newspapers says:

    The problem with newspapers is they have forsaken their responsibility as journalists to tell the people what they NEED to know and instead focus on entertaining them. A little of both is not a problem. Some fun reading never hurt anyone. But the absence of the former thrusts us into ignorance and democracy can’t work well with when the people are ignorant.

    Jefferson understood “I know no safe depositary of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.”

    We should be able to count on our leaders to properly inform us. But it is wiser in a system like ours to entrust that responsibility independently to a free press dedicated to ensureing that we are factually informed so that we can draw our OWN conclusions based on the facts as they exist. This is part of why the media enjoys certain special rights that are constitutionally protected. We value being properly informed that much. Our founders understood this very well. The survival of our form of democracy depends on the people being informed. For democracy to work well the people must be enlightened with information. Too often today they are being intentionally misled. And yet for most of America’s history the press has carried out that responsibility fairly well.

    Not lately.

    Today they are more interested today in manipulating emotions with juicy gossip that some people may enjoy reading. Excluded too often is the solid reporting of facts that we the people need to know.

    So it’s bad enough that we don’t get the real facts as they exist. We then are fed “viewpoint” or editorial in the guise of news, spin to stories that taint what little information is reported. That is corrupt to the core.

    No wonder we have become a confused and ill informed people. Talk about ethics.


    There is a myth that journalism was once balanced and fair. I believe for most of history the media has been irresponsible and highly partisan.

    The most scurrilous attacks on candidates occurred regularly through most of America’s history. Many of them were racist or involved allegations of illicit sex.

    Just one example that comes to mind: Grover Cleveland was attacked with the false charge that he had an illegitimate child. Opposition newspapers repeated the phrase “Ma, Ma, where’s my Pa?” continuously.

    Anybody ever heard of William Randolph Hearst, who was the Rupert Murdoch of his generation? Nobody could ever accuse a Hearst newspaper of being fair and balanced. Hearst had a stronger grip on this country than Murdoch – newspapers in every major city, a movie studio, two news services, several leading magazines and thousands of acres of land in California and New York. He employed the most powerful journalists of the era, including Walter Winchell, Westbrook Pegler, Louella Parsons, etc. And Hearst was a right wing fanatic for years, so much so that families I knew in New York would not allow one of his two NYC newspapers (The New York Mirror and the Journal American) in their homes.

    I worked for a daily newspaper – not in Broward – owned by a publisher who loved Richard Nixon and refused to believe the president had anything to do with Watergate. He forbid the use of the word Watergate in his newspaper. I once quoted a city council member as saying some misdeed was “just like Watergate.” I got called on the carpet…after the line was edited out of my story. I left soon afterward, but I always was sorry I didn’t get to see the publisher’s face when the Watergate tapes were released and Nixon resigned.

    Sensationalism and trying to cater to readers’ tastes are nothing new. After all the media is a business and needs customers. My father once worked for a newspaper in New York called the New York Graphic. It was a pioneering tabloid and was so sensational, featuring racy stories of divorces and murders, that it was nicknamed The Pornographic.

    Unfortunately today, mainstream newspapers don’t have the personnel, the space or the interest to cover much of what goes on in government and politics. Many cities in Broward go totally uncovered. Most weekly newspapers — many of them run by the Sun-Sentinel — are mere receptacles for news releases and have very little real, tough, edgy coverage. Billions of dollars in public money is spent in Broward and nobody is watching!

    That’s not good. That’s why bloggers like Chaz are important.

    Because of bloggers, journalism today is more open and transparent than ever. Anybody can be a publisher on the Internet, even me. Anybody can voice their views. I believe it is largely healthy, as long as writers stick to facts and don’t libel people.

  14. Tedd says:

    VERY nice buddy. It’s nice to see some “new media” people that actually get their facts straight.

    The problem is, many don’t report all the facts. They get something in their head and then it becomes a “fact” for them. They just keep pushing this mis-fact. And keep pushing and pushing. It’s also true for some of the more traditional media too, both newspapers (on-line now, of course) and TV.

    Thank you for being fair and balanced. (Oops. That term is a bit tainted, too, isn’t it? lol)

  15. Death Frog 3 says:

    Chaz’s work is commendable in the Portier case.

