Blogger Beats Sun-Sentinel Like A Drum




Blogger Chaz Stevens has done it again – prompting prosecutors to launch an investigation of a city official.

This time it is Jonathan K. Allen, city manager of Lauderdale Lakes, who is being probed for alleged bid rigging.

Stevens has been pounding Allen for quite some time.

The Sun-Sentinel has pretty much ignored the story, even though Stevens laid it out carefully in his colorful and slanted prose.

I know what’s going on here.

Despite its professional news staff, the Sun-Sentinel has been beaten like a drum by Stevens. Repeatedly.

The reporters and editors don’t like to admit that fact.

Everybody in the Sun-Sentinel tower lives with uncertainty daily, because the paper is being spun off into a separate all-publishing company later this year.  No one wants to stick their head up and have it lobbed off in another round of firings. Maybe no one wants to admit they are not doing their job by letting a guy like Stevens scoop them.

A source says that it is only after Stevens complained that the paper agreed to credit the blogger…in the last paragraph.

The Sun-Sentinel story ignored that Stevens has been threatened with a lawsuit by Jonathan K. Allen’s father, well-known lawyer and civil rights pioneer W. George Allen.  You can see one of Stevens’ pieces here.

My old employer, the Sun-Sentinel, is desperately trying to retain relevance in the Internet Age. They won’t be successful by ignoring folks like Stevens.

Stevens’ site has never made money.  He says he does it because of his belief in clean government.

“The perp walk is my Olympic Gold Medal,” he says. “It makes what I do worth all of the time and trouble.”

Like it or not, bloggers like Stevens and websites like Tamarac Talk are the future.  They are more nimble and more aggressive than the sclerotic Old Media.

I’ve got no love for Stevens’ methods.  He is juvenile, drawing penis on the faces of his targets. He has an ego the size of Florida.

Still, if I were at the Sun-Sentinel, I would be reading Stevens daily.  And reading the others like him.

Because these writers are uncovering news, real news.

And they get results, real results.


31 Responses to “Blogger Beats Sun-Sentinel Like A Drum”

  1. Aletheia says:

    Justice is coming soon! The skunk, Allen is back-pedaling every day…even changing his commission agendas based on Stevens’ blogs! Expect more to come out about this slimy public servant…one of the filthiest we’ve seen in a long time!

    As far as Stevens’ dirty language and graphics are concerned…do these thieves and misfits deserve any less? There’s a simple solution for those on the receiving end of the penis pics…stop stealing and breaking the law!

  2. Rico Petrocelli says:

    Buddy, I saw his post under remarks too. The Sun-Sentinel adding it shows his relevance with the article, actually being in the paper.

    He should get his props, and you’re right again on the paper ignoring blogs, and other ways to get information to their readers. They need to do a better job of listening,and reading what’s out there, anywhere, if they want to survive..

    Thanks for the post….

    Rico Petrocelli

  3. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Maybe it’s because the S-S’s high ups don’t want the paper to do stories on people like Allen. Look at the line-up of the chosen who give opinions about the past week and what’s important to look for in the next.

    Many of them have less than stellar ethical performances in their chosen fields.

    I think Stevens’ penis faces are hilarious. Just sayin’.

    I feel sorry for reporters who are much like fiddlers on the S-S’s roof.

  4. West Davie Resident says:

    Add to the Sun Sentinel’s questionable reporting, the fact they have been running the same Charlie Crist “Testing The Political Waters” piece in the Top News Section of their Android App for three straight months.

    Perhaps instead the can rerun their recent article for three months on an election poll showing Governor Scott closing the gap or, better yet, their article on the Scott Rothstein witness testimony about his “quid pro quo” relationship with Crist?

  5. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:


    Let me talk about everyone’s downside when the Sun-Sentinel fails to give proper credit. My concern isn’t about shameless self-promotion, rather it’s about my ability to gather future story intel. When the Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole blew up the Internets, and I found myself on Colbert and Stewart, millions and millions of people worldwide became familiar with my name, so another story about me isn’t going to make that much of a deal press-coverage wise.

