Bill Would Allow Recall Of Governor, Other State Officials


Got a problem with Gov. Rick Scott?

Too bad.  You can’t do anything about it until 2014.  He can only be impeached, not recalled.

State Rep. Rick Kriseman, D-St. Petersburg, wants to change that. Kriseman today filed legislation to permit the recall of state officials.

Currently voters can only recall local officials.

House Joint Resolution 785 and House Bill 787, both sponsored by Representative Kriseman, would allow the public to recall legislators, members of the Florida Cabinet, governor and lieutenant governor.

“Engaged citizens deserve the tools to hold their public servants accountable without having to wait for the next election, said Representative Kriseman in a news release. “Honest and dedicated elected officials will have nothing to fear from the implementation of this important proposal, and I am confident that my colleagues will support its passage.

Under the bill, a recall would not be easy:

HJR 785 would require signatures be collected from each of the 67 counties to recall a statewide official.  The signatures equal 15 percent of the total votes cast in the last election for the office.

A petition to recall a member of the Florida Legislature would be easier because it would be confined to their district.  It would require signatures from 20 percent of the total votes cast in the last election for the office.

If HJR 785 is approved by the Legislature, voters will be asked on the November 2012 General Election ballots to amend the state constitution with the recall provision. House Bill 787 would create a statutory recall provision.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 18 states now permit the recall of state officials.

I would hope many Tea Party folks would support it.  The bill would seem to give more power to average people, which is what they are supposedly about.

But the GOP leadership of the Legislature can’t be classified as Tea Party types.

So the chances of this passing? Slim.

14 Responses to “Bill Would Allow Recall Of Governor, Other State Officials”

  1. Broward Politico says:

    Agreed! This goes to the core of the people’s rights and not the government. The people should have a right to recall their Governor. Who’s with me on this?
    All tea partyers?

  2. Las Olas Law says:

    I would be the first one to sign the petition to recall Scott. He is on the path to ruin Florida forever by destroying schools, medical care for the poor and every other state service. We need a Legislture with the guts to crack down on Medicaid fraud and close the loopholes in the sales tax law. Then talk to me about cutting education and Medicaid.

  3. Duke says:

    I would definitely sign a petition to recall Governor Scott. First, he jumps in bed with big pharmy and wants to kill pill mill legislation, then he nixes the high speed rail. He doesn’t care about Florida. He just wants to enrich himself and his friends and will use the governor’s office to do it.

  4. Hallandale Beach Blog says:

    Dear Buddy:

    I need a point of clarification.

    In order to recall carpetbaggers like State Rep. Joe Gibbons, would voters in both the place he CLAIMS to live and the ACTUAL district he lives in with his wife and kids have to vote, or, would that just be the problem of the district that is NOT represented by someone who actually lives full-time in THEIR district when they are not in Tallahassee as a result of their legislative duties?

  5. Floridan says:

    As much as I think Scott is shaping up to be the worst governor Florida has ever had, I think recall (or impeachment) should be based on objective charges — that the office holder broke the law — and not just because we’re pissed off at him or her.

    Maybe the electorate should spend a little time assessing the candidates when they are running (beyond their catchy phrases). Then maybe we wouldn’t be putting such miscreants into office.

  6. City Activist Robert walsh says:

    Hi Buddy. I really like this idea about having a recall in case an elected offical does something or sponsors an issue thats totally off the wall. Case in point the city Of Ft.Lauderdale had on its Conference agenda (get this) to hire a Consulant for an Advisory Bd.(visioning) to the tune of almost a half million dollars. It was absurd. Sure all the advisory Bd. members wanted it, along with the Chairman(Tim Smith). The Commission and Mayor Seiler stated that they would think about this(seriously) but the cost should come down. So the Mayor is going to save the day and supposedly get the consulant cheaper. Save the day my ass. Zero absolutely zero money should go to something like this. This is why i like this idea about a recall. if these politicians screw up why should we wait until the next election. Kudos to mr.Braman in Miami(for his recall efforts-he won the election is next month). Then Mayor Seiler gave me 2 min. to speak, like I was some red-headed step child while everyone else talked for like 15 min. which seemed like forever. Usual suspect Art Seitz AGAIN, went on like this. Before I spoke Seiler stated 2 min. for the rest of the Public. Who was next City Activist you guessed it. I even stated to the guy next to me you watch i’m next he going to say due to the time next speakers get 30 sec. seriously he stated 2 min. I said to the guy see what I mean. Next time sit across the room from me. he laughed. I mean cases like this, be careful Mayor and Commission this whole concept although a good idea was way to much money(1/2 a mill please. Please the masses not some big wig in Middle River terr.(tim smith). after yesterday all in favor of this reacall idea.

  7. Nucky Thompson says:

    We can’t afford these bloody expensive recalls – we are bust already – you wankers voted him in so man up – you can vote him out in 4 years.

  8. me think says:

    To bad we can’t have this with the bozo in the white house also.

  9. Susie says:

    Would recalls only be used against Republicans?

  10. Think About It says:

    Recall is a tricky thing that really should be thought through very carefully and narrowed down to something sensible. We live in a time when propaganda is being pawned off as news and emotions are too often in control of public policy. There has to be stability in government otherwise we become a banana republic. We elect people and then we really do need to allow them to do the job we sent them there to do. Four years comes up quickly enough.

    It can’t be that we recall an elected representative simply because they were forced to raise a fee, or because you don’t like how an assessment was calculated, or didn’t like how somebody voted on a particular bill, or didn’t like how a judge ruled in a case. There has to be a reason and frankly I can’t think of one.

    As to someone being charged with a crime, that’s what impeachment is for. I see what’s going on in Dade right now and cringe. Floridan has the right angle here I think.

  11. Hey Walsh says:

    Hey Mr Walsh

    The proposed law only affects state office holders, not City of Fort Lauderdale elected officials.

    You do realize that Mayor Seiler is doing a fantastic job and will most likely be re elected with more than 65% of the vote in the next election.

  12. karnack says:

    Here is an early prediction for 2011.

    Robert Walsh appears to do Judy Stern’s blogging dirty work. He spouts the same gossip that Stern spreads around and goes after those people she is known to hate.

    Walsh will probably run for Mayor, his candidacy will be similar to that of Christopher Peer which Stern was exposed this week as secretly running.

    Why? All about the Rodstrom’s, John is gone next year with or without term limits. John has to make a living, so Mayor of Fort Lauderdale would be a nice landing place. Charlotte has taken every opportunity to be critical of Seiler setting up a base to run against him.

    But Stern likes Seiler? If you believe the rumors around town, Stern was very unhappy that Seiler was not active in getting out the vote nor raising money for Stern’s daughter Barbara in her recent House run.

    Stay Tuned.

  13. City Activist Robert walsh says:

    To “Stay Tuned” Wow that was alot to digest. We will see. I will say this Jack Seiler is beatable.

  14. Carrie says:

    Don’t complain now. This goes out to all the voters that voted him in. Let’s wake up all the republicans voted in office this past election are doing the same thing. Looking out for BIG business not you the voter.