    His role in Gonot and Cappellini has been exaggerated by him. He forwarded other people’s work to the SAO.

    So when weighing whether the SS should quote Chaz look at all he’s done not just the good.

    He is a liability.

    Chaz wrote the SS reporter begging for attention. What kind of person begs for attention?

  16. Chaz Stevens, Author says:


    Death Frog. For a guy fired from BSO, you certainly have much room to talk.

  17. Chaz Stevens, Author says:


    That’s why I am going on TV and you are… Doing what again?

  18. The Problem With Newspapers(2) says:

    Buddy you offer some balance to the view I put forward which I accept. You can’t take the human element out of anything I guess. Still, it was better years ago. Possibly because we as people were better humans than. Possibly because they had more staff. Possibly because of the rigor old school reporting demanded; more in depth coverage than we have today.

    I just happen to recall people being better informed and there being less banter about what is a fact. Also the line between news and editorial has become much too blurred. That’s a problem.

    As to bloggery, no question, it’s exciting. Simply it has gotten to where some rules are needed. The comments are out of control. I’m not decided on whether anonymous blogging should even be permitted. I feel more sure that people who create blogs need to take more responsibility over what they post and what they allow others to post on their blogs. Crazy, out of control things are being said that damage people’s reputations. It’s already becoming a legal challenge and rightly so when the comments are outrageous, lies, malicious or profoundly unfair. For the most part I like blogging but a lot of bloggers as you mentioned are out of control and don’t follow basic journalistic rules of accuracy or fairness.

    All considered, journalism is worse off today in terms of quality than it used to be. There I hope we would both agree.

  19. Mark Edelstein says:


    There are a plethora of prostitutes on the boob tube, you’ll fit perfectly there.

    Convenient that you avoided the meat of my post but not unexpected.

  20. No Life for Chaz says:

    My hero Neil Rodgers used to constantly say that a broken clock is still right twice per day.
    Sure Chaz Stevens got somethings right in Pompano, but he is wrong or totally off base with his revelations about 95% of the time.
    I have heard that there is a creepy side to him too, but I haven’t confirmed it.
    Most of the material he posts about public figures leans toward personal attacks and subjectivity rather than exposing facts.
    I also wonder what a man of his age is doing on a computer all day.
    Buddy, I love your reporting, but Chaz Stevens is and always will be and egotistical rank amateur who appears to thrive on attention in my book.
    I bet that I speak for many when I say that Chaz Stevens is odd ball looking for attention.
    Unfortunately, I think that your article has encouraged him further.

  21. I'm Just Beachy says:

    Buddy, you sell yourself way too short.
    I have been a “Buddy” reader for more years then I can recall and continue to seek you out, as do so very obviously, tons of others!
    You continue to probe, reveal, excite, and inform on what many of us rely on to use to draw our own conclusions, all from info offered by an old and trusted friend. You rank among the finest. Take it to the bank, Buddy.
    As for Chaz, yes it is true he is part of the montage that is developing as “the face of the new media” but we need both types, although I certainly do not consider you “old” media by any stretch of the imagination.
    You keep pace and continue to care deeply enough to share that which other neglect o share,. DO Not Stop…you are way to good and needed, to ever do that!

    Agreed. Chaz has done some really significant work.Give him his credit.On the other side of this same story, anyone who has claims against him or anyone, should reveal the evidence to support the claim, not simply continue on by with innuendoes by making statements that are unsubstantiated.
    That is useless to readers. It really goes full circle by you making statements that may be, probably are, false about someone , which is exactly what you are claiming about Chaz.
    So, if you say it, or write it, then just – Prove It, fully. If you have no proof or wish to not reveal it, then use common sense and restrain your impulses to refrain from making a fool of yourself and wasting the reader’s time with gossip and half truths.

    FROM BUDDY: Thank you for your kind comments.

  22. Death Frog 3 says:

    At Chaz first off I was never fired from BSO. Secondly Buddy has edited my post and removed the more disturbing parts of your character.

    FROM BUDDY: I will continue to remove allegations of those type. Prove it and I will run it.

  23. twofaced voter says:

    Where is Kathy Koch today. We went to Sunrise & Lauderdale together.

    FROM BUDDY: Kathy has worked for years at Congressional Quarterly in Washington.

