Black Activist vs. Teachers Union: Demos Feud Over Broward School Board Member





Corey Shearer, who claims to be an organizer with the Democratic Party, needs a lesson in politics.

Shearer attacked Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco over the weekend on Facebook.


Anna Fusco


Her crime?

Attempting to discourage a black candidate from challenging School Board member Nora Rupert.

“Stop trying to correct black folk. Check yourself,” Shearer wrote on Facebook.

What political universe have you been living in, Shearer? This has nothing to do with black and white. This has to do with politics.


Politics is something you claim to know about, Shearer, as a Broward Democratic activist with the Broward County Democratic Black Caucus.

Fusco, who I have never met nor talked to, is apparently politically smart. She was attempting to dissuade an opponent from running against Rupert, who the BTU likes.

Rupert spent the better part of two terms supporting the BTU and teachers.

Should somebody challenge Rupert without Fusco speaking up? Is Shearer claiming that a candidate is immune from criticism when he is black?

I think not.

Is this another case Broward’s Democratic activists’ purposeless feuding among themselves?

Is this another example Democrats encouraging challenges to successful incumbents like Rupert?  Rupert received the highest vote total of any of the five School Board members in 2014.

Is Shearer’s attack another demonstration of Democrats eating their own?

Most definitely.


18 Responses to “Black Activist vs. Teachers Union: Demos Feud Over Broward School Board Member”

  1. Chaz Stevens, Satanist says:

    Every time I read words spewed out by a Jesus loving freak, I’m reminded of all the evil put forth in his name.

    Go away, and leave those altar boys alone.

  2. Corey Shearer says:

    Buddy,thanks for the plug. If there is one thing I dont shy away from is criticism, discussion or (unlike some) competition. Our electeds and BTU members would be better served if we keep competition both in the School Board election process as well as in our Broward County Schools. There should not simply be participation awards given out as opposed to a real election.

    As I posted, “If we have to attempt to take out the Bernie Sanders or the Keith Ellisons or the Mike Olbels before the election even begins then where is true Democracy? Democracy thrives primarily at the ballot box NOT at the time of filing.”

    Furthermore, I stated in the post,
    “The point I am definitely trying to make and I just shared this with BTU President Fusco is that “attempting to intimidate someone or discourage someone from running does not fall under duties or mandate to advocate on behalf of students, teachers and schools. If forced to do these extra duties then the system is definitely broken and corrections need to be made. Maybe there is too much pressure on from the electeds.”

  3. Anna Marie Pierpont says:


  4. tired teacher says:

    Please check out Mr. Mike’s website. He looks like a great guy and motivational speaker. I’m not sure that would make him a good candidate for the school board. His team presented at our school and touted a 91% success rate. I wish I had asked what that meant, exactly.

  5. Beth says:

    Without being there and hearing I can’t judge what was said. And I appreciate that Anna asked to speak further about this. But as to the Nora part-Nora Rupert is the absolute best member we (Broward County, not just BTU) have on the board.

    Focus efforts on challenging the Runcie 5 and save dollars and energy for those races.

  6. Robina Skabinski says:

    You don’t know me. You don’t know who sits at my table. I don’t know how you come up with racism and LGBTQ biases just because someone disagreed with a person. What does this political stuff do to you, that you cry racism and anti-LGBTQ? That is just stupid. I don’t have to be PC, lucky me. I would like all of the religious talk out of public schools. Sure employees and children have the right to be themselves, but I am sick of the preaching from ANY group. You really don’t know me so don’t assume anything, just take me at my word. I live a life with all sorts of people from all sorts if places and ideologies and I know who one loves does not make you good or bad. Think before you write these terrible things your words can do damage. If one wants to advance the cause for any and all descriptions of human beings, think first before you cry discrimination….if I am reading your right. Be a human advocate.

  7. Democrat problem says:

    This is the dilemma facing Democrats. Their identity politics has come back to haunt them.

