Back To The Future At The School Board: Parks Wants Marko To Stay


The School Board needs to change its direction in the future.  Member Bob Parks keep trying to tie it to the past.

That may be understandable, since he is part of the past.

Throwing into the wind thousands of dollars spent on searching for a new attorney, Parks now wants call it off and keep the aging veteran Ed Marko through 2011.

Parks lost this argument a year ago.  But nothing ever comes to a conclusion at the Board.

The Board is the real live version of the movie Groundhog Day. Like the movie, everything just repeats over and over and over.

Taxpayers are sick of the spinning wheels and the spinning tongues of Board members, who try to justify their inaction.

Parks excuse for this latest stall?  He says with the Board facing budget cuts and layoffs, it is not the time to break-in a new attorney.

If that argument had any validity, it should be made for Board members.  We should call off the fall elections and just hand the Board members like Parks another four-year term.

The times are too turbulent to break in a new Board member, right Bob.


This is exactly the right time to get a new attorneyand a replacement for you, too.

We need fresh eyes and new ideas at the schools system, not retreads from a generation ago. 

Marko has been School Board attorney since 1968. You have been on the Board since 1986.

Last year, Marko was told to leave in 2010.  The vote was 7-2.  The two voting to save Marko’s job were Parks and Maureen Dinnen, another member out of touch with today’s realities.

My story on the vote and some of Marko’s background is here.

Things have to change. 

Marko is the attorney who refuses to collect money from well-connected companies. He’s the guy who has repeatedly subverted the Public Records law and sat silent while millions of dollars was wasted by the Board.

In any private company, Marko would have been shown the door years ago. 

It is time to finish what was started a year ago.

19 Responses to “Back To The Future At The School Board: Parks Wants Marko To Stay”

  1. Time to go Bob! says:

    When you are right, you are right. On this one you could not be more accurate.

    Why is Marko still there? He needs to go now and there are assistant lawyers already there who could take his job, thereby eliminating a high paid position.

    Bob Parks is an absolute dinosaur who lives in the past and still does things like they did in the 80’s. Everyone has seen him sleeping on the dais.

    When he’s awake, he rambles on and on about meaningless crap just to hear himself speak. It’s like he’s competing for the award of meaningless crap spewer with Stephanie Kraft.

    Those two routinely double the length of Board meetings with their egotistical banter.

    Parks is one of the old majority who routinely shoots down anything new and forward-thinking that any other Board members propose.

    When Kevin Tynan proposed ethics reform, Bob gagged.

    When Ann Murray proposed that no Board member should sit on the QSEC Committee, Parks about had a cardiac over it.

    Same response when Ann Murray proposed a moratorium on spending until the audit committee looked over everything that was going on.

    Parks thought it was a good idea to kick Charlotte Greenbarg of the audit committee and criticized Ann Murray for reappointing her.

    Seems he and Stephanie Kraft think the same except that Stephanie knows how to use a computer.

    I hope Nora Rupert cleans his clock. Maybe a teacher should sit on the Board for a change.

    I mean how can anyone else be worse than having Bob parks around for 4 more years?

  2. Doc Emmett Brown says:

    great scott!!!


    Geez Louise! It never ends in Bro-weird!

  4. One Who Knows says:

    As a parent interested in my childrens school, I requested some public information from the school system. Edward Marko’s office did everything they could to block the lawful release of the information, which were crime statistics (not the names of children, just the statistics) that are covered by the Public Records Law. I have a letter signed by Edward Marko stating this information would cost me more than $1,000 to compile. Whatever good will I had towards the public school system left me because of Edward Marko. I now have my children in private school and would support any effort to cut public funding to a school system operated by the likes of him.

  5. Hammerhead says:


    These are my personal opinions of which I am entitled to share under protection of the U.S. Constitution.

    As you know from reading my comments from the past, I am astutely aware of what really goes on behind the curtain. I am even more aware that Marko is the “man behind the curtain.” He is beholden to the special interests that has a hammerlock on funds pouring into the school district and assists the special interests in the predetermined distribution of those funds (see anti-trust). Whenever overspending or blatant waste is discovered, he is the first to throw a wrench in the spokes when recovery is requested…even when requested by his “so-called” bosses; the school board.

    Marko is not working at the pleasure of the board. He is working at the pleasure of the special interest machine. The school board negligently allows this to happen.

    I believe the cracks in the machine, which we can all see now, are a result of the tireless work of people like you, the Pulp, Karnack, Scorekeeper and many others who have provided snap shots of what it looks like “behind the curtain.”

    Now the cracks are being exploited and Parks’ days are numbered, so are Marko’s. In the many, many years they have been running this racket they have never been taught to believe that they would be held accountable and that has led to a sense of entitlement and grossly arrogant behavior. This will change. Messers Parks and Marko should only pray that the “initials” will allow them to cooperate and shave time off their own sentences, but then they are not all too lienient on lobbyists and that is what they both really are. They are lobbyists in the suits of gangsters trying to sell the future of children down the river.

    Attempting to install a ringer of an “Ethics Czar” like Ostrau is like Obama putting Abramoff in charge all federal government procurement. Please.

    The machine is desperate and we will all see soon, even more than we’ve already seen…there is no honor among thieves. In fact, Parks’ request is so outrageous that one might only surmise that it is a strategic move based on Parks’ possible cooperation with the intitials. I mean, since every crooked deal goes through Marko’s office, perhaps Parks is trying to help capture all the creepy details for videos coming to a Federal Courthouse near you.

    Time will tell. But I applaud you for keeping the light shining on both of these characters. Thank you Buddy.

    FROM BUDDY: No, thank you for contributing.
    Please write me privately at I’ve got something to ask you.

