Attorney Worked For PBA, Yet Doesn’t Get Endorsement





A criminal defense attorney has been endorsed by the Broward County Police Benevolent Association, although his opponent once worked for the PBA.

Jonathan Kasen got the PBA endorsement this week, according to a news release from his campaign for County Court judge.


Jonathan Kasen

In an unusual move for a judicial candidate, the news release goes on to state: “This endorsement is no noteworthy considering that Jonathan’s opponent, Claudia Robinson, worked as in-house counsel for the Broward PBA from 2008 through 2012.”

Kasen and Robinson are running against incumbent County Court Judge Ian Richards.

Richards had his first good month of fund raising in March, collecting $13,053 for a total of $15,253.  He also has put in $36,540 of his own money. He has spent $40,324.

A criminal defense attorney who once represented Casey Anthony, Kasen is in much better shape financially.  He raised raised a total of $48,250, kicked in $32,000 of his own and only spent $4,008.

A Hispanic immigrant raised by a single mom and married to a Sunrise police officer, Robinson trails, having collected only $3,610.  She loaned her campaign $258 and spent $915.

8 Responses to “Attorney Worked For PBA, Yet Doesn’t Get Endorsement”

  1. PBA Rep, Ret. says:

    Mr. Nevins

    Other questions that should be addressed are the following,,,

    1) Did the PBA interview for the endorsement? I believe they did it not. If so why would the PBA refuse to interview a black sitting Judge and a hispanic female? Even a token interview would allieviate the obvious question if this decision based on race.

    2) For years the PBA let it be known that it always supported incumbent Judges unless the union thought the Judge did something against law enforcement. So why refuse to interview Judge Richards? While Kasen was being the lawyer for Casey Anthony, Judge Richards jumped from the bench to save a victim being beat up in his courtroom. How does this man not warrant an interview? Hard to dismiss race was not a factor.

    I am embarrassed for my fellow brothers and sisters who are minorities members of the PBA, to see their leadership refuse to interview minority candidates for Judge.

  2. investigation needed says:

    If it is true that Ms.Robinson and Judge Richards were not interviewed I hope that Marsha Ellison of the NAACP and Public Defender Howard Finkelstein stand up and rail against this practice.

    What further confirmation that law enforcement in Broward are racist than by refusing to give two minorities, especially a sitting African American Judge, a fair chance to obtain this endorsement.

    Mr. Kasen, who started this by running against an African American Judge, is not running because he believes Judge Richards is vulnerable because he is black, should do the right thing and decline the endorsement out of protest that it was unfair the other candidates were not permitted to interview.

  3. PBA needs an Enema!!! says:

    For further proof as to why the PBA needs and enema; check out the truth behind their leader.

  4. PBA = Suspect says:

    The once formidable and respectable voice of Broward County law enforcement has finally fallen so low that the decisions made its leaders doesn’t reflect the very cores and principles their membership swore to uphold. Jeff Marano aka (Moron-o) no longer represents the voice of the PBA’s currently changing demographics within the county and its own organization.

  5. vendettas says:

    So, based on what I’ve read. I just have one question for today. What personal backroom deal was struck between Marano and Kasen?

    As far back as I can recall, the PBA always conducted screenings of candidates, especially if they were contemplating the possibility of not endorsing the incumbent.

    I guess we’ll have to wait for DOJ inquiry before we’ll find out. Guess we have to stay tuned.

  6. PBA = Suspect says:

    Well, I guess it all makes sense. Kasen is no stranger to socializing with scumbags! Especially those that will provide name recognition. So, the tue question of the day is, what else has Kasen sold his soul for to prevent screenings of other candidates. Maybe the PBA will enlighten us.., or does money truly talk?

  7. Agree with #2 says:

    Comment 2 is right. To avoid any impropriety or questions of racism in the selection process, Kasen should either decline the endorsement or ask the PBA to explain why they never gave interviews to the minority candidates.

    If one wants to be a Judge, to be an example to our citizenry, they should not accept something that was not earned in a fair way to all participants.

  8. Broward says:

    Claudia Robinson is a very qualified Candidate and is highly supported through her own hard work for Police Agencies, Fire-Rescue Departments, Corrections and many others. Just check out her impressive resume. Nobody even knows Kasen. He will find out some endorsements might do more harm than good. Claudia is a Hispanic women, well educated, excellent track record for caring about people of all races. religions, ethnic backgrounds and is excellent at what she does. She has already been endorsed by the Fire Unions and will raise plenty of money. Most of Kasen’s money he loaned himself, which tells me he doesn’t have the financial backing. VOTE for CLAUDIA ROBINSON FOR JUDGE!!