Bill Would Help Condos, HOAs






In a move designed to strengthen neighborhoods, state Rep. Katie Edwards is sponsoring a bill which would change the way fees and taxes were handled in foreclosures.


katie edwardsState Rep. Katie Edwards


Under current law, home and condo owners are responsible for the association fees and property taxes.  But owners are already in financial difficulty during a foreclosure and often don’t pay the fees and taxes.

Edwards’ bill would require lenders pursuing foreclosure to take on the financial responsibilities for the fees and taxes.

The bill would speed foreclosures and allow associations to collect needed fees, the Plantation Democrat said.

She said the current law has the effect of “negatively impact associations’ ability to comply with state-mandated fiscal requirements and undermining the delivery of services critical to the upkeep, repair and safety of Florida’s associations….

“Roughly 21 percent of foreclosed properties sit vacant for years while lenders avoid paying taxes and maintenance assessments by delaying the taking of the title to the property. This is bad for Florida and my bill aims to stop it.”

Florida is third in the nation for the longest foreclosure times – an average of 944 days to complete.

The bill has a shot because it is Edwards who filed it. She works with Republicans and this one has a Senate companion filed by state Sen. Alex Bean, R-Jacksonville.

Read the bill here. 


13 Responses to “Bill Would Help Condos, HOAs”

  1. Davie Resident says:

    With respect to your post below Mr. Nevins, I believe Edwards is a Jewish politician capable of winning a statewide election.

    From what I’ve seen of her so far, she’s bright, reasonable, articulate, consistently displays common sense with her bill proposals and capable of reaching across the aisle. In other words, she’s the very antithesis of the likes of DWS.

  2. Just Saying says:

    Why should the mortgage company pay the condo/HOA fees WHILE THE BORROWER STILL OWNS THE PROPERTY? So the borrower (home owner) gets out of paying everything owing for years? What if they sell the home before the foreclosure goes through? The current law works fine as is.

  3. The Guess Who says:

    Katie Edwards is a Jew, but was not raised Jewish – she converted in the last few years. Some have accused her of changing religious affiliation to curry favor with Broward voters. Knowing what a political animal she is, that would not be outside the realm of possibility.

  4. Davy who's still in the Navy says:

    @Davie Resident Katie Edwards is about as Jewish as a bacon double cheeseburger. She converted about two minutes before filing to run for office in Broward.

    What’s more, if the Republicans in Tallahassee ever saw her as a credible statewide threat, they would unleash an onslaught of information on how they’ve been using her as their sock puppet since day one.

    In the meantime, Republican leadership will continue to let her carry their water in the State House while dangling promises of support for her future ambitions for higher office.

  5. Budget Man says:

    Banks have been dragging foreclosures out in hope of real estate values improving. The 944 day thing reflects a point in time when that tactic was used significantly. Forcing banks to pay taxes and fees in foreclosure is a good thing because it will encourage fewer foreclosures. It will also discourage lending. There is little opportunity for a winning strategy in that arena.

  6. Sam The Sham says:

    Under the present system the taxes are (almost) always paid by tax certificate holders, individual investors who get a little interest for fronting the county money to pay the taxes. What this bill would really do is take the burden off of condo associations for their maintenance fees and shift it to the lenders. This could keep the financial burden from other condo owners who would have had to keep up their premises with less people paying into it. It would prevent the “snowball” effect reducing the value of other condos because all the fees would be paid. Buddy’s wording says “lenders pursuing foreclosure” would pay the fees. Are they not required to pay the fees if they are not pursuing foreclosre? This might make foreclosure happen more quickly because now the lender is on the hook for more money and they will act more quickly to get it back.

    I am usually in favor of less regulation rather than more, so I don’t know how this would play out in anyone’s favor.

  7. zigy says:

    the day of the automatic win by a jewish name is almost over in broward, the name helps in the primary but , as the last election for judge shows, is detremental in the general. why don’t we just vote for the best person, wouldn’t that be something, but I would have to go to wonderland for that to happen…….

  8. JSMD says:

    Banks are taking too long to foreclose on property that is long been abandoned or no payments for years. Average length of forclosure from start to finish is 2 – 5 years! Guess who pays the condo associations fees when banks don’t….. The rest of the residents living in the building who play by the rules. Most of these people are working families or seniors that live in a fixed income! Banks drag their feet so they have a good quarter on wall street…. Enough with these “bank bailouts!” I thank Rep. Edwards for helping protect her Broward Jewish or Gentile constitutes alike. Davie in the navy….. Go preach your hate speech somewhere else…. Someone pee’d in your cherrios this morning.

  9. LittleJohn says:

    Bravo Rep. Edwards. You take on big issues that protect the little guy. Lenders drag their heels while those of us who play by the rules have to foot their bills. Its just wrong and you, once again, lead the way. Thank you for your leadership. Keep up the good fight for us.

  10. electric jack says:

    Finally the folks who live in HOA’s are getting a break. Understand this the hoa community at large pays for the street lights in Miramar, they pay for the common ground sprinklers and due to the docs on our community we have to pay to maintain the outside of all 307 homes unless the owners says they want to do it ( In Florida? ). It does not matter to the lawn service company or FPL or the existing owners the bills must be paid.

    So what happens the politicans hide from the problems an allow the richest of the rich to get away with not paying for the privledge of living and owning here. So the folks who have been paying get stuck with the increase in costs done by people like Chase. Who get away with financial murder. They send out a letter of lis pendens and foreclose without taking title to the property. They put it in the hands of a real estate holding company. An they decide if they want to fix up the trashed house….I have been in my hoa for 30 years an as Treas I saw so many times its crazy…Want something dumber the state came out with a program to fix these houses and who got control of the money the city?????? They farmed it out as usual cause they are lacking in common sense so what happened next? Simple the city bought 4 houses at inflated prices instead of a low cost they put it in the hands of contractors looking for a quick buck an $85,000 houses have $250,000 spent on them…This does not make sense had the HOA been in control of the project the $85K houses would have spent $25,000 to repair the damages done by the fleeing ex-owner who should have never been allowed to have a mortgage in the first place…..THE MOST DANGEROUS STATEMENT IN THE WORLD,” HI I AM FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND I AM HERE TO HELP”……puleese

  11. electric jack says:

    BTW the 4 houses, 3 are all ready in foreclosure. I wonder why?????

  12. Progressive Choice FL says:

    Sen. Alex Bean? Who?

    Must have DLPs on the brain, writing about Katie Edwards and all.

  13. Elaine Harmych says:

    Representative Edwards is absolutely amazing. This is a tremendous bill and would help condominium owners greatly. She has filed more bills in the last two years than some politicians do in twenty years! She works harder than any politician I know. Check out HB 785. She gets things done and is not afraid to work in a non-partisan manner for the good of the people. As for the negative comments, I truly hope you have a better day.