    But an article about a corrupt official possibly being arrested? These sorts of stories lead to tips, and these tidbits are usually about tales that affect us all.

    I bet you didn’t know the Jon Allen saga came to me as a reader’s tip. This reader “discovered me” thru the various New Times articles covering Sylvia Poiter’s downfall. Quite obviously, without Tom Francis’ stellar reporting (with my name blazing across the pages), there’d be a good chance MAOS *would not* have taken up camp in Lauderdale Lakes. And then, who knows the outcome?

    Some might argue the OIG report would have eventually gotten funnelled to the Miami-Dade SAO. I say, not so fast… Did you know the Broward SAO worked up multiple felony charges against Poitier, but decided to only prosecute her for the five misdeameanors? Given this nauesating reality, I’d not be so quick to assume Michael Satz would have gone after Allen.

    I’ve long suspected the Sun-Sentinel has me in time-out. Just recently, the most-excellent reporter Lisa Huriash wrote an article about the ongoing ethics investigation (from my complaint) of Margate Commissioner Tommy Ruzzano. Ultimately, that story was spiked and via her editor, I was given a rather cheesy/lame-o excuse as to why they couldn’t run the article.

    Now I know the rest of the story.

    Finally, your colleague Dan Christensen once told me, “You have a nose for a story, and that’s something that can’t be taught in school.” High praise indeed coming from him and something that I am still humbled by to this day.

    Me? Humbled? Get the fuck out, right?

    Sure I have an ego, and deservedly so — look at my body of work, there’s nothing else like it around here (well, my buddy Fane Lozman runs a very close second). Just be glad my ego is only the size of Florida.



    PS I’d be willing to take up a desk at the Sun-Sentinel, bring some long-lost balls to the newsroom. Hell, crazier things have happened right? WPLG hired Retraction Bob…

    Though, I’m not willing to wear a Lands End dress shirt with the sleeves always rolled up.

  6. Liar, Liar Big Pants On Fire says:

    That would be a Lands Ends dress shirt XXXL for Retraction Bob

  7. Aletheia says:

    Calling W. George Allen a “civil rights pioneer” is a stretch…don’t you think Buddy? Living off one discrimination case against the Broward School Board for decades…a case that won itself…and then mooching work from that same school board for years! Sounds more like a parasite than a pioneer! If you think that gorgeous george has impressive legal credentials, take a look at the “cease & desist” letter (with the AOL email address) that he fired off to Chaz when his crooked son started getting into trouble! It’s a hoot!

  8. Sam The Sham says:

    Several years ago there were four or five bloggers in Deerfield doing local topics. They often got into petty feuds with one another, Chaz always being in the mix.

    I said to the local SS reporter covering Deerfield that she should do a story on the bloggers. “Oh no, the SS does not get involved in bloggers petty feuds.” she said. I could not convince her that the petty feuds were not the issue, the bloggers were the issue.

    Reporters in today’s newspapers are like the factory workers in yesterday’s typewriter factory.

  9. Warspite says:

    I have some experience with the so-called “Chaz Stevens”, and if he were half the reporter, indeed half the man he tries to represent, he would be the second coming of Upton Sinclair. As is, he seems a petty, often mean-spirited blogger, generally afraid to get his hair mussed up. If nothing else, my opinion is he is the virtual apotheosis of the expression, “talk is cheap”.

  10. Retraction Bob says:

    Oh, did I forget to mention that Bob Norman is a lying, no good, two faced loser hypocrite?

  11. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    Writing MAOS is an odd hobby.

    Thinking about getting into the blog/activism business? Think again.

    My life has been threaten and my dog poisoned. I’ve been investigated by HUD, DOJ, and BSO. Folks have accused me of all sorts of really nasty stuff. My clients and former employers have been contacted. I don’t advertise, and sometimes have “donation drives”, but from the very beginning, MAOS has never once been profitable.

    And now, I’m also supposedly worried about my hair do.

    The only “gain” I receive from all of the thousands of hours invested is seeing the Sylvia Poitiers of the world do the perp walk. Really, that’s what this is all about. The perp walk is my Olympic Gold Medal. It makes what I do worth all of the time and trouble.

