Bizarre Broward Politics: Vote For Me Because I Like Matzah Ball Soup





In the wacky world of Broward politics,  County Judge Nina Di Pietro apparently believes that liking Matzah Ball soup will help her retain her seat.

For Di Pietro this is the second pitch in this campaign aimed directly at Jewish voters.  A mail piece before the primary told voters that at least one set of her grandparents were Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

You can decide what either the Facebook post about Matzah Ball soup or the fact that one set of grandparents were Holocaust victims has to do with being a judge.

No place in either the earlier ad or on Facebook does Di Pietro say she is Jewish. So I assume she isn’t.

Former Judge Ian Richards faces Di Pietro in the Broward County Court Group 7 race.

Richards also apparently isn’t Jewish.  Still, the way this campaign is going I wouldn’t be surprised to see an ad featuring Richards in a yarmulka and tallis praying in a synagogue.





7 Responses to “Bizarre Broward Politics: Vote For Me Because I Like Matzah Ball Soup”

  1. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Anyone who’s looking for the opposite of that type of campaign needs to look closely at candidate Jelani Anthony Harvey. This is a very smart, super-qualified young man with a Master’s degree in Public Health, and he is running for Broward Soil & Water Conservation District Seat 3.

    Jelani Harvey’s Biography: I currently work on payment delivery models at Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield where I help providers decrease health costs while also improving quality of care. Before moving to South Florida, I lived in Baltimore for four years. While in Baltimore, I obtained a Master’s of Public Health from Johns Hopkins where I was also fortunate to gain an internship at the Office of Management and Budget at the White House. I have a degree in American History from Columbia University and grew up in Miramar, FL.

  2. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Another example: Fred Segal is a candidate for Broward Soil & Water Conservation District Seat 5. Fred Segal is the incumbent with many years of experience in that seat, and he is also the President of the Broward County Farm Bureau and has a very long list of relevant qualifications. His opponent, Richard Denapoli, is a ridiculously unqualified political hack.

    Vote Jelani Anthony Harvey and Fred Segal
    for Broward Soil & Water Conservation District!

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I am in Presov Slovakia going to map the Jewish Cemetery in the woods between Presov n V e l k y saris which has no road to it from the gas station on a highway. Shannon I will be in the Presov Sch u l so I take being Jewish SERIOUSLY.
    However I would NEVER VOTE FOR SOMEONE BECAUSE OF RELIGION OR AGAINST ANYONE because we have a Separtion of Church n State.
    And to suggest liking matzoball soup is a qualification to be a Judge insults me!

  4. South Florida says:

    To Bad our only choices are her and Richards.
    Richards, although apparently honest, in our opinion is not very competent.

  5. Prove it says:

    What is your basis to say Richards is dishonest? Only person I ever head say that about Richards was Bill Lewis because Richards didn’t cowtow to him…

    Heck, Richards was honest enough to call out Judge Geoff Cohen…Because he was honest, Lori Parrish and others put up John Kasen to run against him 2 years ago.

    No one can even say Nina is dishonest. If she is not Jewish and preteneds to be so, she is dishonest. As of now, that is unknown. Nina Unqualified to be a Judge? For sure. Nina got the job because her husband was owed a favor by the Gov.
    Despite Nina being associated with Trump, there is no proof she is dishonest.

  6. Stop the madness says:

    Vote for Against Nina Di Pietro and pick a judge with knowledge of the law, good temperament, fair and unbiased.
    Vote Ian Richards for judge

  7. Fira ktenitsky says:

    Thanks. Reading between the lines Nine looks great to me. Voting for her. Based on this voting against everyone you promote.