  24. Kathy Rayson says:

    You take me way back. LOVE the typewriter. And you look like your son. Or vice versa.

  25. Spaz is a loser says:

    I see no reason to celebrate Spaz. He is just another loser who sits at home all day with nothing better to do but hurt on people who are good public servants.

    Spaz, you owe Judge Hurley and his Treasurer an apology. Your stupid allegations were thrown in the trash by the Florida Bar as soon as they were read.

    Do you even check your sources, you should, there is probably a disturbed ex Judge who likes to email you.

    Judge Hurley has been one of the few broght spots on the Bench over the last few years, and the voters agreed.

    Spaz do the right thing and say you are sorry for harassing Judge Hurley during the campaign.

  26. Chaz Stevens says:


    It’s okay. Just more Baseless name calling from anonous Internet trolls who are envious of the results you and I produce.

    The Director of HUD South Florida personally thanked me for my work. Named NewtTimes Activist of the Year. Helped find $400k and now $1.68m. The world’s most famous forensic auditor asked me to join his team.

    Just recognized by you. You are one of the most important voices in S. Florida.

    You think it matters what a washed up ex zip with an unlimited data plan on his Blackberry and time to anonymously comment while securing the mall via atop of his Segway reallly matters ?

    In the near future, I will blog about his professional career and then we can all have a big laugh.

  27. Chaz Stevens, Author says:

    @The Problem


    Did you not bother to read what buddy wrote?

    I. Am. Not. A. Journalist.

    Duh and/or hello?

  28. Death Frog 3 says:

    Buddy the pictures are on his blog. Another site has taken him off the blog roll because it was redirected to the site Chaz admitted he redirected to a “not safe for work” site.

    Yet you let Chaz make allegations without any proof. No problem I’ll contribute somewhere else.

  29. Chaz Stevens, Author says:

    Oh that’s right. The press is ignoring me…

    Oh, well, except today’s article by another extremely well respected journalist…

    Broward County

    The long awaited audit of three events — the Founder’s [Cracker] Day, Mango and Brazilian festivals — is finally completed and its findings are scary. Deerfield Beach city commissioners approved the audit at the urging of blogger and city hall monitor Chaz Stevens, who has been vigilantly watching over the dysfunctional City Hall. The audit findings detail unaccounted for funds in all three events, particularly the Brazilian and Mango festivals. It raises questions as to the role several politicians and department heads played in the missing cash and even the destruction of financial records. For example, during questioning about the whereabouts of certain records, former Parks Department Director George Edmunds responded by asking whether he should “get a lawyer.” The audit also shows that Deerfield Beach has suffered years of lax control over its finances, mismanagement and incompetent political leadership. No doubt the State Attorney’s Office will begin an investigation – and it won’t be a minute too soon.

    – Elgin Jones

  30. ExCompassionate Conservative says:


    I knew the Sun Sentinel was doomed as paper with fire in the belly to look for news once you left. I used to look forward to every column you wrote since you were pretty straight about the politicos, regardless of their party affiliation.

    The Sun Sentinel is like some of my magazines which are now just glossy press releases with no balls anymore.

    The local sections are just a few feel good articles with a crime report and the same ads. I can read the local section in 2 minutes as the actual content is as low as I have ever seen it.

    Most of the Sun Sentinel is just Tribune reprints. I thought reporters worked cheap. Can’t the Sun Sentinel find some eager reporters who want to be exploited?

  31. make him go away says:

    Stevens has No credibilty for several reasons:
    1. He is wrong more often than right
    2. He conjures false reporting and allegations
    3. He has apparent mental health issues as evidence by his compulsive blogging
    4. He is 45 and still lives with mom and dad.
    5. He is a self promoting ego maniac
    6. He is obviously not that bright

  32. Chaz Stevens, Author says:

    #Human Frogger

    Do you really have a problem with pictures of high end ladies shoes?

    That’s what is sometime on my web site.


    Because, at one point of my life, I thought of travellig to Italy learning to design ladies footwear.

    Apparently, you are not into fine Italian leather. Okay, in the future, I will post pictures of butt plugs. That seems more your style.

    When you see a giant latex schlong on my blog, that’s buds for you.

    PS If my writing is so bothersome to you, just don’t come visit.