  8. Sober As a Judge says:

    Corey that’s just gibberish. You may not like that a BTU representativew tried to influence a candidate. However, a union official has as much right to influence candidates in elections as does any party advocate, or anybody else for that matter. That’s democracy and notions to the contrary are duplicitous. To suggest race is somehow connected to this makes your statement race baited, duplicitous gibberish. Do you know what’s racist in elections? Blacks voting for a clearly less than qualified Black over a motivated other race candidate who is much more qualified. That was racist when Whites did it. That is racist now that Blacks are doing it. If you’re truly concerned with keeping race baiting out of politics then there’s something for you to work on.

  9. Alan Austen says:

    This is the TYRANNY of the progressive. Shut down any opposition and don’t let it see the light of day. Today we see these folks making racism where it doesn’t exist and prejudice where it never was.

  10. Hoshie says:

    Fusco is a goon. She’s dropping the muscle on these Broward stooges and its working. Intimidation works against lightweights.

  11. Jaxxson says:

    I have loved all that I had ever heard about Nora Rupert. In fact, this is the only negative comment I’ve heard about her. This is a problem because now I am torn. After this previous election, I am not willing to turn my head and pretend folk are for my causes when they are not. Right now Nora has my support. Before, it was my full support. My ears are perched and I am listening more closely. I can not hear more of the same coming from her camp. She has loss support and will lose mine if the people that support her give people like me another angle to view her from. I still support her.

  12. ironica says:

    If you do not come with a solution to get rid of the mold that our students and teachers/staff are breathing everyday…which has caused my wheezing breath and my students headaches and upper respiratory problems then I do not want to hear from you. If you are mentioning anyone who ran for BTU and was more concerned with brown nosing with SB members and pushing up their salaries by raising union dues…You do not speak for Students or Teachers/Staff working their butts off at these toxic schools. GO HOME!! Stand down!!

  13. Charles King says:

    Bobby DuBose, the former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner and current State representative is a race based career politician and it is not surprising in the least that he is mixed up with these idiots and their obviously ignorant ideas. Nora Rupert is one of the best if not the best School Board Members on the dais and a key leader against failed Superintendent Robert Runcie. I have no doubt when someone finally makes the successful motion to fire him, it will be Nora, and we will all be a lot better off. You can had behind race and the local race baiters forever, eventually results are demanded.

  14. Same Old Same Old says:

    The only reason to discourage this candidate from running is simply because he has a very good chance of winning and this makes the supporters of Nora Rupert nervous. It is almost like say – Do not do my job evaluation because I fear what the results will demonstrate.

    Politicians serve at the pleasure of the constituents and every time they are up for re-election it is an evaluation of how well did they perform during the previous tenure.

    If she has done a good job then there is nothing to worry about because there is a challenger – or is there?

  15. Let's get real says:

    Let’s be real here. Nora Rupert won her last election with 82% of the voters in her district voting for her. She has done nothing but an exemplary job since that election.
    The only reason “Mr. Mike” is running against her is because he was encouraged to by the black community because of her criticism of Runcie. Her criticism of him is not because of his race but his performance.
    Mrs. Rupert may not win by 82% this time but, with very little effort, she will win decisively as she has served her district well.

  16. carolina says:

    No matter who runs against Nora Rupert – NORA WILL WIN! Nora works for the kids, the teachers, the schools. She stands for what is right & does not hesitate to speak out against those who do not have the best interests of our school system in their agenda – Hear that, Mr. Runcie?????? You brought her comments against you by your actions since you were brought here from the worst school system in the country – Chicago, by some very uninformed school board members. Keep up your good work, Nora, you are badly needed by all our kids, teachers, schools, & us parents.

  17. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I say the more the merrier.

  18. Black Male Teacher says:

    I am a black male educator in Broward County. Trying to find support for a superintendent who has done absolutely nothing for the teachers is absurd. Robert Runcie does not deserve the black vote. He has done more damage to inner city schools and minority workers than any superintendent in Broward County’s history. Stop looking at race and look at FACTS. Nora Rupert has supported us unconditionally and we will support her.