Bargain Basement Fund Raiser For Women


Ruth’s List has been around for about four years, raising money for liberal pro-choice female candidates.

Patterned after the successful nationwide Emily’s List, Ruth confines itself to Florida and almost exclusively to Ds.

Next week the group holds a fundraiser at the Hallandale Beach home of long-time activist and political consultant Barbara Miller.

Miller expects 40 to 60 guests, maybe more.

“Women are very interested in getting the right people elected,” Miller said.

The right people include two legislative candidates in very tough races:

*State House candidate Katie Edwards. She is running against Louis Reinstein for the open District 98 in central west Broward.


Katie Edwards

*State Sen. Maria Sachs. She was thrown by redistricting into the same District 34 Senate seat with state Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff, a Fort Lauderdale Republican.

Maria Sachs

The event could help Sachs meet local women who can talk up her campaign. She is a stranger to Broward having represented Palm Beach County before redistricting.

The event also will help state Sen. Nan Rich of Weston, who is the MC. Rich is running for governor in 2014 and it is never too early to start gathering support.  The Ruth’s Group crowd is her natural constituency.

They’ll need to step up the fundraising, though.  The event at Miller’s house is the bargain basement of fundraisers.

I know the economy is bad, but a suggested donation of $10…plus a contribution to a candidate!!!!


As someone who has been around for a while, I had to laugh when I saw the invitation below. Consultant Judy Stern is on the host committee for an event at Miller’s house.

Stern and Miller have long been the Capulet and Montague of Broward politics.  To say they don’t get along is an understatement.

How did this colossal gaffe happen?

Ruth’s put together the guest list and the invitation.  The group is run out of Sanibel Island and obviously wasn’t given good intelligence about who doesn’t get along with whom.

In the end, both women believe in the principals of Ruth’s List. They just rather help out at separate events.

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11 Responses to “Bargain Basement Fund Raiser For Women”

  1. too funny says:

    Katie Edwards is class , woman or man.

  2. Tammy Rack Talk says:

    Waaa Waaaa

    Buddy you are busted again taking information from Red Broward, he posted this the other day….BUSTED!!!!!!!

    Do you guys coordinate your bullying efforts against Ilene Lieberman? Big meanies


    Not really. I received this invitation Monday. I never saw Red Broward’s report until you sent this comment.

    I went back and looked it at. His article doesn’t reflect that he did any interviews, while I talked to three pols about the event and quoted one. His article has no background, because maybe he didn’t know the background.

    As far as Ilene Lieberman, I don’t characterize it as “bullying”. I would call it informing the public. Just because Red Broward and I believe she shouldn’t be a judge doesn’t mean we “coordinate” anything. In fact, I don’t believe I have ever met the guy behind Red Broward.

  3. Dorothy Tee says:

    Bargain Basement Fund Raiser? Every little bit helps. Women helping Women! Katie Edwards is the best PERSON for the job! I believe she will do her best to help create jobs for our community and help keep local control of our schools with parents and more. Davie/Broward County need the best! VOTE FOR KATIE EDWARDS August 14!

  4. Same Katie? says:

    Check out the list of contributions to Ms. Edwards. Agri-business, growers, contractors, mining and Corporate America. Yea, she had a few from the current district she is running in too. Is she democrat or republican?

    Turns out not so clear according to an old blog, if that is the same Katie Edwards (picture doesnt look anything like her current picture, though similar pose and both were Executive Director of Dade Farm Bureau ):

    Seems like big homestead connections, and must have been a resident in Dade if running for State House in Dade (though her current website says 22 year resident of Plantation) and a Republican until 2009 if blog is accurate. They called her Chameleon Katie.

    Does a woman get a pass from this kind of analysis?


    Katie Edwards was not a Republican in 2009.

    Yes, Edwards has agriculture money in her campaign, probably because she worked for the Farm Bureau. Her opponent, Louis Reinstein, is funded largely from attorneys because he is an attorney. Both have large sums of money from out of the district, which is meaningless because they are running for the Florida Legislature, not the Plantation legislature.

