Black Leaders’ $1,000 Breakfast For Gillum




One thing the often combative black political community can agree upon is electing Democrat Andrew Gillum governor.

And one of those working very, very hard to elect Gillum is Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.


Dale Holness urging people to vote for Andrew Gillum in the primary. 


Wait a minute!

Hasn’t Holness been accused of being a disruptive force in Broward Democratic politics, sponsoring challengers to take on incumbents?


Isn’t Holness and Commissioner Barbara Sharief regularly grappling over leadership of the black community?


But when it comes to the Gillum campaign, Holness, Sharief and the rest of Broward’s black community are singing Kumbaya. Together.

Joining them in the chorus is many of Broward’s white Democratic leaders such as the other Broward commissioners, Sheriff Scott Israel, Property Appraiser Marty Kiar (A very early supporter when Gillum was an asterisk in the polls!) and Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis.  Two well-known white lobbyists are stuck at the end of the host committee list –– John Milledge and Mitch Ceasar, who is also the former Broward Democratic chair.

Over two dozen Democrats are hosts of a breakfast reception for Gillum on Friday. Supporters are expected to fork over $1,000 to attend, but I’ve been told that you can meet the Democratic nominee for governor for a lot less if you show up.

Gillum can’t win unless there is a big turnout in Broward (and the state’s) black community.  That’s where Holness and his fellow black Democrats come in.

Holness helped judicial candidates in the primary with an endorsement card passed out at the polls.

The General Election is different. The goal this time is not to promote one candidate, but get Democrats to the polls.  Almost every Democrat who votes will vote for Gillum.

The black community along with the Gillum campaign are building a grass roots get-out-the-vote organization in the black community.  Holness is in the forefront of this in Broward.

Expect to see more of Holness as this campaign winds its way towards November.





The fund raiser invitation.  Here is the disclosure: 






8 Responses to “Black Leaders’ $1,000 Breakfast For Gillum”

  1. Thomas D James says:

    looks like the same scum that supported the corrupt and incompetent school board incumbents

  2. From a moderate democrat says:

    ANY individual, red, brown, yellow, black and white or other,who pulls up to the table, in which, the Amazing Leader of law enforcement is present is sure to lose all credibility and all respect from both sides of the isle. A few political familiars seem to be wearing out their chaps jumping from horse to horse. The public will remember that at re-election time. Gotta give it to G. Solomon who seems to know what the limits are in terms of decency and moral responsibility.

  3. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Well if they have another” souls to the polls” event Gillum will have no problem.He allready has Broward.I don’ t care if he is a serial killer( point).Again, Broward a given.I hope he doesn’t make the same mistake Hillary Clinton made.In reference to the three( in one week) campaign events she had.In other words if u allready know u r a shoe-in , energy, money, effort should be concentrated on other area where he is doing poorly.To be clear he allready has Broward even if he never shows up now till election day.Also to point what in the world did he state concerning the US Embassy in Jerusalem.U want to court the Jewish vote not offend them.Then he stated two state solution with Palestine.Why?.That hot button issue has nothing to do with governing Florida.Not a good move.My take.Stay focused on Florida.Florida issues and concerns.Stay concentrated on Florida.Israel is not or should be an issue or how he personally feels.As far as this breakfast at 1000 dollar a plate- well i hope u get more thsn just eggs and coffee etc.Stay focused….

  4. Oservation says:

    Seems there is ore than one swamp in South Florida. There is the Everglades and there is the Democrat party. Independent voters will determine the outcome of the election of a new Governor, not blind, deaf, and dumb party loyalists.

  5. Abigail Torre says:

    Dirty Sheriff Israel should not be involved in fund raisers. He is the sheriff for all people, not just Democrat socialists.

  6. Judy Garlando says:

    Dale Holness the biggest crook. Manipulating the elections. involved in voter suppression. He needs to be fired from the commission.

  7. John Lundin says:

    Nice to see the Republicans supporting DeSantis… who has a long history of supporting neo Nazis, KKK and white supremists in his Congressional district in St John’s and Volusia Counties…

  8. Hysterical History says:

    Funny how both DeSantis and Red Tide Rick Scott have decided that its, “Donald who?” now that the general is upcoming.