Barbra Stern Gets $$$$ From Mom’s Friends


Barbra Stern’s Florida House campaign is off to a big start with help from her Mom.

The hand of lobbyist Judy Stern is all over Barbra Stern’s first campaign contribution report for the period ending September 30.

Barbra Stern, who is running to replace GOP state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff in northeast Broward, picked up contributions from a lot of Mom’s associates:

  • Property Appraiser Lori Parrish gave $100. Judy Stern helped elect Parrish.
  • Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Bruce Roberts gave $200. Judy Stern helped Roberts and lobbies in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Lobbyist Bernie Friedman gave $250. Judy Stern and Friedman have worked together.
  • Lobbyist Ron Book, his wife and companies gave at least $2,500. Ron Book and Judy Stern have worked together for a number of large clients.
  • School Board member Maureen Dinnen gave $100. Dinnen is friendly with Judy Stern and has campaigned in the past to capture the GOP-leaning northeast Broward seat for Democrats.
  • The Ruden McCloskey law firm gave at least $1,000. Lobbyists with the firm have worked with Judy Stern in the past.
  •  Lobbyist Bill Laystrom and his law firm gave at least $1,000. Judy Stern and Bill Laystrom have worked together.

Barbra Stern, a lawyer and former Republican committee member running as a Democrat,  took in $23,992. She’s got a long way to go.

Republican candidate David Maymon has $68,435, including $50,000 he lent himself. Maymon is a health care executive.

12 Responses to “Barbra Stern Gets $$$$ From Mom’s Friends”

  1. Stern is a Shoe In says:

    Barbra Stern’s stock is way up. To begin, she has a growing number of volunteers and supporters in that district.

    Second, none of the financial sources that Buddy listed would have any interest in contributing to any campaign that didn’t have a great chance of winning. So they must have polling data or other information to support their decision to back this candidate.

    And last, Judy Stern herself would unlikely support her daughter’s candidacy unless she was certain that Barbra had a great chance to win.

    Given all that, I think people are smart to pay attention to this candidate. Barbra Stern is likely to be the next state representative from that district.

  2. Stop wasting your time says:

    I said this in another blog. A democrat has to raise a half a million to even compete in this seat. Barbie won’t do half of that.

  3. ann says:

    THis will be a hard election…choosing between a registered Republican and a self serving Republican who switched parties to run as a Democrat

  4. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    My best to Judy and her daughter, Barbara. They both are hard workers.

  5. Sure... says:

    Can I have some of what you are smoking ? She will get swamped by Maymon financially and the district numbers aren’t on her side. Plus the RPOF will dump another half a mill into this seat at the very end. Blonde Barbie and her mom will get eviscerated in November. People don’t forget.. after this lobby money that just came in, there is nothing left for Barbie to collect.

  6. @ Ann says:

    Well said Ann. But then again, Judy ran a campaign that sounds remarkably like what you just described.

    How did that work out for Scott Israel anyway?

  7. bs says:

    There is another democratic candidate, rather the only democratic candidate in the race-Freda Stevens. Barbra Stern is full of bs just like her acronymn.

    FROM BUDDY: Yes, there are actually two more candidates — Democrat Freda Sherman Stevens and Republican Yomin Postelnik.

    So far they have not raised enough money or support to be considered real competition to Stern and Maymon.

  8. bs says:

    Actually neither of them have posted their campaign reports. David Yomin has not posted his report either..before you go writing anyone off wait until they post.

  9. Forrest Gump says:

    Barbra Stern aka BS is a dumbass for accepting 99.9% of her contributions from mama stern’s lobbyists friends. Sooner or later bs will get the picture and realize she has already lost this race.
    Stupid is as stupid does. Run Forrest run.

  10. what volunteers? says:

    “growing number of volunteers and supporters”.. Do you mean the ones Ron Saunders gave you? Just like your acronymn-everything you say is BS.

  11. SoSad says:

    This is so sad.
    If you actually look at the report the vast majority of the contributions were from lawyer or lobbyists or firms they represent. I think there was one contribution under $100 bucks which also goes to show you how far down to the grassroots her campaign is reaching.
    All these months of campaigning and not one contribution from someone your mom didn’t already know?
    Where are the other Democratic candidates Buddy!?

  12. new poll says:

    A new poll shows Barbra Stern losing the primary by a huge margin.

    Candidate Freda Stevens received 62.1% of the vote according to a recent poll of most likely voters-supervoters in district 91.

    Candidate BS received just under 27% of the vote. The other 10 or 11% were undecided or did not know either candidate.


    It goes to prove that lobbyists can’t buy every seat in Tallahassee!