    So when the S-S failed to give me the proper shoutout regarding Jon Allen’s troubles, that was extremely bothersome. For without me, there would not have been a story. If I didn’t intercede and left it up to Michael Satz, who knows? Maybe they’d have taken a pass (like they did with those felony charges against Sylvia).

    But that’s all hypotheticals, and really not worth spending time over.

    In the here and now, my complaint has gotten us to this point. I’ve got Allen jacked up. Sure, much of what I did stands on the shoulders of the OIG’s work. Granted. But since then, since that time two years ago, MAOS has never let up, we knew Allen was a crook, and very shortly, I think he’s about to take a perp walk.

    And. That. Will. Be. Fucking. Glorious.

  12. Aletheia says:

    Warspite: I know that you’ve probably been waiting a long time to roll out the word “apotheosis”, but if you think that Chaz is only about talking the talk, then take a look at his record. His “actions” and “persistence” have led to charges against, and the removal of crooked public officials. Newspapers follow his leads and prosecutors pay attention to what he has to say! If you think that’s all just cheap talk, try it yourself sometime…and then we’ll see what your success rate is!

  13. Curious says:

    Has Tamarca Talk ever broken a story on anything it seems they just comment on the work of others? I understand she was one of many who was invovled in taking out Grad but that is not reporting or exposing corruption.

  14. Tamarac Talk says:

    Chaz is absolutely correct when he writes about how the exposure brings in new leads. For my blogs, they are what they are: If you like them, fine, if not…don’t read them. But you know as well as I do that our leads are extremely important and that’s why it’s important to keep our names out there.

    I actually read the Sun Sentinel everyday and I have my list of writers that I enjoy, like Paula McMahon, Lisa Huriash, Michael Mayo, Linda Trischitta and the Editorial Staff.

    I also wouldn’t give Bob Norman such a hard time because you’ll never know when you need him. Norman really gave the recall drive to oust Tamarac Commissioner Atkins-Grad out of office a lot of exposure on Channel 10. Without his interest in the story, many residents wouldn’t have heard of our mission.

    Chaz, keep working hard at your “Hobby” and keep everyone honest. And don’t worry about censoring yourself. People read our websites whether they admit it or not. Analytics don’t lie.

  15. Kevin Hill says:

    Chaz’s work on the festivus pole (especially when it landed last Christmas in the Capitol Building in Tallahassee) has made it into my Intro to American Government lectures on freedom of religion at FIU.

    And of course most of the students already knew about it because of Colbert and Stewart, which is where these whippersnappers get their national political news these days.


  16. @ Tamarac Talk says:

    You are no Chaz, Buddy, Brittany…. You and your hubby are making money off of candidates in Coral Springs yet your portray yourself as the media?
    You are the perfect candidate for the Housewives of Tamarac except for the fact that Tamarac is a shit hole and no one would watch. Maybe they will have a cops episode in your ‘hood soon and you can get your 5 minutes of fame.

  17. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    @Kevin Hill

    If you would be so kind as to extend my offer of personal tutelage to any hot young co-ed females in need of some Geniusness.

    Danke schoen.

  18. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:


    Bong hits for Jesus, eh?

    Without Sharon Aron Baron Pizza, Atkins-Grad might still very well be in office.

    I am thinking — taking down corruption trumps the fuck out of merely reporting or exposing said corruption.

    But what do I know? I’m only Broward’s premier corruption fighter.

  19. Tamarac Talk says:

    @ 16.

    1. Got to agree. I’m not a Chaz, Buddy or Brittany. They are definitely better writers than me.

    2. I agree…parts of Tamarac are shit holes.

    3. I never said I wasn’t paid for my work. What am I stupid? I’m a photographer who works on the side and I accept advertising dollars. It says so on all my websites. I also work for businesses doing social media work and and free lance writing as well. Read my About pages. Coral Springs About Page

    Thanks for letting me plug on Buddy’s site.

  20. Cut the bullshit says:

    Sharon you were paid by Lieberman as a media person and covered her race. It is work for candidates that you cover that is in question. Not your work for businesses.