  33. Spaz is a loser says:


    No say you are sorry to Judge Hurley

    Meanwhile, Broward Circuit Court judges John Hurley and Elijah Williams had cases dismissed as well.Theirs were never investigated, because the person who complained used an alias name and a fake address, FEC records say.

  34. Chaz Stevens, Author says:


    The Cost of Corruption: Yesterday it was $1.68M, now small town learns about another $1M.

    DEERFIELD BEACH, FL – December 2, 2010– After linking $1.68M in unreported festival revenues to Commissioner Sylvia Poitier, New York forensic auditing firm Kessler International dropped yet another bomb shell revealing $1,039,296.06 being paid out to a single individual responsible for event talent acquisition.

    “It’s very disturbing,” Commissioner Bill Ganz said of the audit. “It looks like we were hemorrhaging cash when it comes to these festivals.”

    Examining the city’s prior business dealings with festival promoter Jimmy Bo Horne, Jr, the review uncovered:

    Instances of suspected fraud, financial mismanagement, and political corruption.
    Departments were found to be operating autonomously with zero oversight, deliberately overlooking deceptive financial transactions, and intentionally ignoring crucial legal advice.
    Horne, reported as evasive and refusing to provide crucial documentation, explained his actions as “I’m not new, I’m true!”
    Corporate invoices were personally paid directly to Horne with service fees often exceeding 35%.
    Tripled billed expenses were reimbursed and catering buyouts ignored.
    Non-city employees authorized legally binding entertainment contracts.
    This represents the second of four forensic audits, all sparked by the harsh criticism and investigative efforts of local author Chaz Stevens. Stevens, a former Deerfield Beach Housing Authority Commissioner, was recently described by veteran Sun-Sentinel reporter Buddy Nevins as “the face of the new media- electronically empowered, fighting the power structure with bits and bytes”.

    Stevens, who takes partial credit for putting the ‘ex’ in ex-Mayor Al Capellini and ex-Commissioner Steve Gonot, upon learning of the $1,039,296.06 in questionable use of taxpayer money noted “Poitier has termed these festivals a ‘socio-economic tool’- apparently her code phrase for ‘stealing money fairly and squarely.’ I sure hope she has a get out of jail free card handy.”

    The complete results of the 2010 Kessler Audit and Investigation of the City of Deerfield Beach Festivals are located here.

    Chaz Stevens

    Online Press Kit:


    Words (360)

  35. Chaz Stevens, Author says:

    Actually, as an attention whore, it goes against my attention whoreish not to publish my name to my complaints.

    Send me an email. I’ll send you a copy of the complaint.

  36. Chaz is unemployed says:

    That reminds me Chaz, whatever happened to that Judicial complaint you made against Judge Hurley. You know, the one that you made public on your website. The same one that you bragged about making in postings on various blogs. I mean, you should have heard something by now since your investigative work is so refined.
    I am sure that you wouldn’t just make some b.s. complaint just to gain some minuscule modicum of notoriety. Nah, not you Chaz.
    Do tell. Whatever happened to that complaint? When are they going to nail Hurley?

  37. Chaz Stevens, Author says:


    Let’s see.

    Buddy thinks the world of me. You are an anonymous troll.

    Did I miss anything?

  38. Chaz is unemployed says:

    In fact you did miss something Chaz.
    You didn’t tell us how that fraudulent complaint against Hurley turned out.
    You normally have a big mouth, tell us about the punishment Hurley received as a result of your spot on complaint.
    We are all ears…

  39. holybananarama says:

    OMG, why do we have to be subjected to this crap? Buddy.. Really…

  40. celebrate goodness says:

    To Chaz:

    Whatever happened to Chaz Stevens, Genius????

    So now you are Chaz Stevens, Author??

    If you research any of his thousands of posts, he uses such vile,repulsive language at everyone.

    This is one angry, chip on the shoulder guy… and a real Wierdo to boot. Guess being in your 40’s, living w/mama, no family, girlfriend/wife (allegedly)would do that. FREAK!

  41. Chazzer's Personality Disorder says:

    As Death Frog 3 stated here at 2:27pm, Dec. 1,

    “His (Timothy Steven’s)role in Gonot and Cappellini has been exaggerated by him. He forwarded other people’s work to the SAO”.

