Benny Hill Resurrected In GOP Congressional Race





British entertainer Benny Hill has been resurrected in the Republican congressional primary whose winner will face Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  

Hill was the king of double entendres and slapstick who spent a now-unbelievable 36 years (1955-1991)  hosting the Benny Hill Show on British TV.  The show was rebroadcast worldwide, including in the United States. 

The musical theme of the show was Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph. It was the background music for many of Hill’s sketches. Millions today can not hear that music without remembering Bill Hill, who died at 68 in 1992 after refusing bypass surgery. 


Benny Hill in a sketch




So it was Hill that came to mind when saw Carlos Reyes’ latest YouTube shot at his opponent Carla Spalding.The entire campaign spot has Yakety Sax playing in the background.

The video showed Spalding in a rant during a recent appearance with Reyes. The not so subtle subtext is that Spalding doesn’t have the temperament to campaign against Wasserman Schultz, while also associating her with a comedy routine.  

That’s Reyes on the left smirking under the picture of Donald Trump.

Check it out:


7 Responses to “Benny Hill Resurrected In GOP Congressional Race”

  1. GOPapa says:

    None of this matters since Carla is going to win easily.

  2. Realist says:


    Don’t worry too much about this election. It reminds me of England versus Belgium in the World Cup on Saturday. The winner will be in Third Place!@

    Neither of them can beat Debbie. Both of them are Trump followers and that is enough to beat them.

  3. Priscilla Ford says:

    I was lucky enough to have a front row seat to this debacle! She was not equipped to debate Reyes let alone take on a beast like DWS! Reyes is the only candidate who can beat DWS and has the qualifications to do so!! Let alone the only candidate that lives in the district hes fighting so passionately to save! Vote Carlos Reyes for Congress!

  4. Janet P says:

    Reyes is way ahead of Spalding in the polls. A candidate who cannot debate the issues in public cannot make a difference on our behalf in Congress. My vote and all of ny friends’ and family’s votes are for Carlos Reyes!!

  5. tired of self serving politicians says:

    Bye, bye, DWS! The sun is setting on your shenanigans. Maybe you can vacation in Pakistan with your peeps.

  6. REyesALLday says:

    Joe has tried to run 150 times and lost every single time. Carla is a joke and doesn’t live in the district. DWS is as corrupt as her IT guy and needs to be dumped. The only answer is Carlos Reyes, PERIOD!

  7. Reyes Is Not a Contender says:

    Carlos is not a contender. The thought that he could make a dent against DWS is ludicrous at best. This is a race which isn’t worth paying much attention to. Total waste of time. Entertaining video though. I have fond memories of Benny Hill.