    Lets not forget your a hypocrite because you attempted to get a fellow blogger removed from a SB committee because they said unflattering things about a SB member who you liked.

    How you can exercise your rights as a blogger then try to hurt someone else because they didnt share a fondness of somoene you liked shows the fraud you are?

    I will give Chaz his due, he cant be bought.

    Ironically, now you rail against Abby Freedman. I am sure by campaign time when she puts some ads on your site or hires you as a media advisor you will kiss and make up.

  21. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    Brittany, Larry, Avril can you believe this crap at what they are saying about you all. First of all there Mr.Stevens George Allen (esq) is one of the best civil rights attorney in the entire state. I think Mr.Stevens bullies people, canidates, elected officals etc. His claim to fame w/ this beer exhibit, fine the whole country knows that you are a heathen. As far as the sun-sentinel ignoring Chaz Stevens (get the hint). These reporters do a good job reporting the local news And this point about getting your name in the Paper(who cares). I have given these reporters many inside tips(stories) which end up on the front page. I do not give them all tips for self gratification , like you Mr.Stevens. I work for a living. You can make fun of my profession all day long. I pay taxes, employee residents of this county etc. You Mr.Stevens are basicly a”gadfly”. I also am an advocate for the employees of both the city(Ft.lau) and the county. Yes, they all come to me. They get amazing results(don’t they Mr.Feldman). The explanation for my advocacy is quite simple, they (employees) where very god to my late mother. See when you are good to me, I reciprocate ten fold(huh guys). I am very fair, although tell it like it is my main concern is you residents and that you don’t get taken advantage w/ your hard working tax dollars. I feel your pain, those that are going through hardships and am more than happy to help you when I can. My track record speaks for itself. Lately, I have been working 60 to 70 hours a week, being gainfully employed. There is not enough hours in the day to achieve all that I want to accomplish(but I’m getting there). I also am going through a personal tragedy(which a lot of you know about) which is not easy to deal w/. However I’m a survivor not a victim and will always prevail(w/ the help from a lot of you-(get it some of you). My motto again and again as I have expressed to you all, I refuse to lose. Whatever it takes, it takes.. As far as all this self loathing braggart Mr.Stevens you are a lot of hot air. Get a job Chaz, pay taxes, and enough w/ your profanity. Ok so he has discovered mismanagement etc. Ok ,fine but he doesn’t have to stalk people and harass them. Send your complaints, concerns etc, then move on. Keep up the good work reporters. Ignore this parasite……..

  22. Tamarac Talk says:


    Said SB member was being physically harassed by this blogger at the polls. That’s not just writing stories.

    Second. I don’t accept ad revenue from products I wouldn’t use myself including candidates I would no longer support. Neither do most radio hosts (OMG!) and other writers. I also would never accept ad revenue from one particular SB member who has let her entire district down this year by proposing to bus children in her district across the county when it wasn’t her position as a SB member to do so.

  23. Ciar to have my vote says:

    #21 Chity Axxofister rOBERt Welsher its time for your medication.

    As to The one and only Mr Chaz Stevens. Keep up the great work you have exposed more corruption “With your walks through City Halls eliminating the Money-Changers” Not to be confused with any religion or religious ceremonies.

    Thank you for all that you do.

  24. I Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:


    I went to college, earned a couple of degrees, and because of this, I don’t have to work 60-70 hours a week applying hair product to little old ladies. You see, I got a Masters in Marketing, while you’ve mastered the FlowBee.

    Come to think of it that way, you win boss!

    Then again, just because I don’t share my professional life with you, doesn’t mean I don’t have one. I guarantee you’ve used technology that I’ve had a small part help developing.

    Finally, because of your felony conviction, your ability to secure employment is very limited. Hell, you couldn’t even work as a Publix cashier.

  25. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Ciar, then don’t use the term “Money-Changers” and no one will confuse it with any religion.

    A candidate for Dade County Commission jubilantly used that term when it looked like she would win against a Jewish opponent. No matter how much she tried, that was the only thing voters remembered. She lost. And I don’t believe she was anti-Semitic. She just spoke before she considered the effect.

    And I completely understand the high Chaz gets when he takes down the crooks. It’s what activists live for.