  6. Bob Parks Sucks says:

    Parks has been one of the worst officials ever repeatedly elected in Broward County’s history. Get rid of him.

  7. Carmen says:


    I buy into much of your story but no the part about Parks trying to get video on Marko. They are good old boys and are in the same trench together.

    Your comments on the special interests are very interesting because I know they are scattering right now. I have never seen this much political activity in the otherwise incumbent happy county. That is a good thing.

    I will be that if anyone is talking right now it is Kraft. She has much to lose or gain depending on how she approaches this. She benefitted from the construction program as much as Gallagher. She should be talking.

    Marko cannot leave until a new person can be trusted to see the mess he’s created without running directly to the authorities and in this climate such a person is hard to find.

    We shall see what is to come. I also agree that thanks are in order to those who shined the light in dark places.

  8. S only says:

    two words: BYE BYE

  9. Amazing Karnack says:

    Karnack says way to uh hammer your point home hammerhead. Karnack says it is true many things are changing for the puppets and their masters these days. Karnack says gone are the days of the not in the sunshine coalition of puppets once led by the Big Cheese Lady and Dr. Green Means Green for Me. Karnack says now they have gone their separate ways, the Big Cheese wants Marco Polo’s job and Dr. Green needs him to stay. Karnack says they all need him to stay.

    Karnack says it is true Marco Polo knows where all the bones are buried. Karnack says remember it was Marko who jumped in to save Beverly when it was exposed that she got her job at the blood bank because of puppet master Lurch. Karnack says just when Beverly was ready to resign Marko jumped in and said he had advised her prior to taking the job that it was not a conflict. Karnack says riiiiiiggggggghhhhhhtttttttt.

    Karnack wonders what is taking so long with the Ashbritt review. Karnack says do those hired auditors even have a purchase order yet. Karnack says maybe if Marko stalls long enough it will all just go away. Karnack says they have been meeting and meeting yet they just can’t change the facts Pat Reilly laid on their ass. Karnack says I thought Denis the Menace had an open and shut case. Karnack says hmmmmmm maybe not.

    Karnack says all the facilitators will be exposed soon. Karnack says stay tuned as the Old Volunteer Lady and Trinidada and their QSEC fairy tale becomes a night mare. Karnack says where is Barney when you need him. Karnack says oh that’s right he is burning up the highway between here and St. Augustine. Karnack says somebody is asking questions about some old golf course property and the Big Cheese Lady and her husband. Karnack says word is Fur Coates and his Veal sidekick have been invited for questions too.

    Karnack says Pat Reilly for ethics czar. Karnack says how about it Buddy. Karnack says check his record. Karnack says who do you know that has his track record or anything close to his body of work in this cesspool of public corruption. Karnack says the locomotive breath is all around us. Karnack says the train goes clickity clack, clickity clack, clickity clack.

  10. Garfish says:

    Marko should be gone already. Parks should not be reelected.

    Go lay down for Marko like a speed bump Bob. It might slow the bus down but it will still run you over.

  11. Soon to be laid off says:

    In the last 5 years I’ve worked at the Broward School Board Facilities/Construction Department I’ve never seen so much corruption and incapable people in decision making positions. Most of my bosses, Board Members, and top Administrators are fuckin’ morons. When I get laid off in June I’m going straight to the FBI with everything I’ve been collecting on these parasites. Take my food off my table and you will suffer the consequences!

  12. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Soon to be laid off, I’m sure most of the corruption takes place right in your department. I kept records for the past 35 years as well, but when I retired, I burned the packet…well at least from memory I could write a book. Bot Marko and Parks are at the end of the track. So get off the train!!!

  13. Hoof Hearted says:

    Wow, after watching the town hall meeting at the school board last night I can see why so many people are fearing losing their jobs. The fact that the school board prepared the orchestrated such a controlled meeting proved one thing to me; the decisions on how, and who, to cut were already made before the meeting even came to order. The rest was just a show to allow the board and supt to later share inevitable blame with the public while claiming to take input.

    NOTTER, get rid of the double-dippers that you admitted are there at your own approval. There is enough talented and hungry people there to get the job done at a major discount to the district. That would begin to save dollars. Sure, you will not be able to surround yourself with hand-picked cronies but desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Get rid of Harrison, Boegli, Crawford, recycled principals, Mandley, and while you’re at it stand up to these thugs that make you hire people like Carter, Coluzzi, Miricola and other unfit leaders (unless of course that is you). If the only way to feel bright and in control is to surround yourself with idiots, then maybe you can save the district another $300,000 by resigning; effective immediately.

  14. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Hoof Hearted you are almost totally correct. I especially request that the double dippers already getting pension, leave room, there are a lot of talented people not near retirement and that leave room for newcomers. The has beens also need to jump off the train at the end of the track like Parks and Marko.

  15. 411 says:


  16. Hammerhead says:

    Buddy, I thought I’d pass this along to you and your readers for some review and thought. It makes one wonder if this could be happening in other local “non-profit” organizations. The timing is ironic…dontcha think?,0,4995682.story

  17. Carmen says:

    I heard that the school board made a forbidden sight for employees to read. I am now sure why, but maybe it has something to do with the threat made by “soon to be laid off” or maybe the comments school board high ups. It seems twisted that access to this site would be denied, but school board employees can still access many other news and information sources. As Buddy would say…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. @Soon to be laid off says:

    Can you spell accomplice?
    Can you spell facilitator?
    Can you spell co-conspirator?

    Fact is, if you had any real dirt on your accusations (probably baseless and unfounded statements based upon personal bitterness)and you had actual ongoing knowledge over the years of anything illegal and inappropriate, then you sir are all of the above.

    Shame on anyone at SBBC, who knows of any illegalities and does nothing about it immediately when it comes to their attention.

    Good luck with that!

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