Barbra Stern Tries Again For Florida House


Barbra Stern wants another shot at the Florida House.


Barbra Stern

Stern today signed papers to begin a campaign for the newly-redrawn District 93.  That’s roughly the district she ran for two years ago, a race she lost to now-incumbent state Rep. George Mauritis.  But it’s been renumbered.

Stern, a Democrat, was beaten 63 to 37 percent.  Both are Fort Lauderdale lawyers.

However, 2010 was a Republican year and the seat is in GOP-rich northeast Broward. Conservative U. S.Rep Allen West also took office in that area in 2010.

“The outcome of the race had more to do with an anti-Washington movement as opposed to how people felt about George or me as candidates,” she told

Stern believes this year is going to be different because of redistricting and the higher turnout of Democrats in a presidential election.

“The layout (of the district) will be changing,” Stern said.“There is more of an opportunity this time…This time it’s a more Democratic district.”

Stern hopes incumbent Moraitis proves too conservative for the new district. In some of her comments, I can hear the outline of her campaign being sketched — to tie Moraitis to the highly-unpopular governor and Republican Legislature.

“George has his following, but he’s very, very conservative,” she said. “He is somebody who has voted in line with the (GOP) Leadership and with (Gov.) Rick Scott.”

Stern is the daughter of well-known, veteran campaign consultant and lobbyist Judy Stern.

12 Responses to “Barbra Stern Tries Again For Florida House”

  1. Stan says:

    This is the best the Broward Democratic party can come up with for what is now a competitive seat????

  2. Nice picture says:

    Nice photo. Did Art Seitz take it?

    I have no idea. It is on Stern’s campaign website.

  3. NoGo says:

    Stern has to make up 13 percent. Not going to happen, even with redistricting. Its a Republican Year Again!

  4. GOPapa says:

    I have to agree with NoGo. Its a Republican year and Barbra Stern has little chance. They made the district harder for George. However, it is not impossible and there is such antipathy towards Obama that his people won’t come out again.

  5. hmmmmm says:

    If have see things on the internet that Judy Stern was on of those involved in the defense fund for Sylvia Portier, it sure is an interesting coincidence that the new maps for District 93 show that it going to pick up parts of Deerfield….

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To “stansays” and you would make a better canidate. Great news Barbra. Pay back is a bitch, there Georgie Porgie Mauritis. Lets see are team-J-J-J-R(me).And w/ C and B looking on. W/ RR praying for us all. And w/ BD ranking in all the money on our dime and hard work. Your assignment who is this team. i personally wanted to send her to Washington to defeat that pig Allen West. This team belongs in Washington because some of you are amatuers for the likes of us….Go Barbie go..

  7. Loser Walsh says:

    AWalsh, are you illiterate? Dude, get back on your meds.

  8. FTL Voter says:

    The new district will shift 3 points to the democrats. 13 minus 3 equals 10. You really think that Barbra Stern can make up 10 points against George? He has a massive army of volunteers and a fundraising network Barbra can’t match. Sorry Barbra, it ain’t gonna happen.

  9. Stan says:

    FTL voter is right…under the new plan being considered by the FL house, this district goes from about a 3% point REP advantage in registered voters to just about even.

    In a presidential election year, a well financed, well know Democrat could possibly challenge Moraitis.

    However, with all the baggage Barbra Stern brings, she doesn’t stand a chance.

  10. Keep watching says:

    Babs jumped in early to scare away her main threat for the democratic nomination. Aint no secret in dem circles. We predict she loses the primary or drops out when this plays out. If we are right she can thank her momma

  11. city activist robert walsh says:

    My ass-Her Mother is her greatest advantage.

  12. Nick says:

    Too bad no one will run against Ellyn.