  26. I Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:


    I queried the SS and found one story about you. It’s your felony deal.

    Nothing about your activism, story breaking, or the such.

    Face it dude. You’re high on peroxide. Too many mousse martinis.

  27. Rub Roh says:

    Chaz is the greatest south Florida blogger ever . . . . Chaz is a recovering drunk . . . . Chaz is the best and brightest in all the land . . . Chaz lives with his parents and he’s over 50 . . . . Upward tick of Pabst Blue Ribbon sales due to Festivus holiday

    The Internet is replacing the newspapers as a source individuals get their news.

    FOR MORE INFO. . . TUNE IN TO YOUR 11 o’clock news station . . .(before local channels disappear to NETFLIX)

    Yawn!!!!!!!!! ZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!

    So ends another stroke session for internet bloggers.

  28. And Another Thing! says:

    Nobody has mentioned that the Sun Sentinal sucks! New coverage? By reporters? Maybe one local fluff story a day. Nothing substantive. This paper is a shell of its formal self and it’s demise will not be even noticed at this point. Why would anybody spend money to advertise in that rag? Links to fox trash News Max with subjects like “do you think Obama is ruining America” and “400 lb woman gives birth on a toilet”. The Sentinal’s only “investigation” are ones thrown on their lap or are otherwise easy lay ups. How may Sunday front page covering blowouts can you have on speeding cops. I do not see any Woodward or Bernstein shining the light of truth on the uniquely ugly and backwards politics of our County Government as well as the shenanigans at the Courthouse? The Airport? West Broward political corruption? NOTHING!!!! SUN SENTINAL SHOULD JUST CLOSE SHOP AND STOP STEALING SUBSCRIBER $!

  29. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow, could not even get a job at Publix(I spend enough money in there) huh, Mr.Stevens. Good thing you don’t work there we would have no snack aisle. All they got is this felony “BS”. I mean really. Since you know so much Chaaazie why don’t you run for public office. You and your “perp walk”. Jonathan Allen be careful w/ this one he has a hard on for you. Cover your ass and if you did something you should not have done, according to know it all here get w/ your father have him work his magic and face the music and let the chips fall where they may.
    Different subject look forward to seeing you in court Att.former comm(Ft.Lau) John Aurelious(you all know him he was a former city Ft.lau Comm. in the nineties. He reminds me of Santa Claus w/out the beard, but has the fat , red, round ,face to match. Image he summons me @ my shop on Valentine’ s Day. Wait, states because my landlord has several code violations that I have 15 days to make these modifications or(get this) he is going to petion the Courts to throw me out.(what about my lease-bozo states that it is for one year, I am more than happy to show any judge that it expires three yrs from now-and Santa here demands to see it, I have your clients signature when he made the modifications to have the same exact lease my predessor had, who will go to court w/ me-amoung my customers who think your client is a slum-lord. W/ documentation of my 800 hundred dollars security deposit which your client conviently forgot to include-PS. tell your client to stop lying to you, before I sue him for harassment-its not my fault he deliberately neglected his property and was written up.) While these infractions are on the outside of the bldg., and to boot his client has had since Oct. to make the corrections. What am I missing here. Maybe your client is concerned and shitting in his pants because after Mar7 he is being fined 200.00(200) dollars per code infraction(that’s 8hundred bucks per day)$$). I get it, blame Robert, who pays all the bills there. Bring it on St.Nick(ho-ho-ho). To close don’t bitch when your clients are served from my lawyer at there residence , in front of all their neighbors. Little advice There John, I don’t spook very easily……_

  30. I Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    Hey Walsh;

    I have an old keyboard I’d be willing to send your way!

    Seems that your keyboard is missing the “enter” key…

    Or maybe you don’t grasp the concept of a paragraph break.

    So that’s your activism — you’re a deadbeat renter and you’re going after your landlord?

    Say hello to Fonzi as you jump the shark.

  31. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    I can grasp plenty sir. I had a nice conversation about you today Chaaaazie. You are a computer software guru. Really. You travel a lot huh Mr.Stevens. Guess what your neighbors hate your guts. Stay tuned…….