Big Legal Job Opens; They Prefer Bilingual Lawyers


This is the job that lawyers have been waiting for — Broward School Board General Council.

Ed Marko is leaving after 42 years.

His job is a big one in these tough times, with an even bigger salary than being a judge. It pays $180,000 to $216,000, plus bennies.

If the salary sounds like a lot, you never sat through a School Board meeting!

Still, how many teachers could they hire with that money?

The requirements are proof you’ll be working for a big bureaucracy.  There must be some silly rule that they list the physicial requirements of every school job.

Don’t worry, you desk-bound lawyers.  You don’t have to be buff.  They are only requiring the ability to exert up to 20 pounds of force, occasionally.

But they would prefer you be bilingual. The job listing doesn’t mention what languages the Board prefers.

The draw backs? Other than sitting through the interminable School Board meetings, you also have to report directly to the nine Board members.

The deadline for applying, with an original application and seven copies, is May 15 at 5 p.m.

Here is the job posting:


General Counsel (A-017)

Based on experience:

Individual Respondent: $180,000 to $216,000
annually, plus benefits, including pension
contributions, health insurance, and other
benefits as negotiated.

Respondent Law Firm: $234,000 to $270,000

Ms. Gracie M. Diaz
Acting Associate Superintendent of
Human Resources
600 SE Third Avenue, 10th Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(754) 321-1840


EDUCATION: An earned Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from an
accredited law school.

EXPERIENCE: A minimum of ten (10) years of progressively more responsible work experience in the field related to the title
of the position.


REQUIRED: Admission to and member in good standing of the State Bar of Florida; computer skills as required for the position.

PREFERRED: Admission to the General Bar of the United States District Court for the Southern district of Florida; admission to the Bar of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh
Circuit. Substantial experience with education and district
school board law or as an attorney for a public agency,
including experience in the supervision of attorneys.

Bilingual skills preferred.

REPORTS TO: The School Board of Broward County, Florida

POSITION GOAL: Protect the legal interests of the Broward County School District by overseeing and monitoring legal services provided for the school district by the Office of the General Counsel and by outside attorneys.


The General Counsel shall:

1. have overall responsibility for the provision of legal advice to and representation of  The School Board and supervision and direction of all legal and support staff assigned to the Office of the General Counsel.

2. provide legal services in highly complex legal matters, including preparation of cases for trial, presentation of cases, and the rendering of opinions upon significant legal matters.

3. represent The School Board at School Board meetings, committee meetings, and other official functions.

4. work collaboratively with, but not limited to, school, area, and district personnel to safeguard the legal interests of the school district by performing a wide variety of duties including provision of professional legal services for all departments,
divisions and offices of the school district.

5. draft and/or review of board policies, contracts, deeds, and other legal documents.

6. direct legal research and preparation of legal opinions for The School Board, Superintendent, departments, divisions and offices of the school district.

7. coordinate and direct investigations of claims and complaints by or against The School Board, as appropriate.

8. represent The School Board in litigation filed by or against The School Board, including but not limited to administrative proceedings, court proceedings, civil matters and constitutional issues.

9. coordinate and monitor work performed and services billed by outside counsel in preparing, planning, and representing The School Board in litigation.

10. recommend changes in policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws and Department of Education regulations.

11. recommend budget, expenditures, amounts to be allocated, and amendments thereto when necessary for the effective operations of the Office of the General Counsel.

12. coordinate and provide in-service training on legal matters which pertain to the overall administration of the school system.

13. provide legal advice to school district officials as needed with regard to legal issues arising in the course of district operations.

14. review, supervise, evaluate and approve work of legal staff, including Deputy General Counsels, Assistant General Counsels and outside counsel in the provision  of legal services to the district.

15. direct and assist in the acquisition of land for The School Board through negotiation  or condemnation proceedings.

16. select and make recommendations to The School Board for the hiring and termination of Deputy General Counsels, Assistant General Counsels and other legal and support staff.
General Counsel (Cont.) A-017

17. provide The School Board with an annual report of legal services provided by the Office of the General Counsel.

18. perform and promote all activities in compliance with equal employment and nondiscrimination policies of The School Board of Broward County, FL.

19. participate successfully in the training programs offered to increase the individuals skill and proficiency related to the assignments.

20. review current developments, literature and technical sources of information related to job responsibility.

21. ensure adherence to good safety procedures.

22. follow Federal and State laws, as well as School Board policies.

23. perform other duties as assigned, consistent with the goals and objectives of this position, by The School Board of Broward County, Florida or designee.


Frequency, contact, purpose, and desired end result: Acts, on behalf of the Broward County School District, as the senior legal representative for The School Board in litigation filed by or against The School Board, including but not limited to administrative proceedings, court proceedings,
civil matters and constitutional issues.


Light work: Exerting up to 20 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 10 pounds of force as frequently as needed to move objects.


Salary, benefits, and/or contract amount shall be paid consistent with The School Board approved employment contract. Length of the work year and hours of employment shall be those established by The School Board.


Job is exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Performance will be evaluated in accordance with The School Board approved employment contract.

Board Approved: 7/16/96


5 Responses to “Big Legal Job Opens; They Prefer Bilingual Lawyers”

  1. Hammerhead says:

    I think a few Essential Performance Responsibilities were omitted:

    1a: Represent the interest of the contractors and consultants, as they provide additional benefits to the board members during fund raising events and do not wish to be held accountable for their own responsibilities.

    1b: Do not respond in a timely manner to request for legal opinions that might cause contractors and consultants to deliver per contract requirement.

    1c: Create and maintain cozy relationships with opposing counsel to ensure that behind the scenes deals can be worked out before official action is taken.

    1d: Establish a relationship with the State Attorney to continue the present agreement that acts of criminality will be reduced to simple sloppy management. (Exception: when Board or Supt. does not like the alleged perpetrator…then SIU can trump up charges to relieve them of their duties).


    The next attorney will be a ringer because he has to be an attorney by profession, but a full time lobbyist, public relations spin doctor and devoid of any real ethics. After all, that is what got Marko his extended ride. Taxpayers have paid for too long.

    FDLE…look at the relationship between Marko and James Tucker and you will see where many of the bones are buried.

  2. Bilingual Because says:

    They prefer bilingual because they’ve already decided that Marko’s number two person, who is bilingual, has already gotten the job. They only advertised the job because they have to. It’s just another sham, making it appear they are open minded when the decision has already been made. Such is the mark-o of this school board.

  3. Prediction says:

    Once Marko’s number two is selected, and Marko retires to collect his pension, number two will return the favor by offering Marko a fat consultant contract so that he can keep telling her what to do even after retirement.

    Guaranteed. You heard it here first.

    Just watch and see it happen.

  4. Nick says:

    Liek every other adminstrative School Board job it’s already rigged ahead of time. Have the FBI supervise the interview process.

  5. Hammerhead says:


    I agree with your prediction because short of death, Marko is ‘the’ player in the Broward Machine that keeps the money flowing. He is horrible at going after money owed the district because he would be suing his friends.

    The only way I see this playing out differently is if they privatize the job and hire an outside firm, which would certainly result in Marko being hired as a consultant too. It is a small world and it is about to be exposed just a little bit more.

    Either way I “heard it here first” with your prediction and think you nailed it.