    Hey Author–that’s not journalism. “Author” is just another delusional self awarded “accomplishment” self-given to an overweight online loser bully.

    How sad it is to see one of those “gadflies” that people laugh at at local government Council, Commisioner’s meetings consider himself “accomplished”.

    And not making this distinction in a blog such as this is sloppy journalism, at best.


    There is no doubt that Chaz Stevens’ questioning of business at Deerfield Beach City Hall was a positive development. That city was run as a closed little club for too long.

    Yes, Stevens is a self-promoter. So what? Lots of people brag about their work. In fact, there is another local blogger who has an almost pathological need to constantly boast about his stories. Judging from the comments here, readers are not stupid and can judge for themselves whether the boasting it overblown.

    The personality or shortcomings of the messenger should not diminish the message. Many of the best journalists are among the most flawed individuals you would ever want to meet. When I broke into the business, the drinking was legendary. There were more than one drunken fist fight in the newsroom and I worked the day shift. I worked with one male reporter who dressed like a woman when not at work. Another one deliberately wore wildly mismatched clothes to “make a statement about conventional business attitire,” he said. We had an employee hooking out of the newsroom. Another employee frequently exposed himself at fancy restaurants. I’ll save the rest for my book.

    Regardless of their flaws, their stories were solid and kick ass. Or they would have been shown the door.

    Your comment on gadflies is accurate. The insiders do laugh at the gadflies, until the gadflies get results.

    Perhaps the most famous gadfly in recent Broward history was Helen Ferris, who attended every meeting of the now-defunct Port Everglades Authority for over two decades. The wrongdoing she uncovered were tool used to end the authority and turn the functions over to the county.

    Farris also got the last laugh. When the county needed old Port documents to win a lawsuit, the only person who had them was Helen Farris. Her work as a gadfly helped the county win that multi-million dollar suit.

  42. Chaz Stevens, Author says:


    As Wilde once so eloquently stated…

    The only thing worse than talking about me is *not* talking about me.

    My ardent fans:
    I have a meeting with certain folks located at 30 Rock. Eat ’em and fucking weep dipshits.

  43. Chaz Stevens, Author says:

    So when IBM buys a $3M Super Bowl ad, it’s called marketing.

    When I talk my himself, it’s self promotion?

  44. Dear Chaz says:


    I think you are great. I see Jay Hurley or his supporters are riding you pretty hard on here.

    Here is something you may find interesting. As a candidate your are probably already aware…

    There is a cutoff date right before an election where a candidate cant accept any further donations (would assume this applies to loans from the candidate). Also election law states that a candidate cannot spend any more than he has in the bank.

    In light of the above, I do not understand how Judge Hurley could legally loan his campaign $400 on November 4 so that his expendatures and contributions would zero out. Also curious is how Maguires Bar was paid money labled as camapign worker.

    Hey Chaz wasnt Hurley and his Treasurer Ed McGee going to sue you and New Times when it was reported they were doing pro Hurley spam comments on their blogs? Did they sue you?

  45. No Need says:

    Hey Chaz

    Why use foul language? You lose your civility and respect when you resort to such vulgarness

  46. Chaz Stevens, Author says:

    @No need

    Apparently you’ve never read any Bukowski.

  47. poor chaz says:

    Looks to me like its Hurley 1 chaz zip.

    Cahalane doesn’t run his big mouth about the good judge anymore. If I had to guess lil Timmy got sued and cut a deal to never discuss Hurley again. Hurley ain’t no Sylvia huh Timmy?

  48. Dear Chaz says:

    You and Chaz should start dating since you are both absolutely obsessed with all things Hurley.
    The truth is that its all background noise. Hurlman won and you two have each other.

  49. Charlotte Brownfart says:

    Buddy ,

    You say that you have admired his work for several years but have never met him. Why not ? He lives in your backyard . Are you so terrified at what you might encounter ? Surely a journalist of your pedigree should make an effort to meet the subject face to face before endowing him with such praise.

  50. Chaz Stevens, Author says:


    Why do you come meet me? I at the Mizner’s Starbuck.

    Can’t miss me. I’m wearing a tshirt that read “I flunked Anger Management”.

    Hell, I’ll even buy you a latte and a bran muffin. I think you could use the regularity.