Big Primary Losers: Commissioner Dale Holness, Property Appraiser Lori Parrish





One big primary election loser wasn’t even on the ballot – County Commissioner Dale Holness.

Another was Property Appraiser Lori Parrish. 

First, Holness.

Holness wanted to be the new king of Broward County politics in the mold of former County Commissioner Scott Cowan.  

Cowan controlled a sizable piece of the county’s political structure in the 1980s from his perch on the county commission. He knew how to find good candidates, pick his races, design ads, target voters and raise money.


He can make a lot of noise and scare some gutless lobbyists at the county commission into coughing up some cash.  But that’s not enough, the commissioner found out Tuesday.

Holness backed at least three candidates who were crushed Tuesday:

*Judicial candidate Frantz “Jahra” McLawrence.  He was beaten by incumbent Circuit Judge Lynn Rosenthal.

*County Commission candidate Alexandra Davis.   In an attempt to topple his Commission rival Barbara Sharief, Holness put a great deal of his effort into Davis’ campaign.  Davis lost.

*School Board candidate Hubert ST Clair.  He lost to incumbent Nora Rupert in a landslide.

When 2016 rolls around, contributors and pols should remember this primary.  Holness still hasn’t proved he can win a race beyond his own.


Below: Dale Holness and Alexandra Davis




Another big primary loser was Property Appraiser Lori Parrish.

She wrote a comment on on July 14:

“Whoever is writing I have endorsed :

For the County Commission I have endorsed Alexandra Davis.

I have endorsed Steve Perman

For Judge I have endorsed Bailey, Feren, Kasen, and McLawrence

I have endorsed several others in different races.

If anyone wants to know who I have or haven’t endorsed just ask me.


For School Board Brunson, Mayersohn and Sakhnosky.”


Every one of her candidates lost!  Everyone!

Does it mean curtains for Parrish’s political power?  Certainly not.

She will still be able to raise money.  She will still stay involved.  And she still has two years to run on her term.

It indicates that everybody wins some and loses some. Even a savvy political player with a long record of success like Parrish.




12 Responses to “Big Primary Losers: Commissioner Dale Holness, Property Appraiser Lori Parrish”

  1. Chaz Stevens, one-man-blogging-bazooka says:

    Speaking of Dale Holness, check out this email exchange we had with his Chief of Dale’s Staff, John Beckford.

    What a seriously pompous asshole.

  2. Chaz Stevens, one-man-blogging-bazooka says:

    You also forgot Levoid.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now that the Queen is dead, maybe candidates will stop bowing to Parrish now. Time for her to retire.

  4. Another BIG LOSER says:

    Don’t forget the PBA and Jeff Marano? Can anyone even remember the last time he PBA had an impact on an election? Pathetic

  5. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Well known candidates who were careful not to be accused of living outside their districts or pawns of others. Hardly earth shaking news. By the way chris smith helped bobby dubose win in his rep race so hes a winner

  6. Aletheia says:

    When I look at some of the elected officials like Holness, I can’t help but wonder what they would do without their political positions. They really can’t do anything else. Hapless morons with zero skills, knowledge and expertise.

  7. Clarke Anthony says:

    Hey, Anonymous…
    You really think the queen is dead? Then try using your name!!

  8. Andrew Markoff says:

    I object to Dale Holness continually putting up candidates who sometimes and perhaps very often appear unqualified to run against incumbents, including against his own cohorts. His efforts appear random and meddling and sometimes just disrespectful to the voters. Some of the candidates who are alleged to be associated with Holness have appeared to be quite unserious.

    While I haven’t lived the history in Broward as some if not most of those who comment on this site, I have not perceived Lori Parrish to be some kind of “queen” or power player. I have perceived Parish as sincere and doing what she thinks is right. If I don’t agree with her, I still appreciate that she offers her reasoning for what issues and candidates she supports. She’s open and friendly and, I think, well-intended. Disagreements with her in regards to who she has endorsed shouldn’t automatically translate into bitterness like I too often see in these comments.

  9. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Lori Parrish has done a great job of bringing greater transparency to the Property Appraiser’s website. The Broward County Clerk of Court website desperately needs her attention. Let’s all hope Parrish runs for County Clerk!

  10. hee hee hee says:

    Everyone knows that Lori retaliates against people who dare to oppose her or her candidates.
    She is vile, wicked person.
    Although I agree with some of her losing pix, I believe she is done, overdone and out of here. Got that!

  11. Just Saying says:

    Lori could probably modernize the Clerk’s office and make it more customer friendly — if she wants to run for something else.

  12. Mike says:

    Did Davis have to resign her Miramar Commision seat to run for Broward Commisioner?