  5. Same Katie? says:

    In her defense, she may have evolved in thought and views. Mitt Romney has “evolved”.

    If she was a republican in 2009 and voted for McCain-Palin in 2008, however, that should be relevant to the dems looking at her track record and what she will do in state house. Not sure what Farm Bureau policies were or impact on environment, but that should be something to be considered, considering her roots in agribusiness seem to carry forward to her current contributions.

    She does have a lot of dem endorsements so maybe that is a good sign or maybe they dont know much about her other than what she is currently saying.

  6. Puzzled voter says:

    How about Barbara Miller being the campaign manager for Rick Stark, who is a candidate for House District 104 in Broward. He is a former Republican, the only male in the primary, yet she’s for women and hosting a Ruth’s List event?!?! The two women in race are not even listed as candidates on the invitation. I would say this is a conflict of interest for Barbara Miller.

  7. Real Deal says:

    Louis Reinstein should win hands down because he is the better more qualified candidate to represent Plantation. Edwards work in government is in agriculture but we have no farms in Broward. We need jobs and transportation money and solid legislation on a host of things. Someone with Reinstein’s talents can deliver for the community much better than Edwards.

    Similarly, Rick Stark is the better choice over Robin Behrman because he is more qualified, has nong community roots, and is not being pushed on us by the Tallahasee lobbying establishment. Take a look at Behrman’s campaign report! Almost all of her money comes from out of state corporations and her husband is a state lobbyist. That campaign just doesn’t smell right.

    Women do well in Broward politics but we also have men deserving of our votes who offer us a better alternative. Reinstein and Stark are such examples. They are the better choices to serve us.

  8. Tamarac Talk says:


    This is Sharon of Tamarac Talk. I’m honored to have a fan (above)!

    Thank you for reading Tamarac Talk and my posts.

    As for Katie, I’m sure she’s great, but I’m partial to handsome Louis Reinstein. OY VEY!

    Tamarac Talk

  9. Broward Dem says:

    Katie Edwards was never an “R” and is an outstanding Candidate for State House. She is one of the hardest working Candidates in Broward County and will win. She is a smart woman, very motivated and is fully supported in her district. She is an excellent campaigner and knows the issues very well. She will be an excellent State Representative and has my vote!! Go Katie in 2012!!

  10. Oy Vey says:

    Reinstein makes his living at a notoriously Republican law firm in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. He does defense work for insurance companies and large corporations. Only recently did the junior lawyer begin defending cops, after his firm was hired by our Republican sherriff to defend its officers. Reinstein makes his living from Republican connections, so what???

  11. Real Deal says:

    If anybody out there thinks it even remotely possible for a state official to get anything done in Broward County without the cooperation and support of Republicans in Tallahassee, you need to get your head examined.

    Like it or not, want it or not, care for it or not, the litmus test for any Democrat running today must include “demonstrated ability to get along with Republicans.” Otherwise, there’s no point to us as citizens electing them. We get nothing in return.

    What would the point be? They will be iced out, just as all the liberals are iced out and unable to deliver for our communities.

    Knowing this why would we insist on punishing ourselves? So much smarter to use common sense and be practical about it.

    Liberal diatribe sounds great but is not going to help get anything you need funded much less acted upon. Broward must have middle of the road Democrats who can work with Republicans. We must have people who can stop them where they can, change their minds where possible, but who can get along with them enough to actually deliver SOME benefit to us as district residents in return for our tax dollars.

    Otherwise our tax dollars get spent somewhere else in Florida. Only a chump sits back and accepts that fate. Broward should not be chumps.

    Fail to listen and you will end up losers when the state pie gets cut up.

    We must have middle of the road Democrats. The liberals cannot deliver.

    This is why Reinstein and Stark are our best choices. They are middle of the road Democrats who can work with Republicans and deliver for Broward. Every other politician who does not fit that profile comes home with excuses for having gotten nothing done year after year.

    Aren’t you tired of those excuses?