Attorney Asks Judge For Ilene Lieberman’s Phone Records


Did County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman lie to prosecutors?

That’s what attorney Larry Davis wants to know as he fights to defend former Tamarac Mayor Beth Talabisco from corruption charges.

Davis has asked Broward County Circuit Judge Cyndy Imperato to order Lieberman’s phone records be turned over.

The phone records could clear up discrepancies between the testimony of Lieberman and the testimony of lobbyist Alex Heckler.

The commissioner, who received immunity,  is a key witness against Talabisco.

Lieberman told state investigators that she “wasn’t involved” in setting up a so-called 527 committee to manipulate the 2006 Tamarac city election for the benefit of corrupt developers Shawn and Bruce Chait.    A 527 is a political committee usually used to secretly fund negative campaign attacks.

Heckler testified in a deposition that Lieberman was behind the committee.

The committee is at the heart of the charges against Talabisco.

Talabisco is accused of allowing the Chaits contribute $21,000 covertly to the 527 committee to support her 2006 campaign for mayor. In an alleged illegal quid pro quo, she then voted to approve a Chait-owned condominium project.

In his motion, Davis is asking Imperato to order the State Attorney’s Office to turn over any of Lieberman’s phone records it has.

In a second motion, Davis asked Imperato to order State Attorney’s investigator Angelo Pazienza to answer questions about Lieberman that he refused to answer in an earlier deposition.

The questions include if Lieberman was or remains under investigation.

Imperato will hear the motions Friday.

Below is the portion of the motion which indicates how Lieberman and Heckler’s testimony differs (click to enlarge). Who’s lying?

12 Responses to “Attorney Asks Judge For Ilene Lieberman’s Phone Records”

  1. Tamarac Resident says:

    More questionable actions by Lieberman. When will voters wise up?

  2. Give Me A Break says:


  3. Privacy 101 says:

    If Lieberman has nothing to hide she has no reason not to produce her phone records. However, if the phone records prove she was lying……….

  4. Git R Done says:

    Hope they get the records and it will (hopefully) show where she was connected with Beverly Stracher in this whole mess! They should also get home phone records and office records as well.

  5. The Real Honest Truth says:

    Voters keep reelecting Lieberman even though her morals have been known for years, which is tragic.

  6. Woody72 says:

    Git R Done, Your right, Beverly Stracher is up to her neck in this. But they let her off the hook for her testimony. And now she has job working for Lieberman. What crap!!!!!!!!

  7. Git R Done says:

    @ Woody…
    What disturbs me is they have let the Chait boys off with nothing. That’s not fair at all, why not arrest them and have them serve time.
    Meanwhile, Yes, Stracher is working for Lieberman and when Lieberman leaves because of term limits, where will Stracher go next? Some trials have not been going on either trying to solve the rest of these cases that are still hanging around, WHY???

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    I’ve been reading the back articles, they’re fascinating about “Chaitgate”. Can someone explain to me why Beverly Stracher and Ilene Lieberman are still on Broward County’s payroll. I don’t believe they’ve been cleared of wrong doing regarding “Chaitgate”. As far as Ilene getting immunity, that’s a joke. Almost as funny as the Chait’s getting a slap on the wrist. Would I love to have been a fly on the wall in the prosecutors office during these meetings. I bet the book would be a best seller.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh come on you know she;s lying(lieberman). Att. davis is on to something. Get the phone records ,however don’t be surprised if she has if she has already altered them. You know she slick, and that ast. is her(stracher) biggest thorn in her side, but yet she makes her, her ast(most likely to keep an eye on her. Its unfortunate that th etaxpayer is paying for all this. From the ast, to throwing Talabisco under the bus, to the countless Comm. meetings she has missed. Don’t count her out she”s as foxy as a snake in the grass. I still can’t believe all the drama in her life.

  10. Resident says:

    A lot of the time, potential candidates do not challenge an incumbent is because of the Resign to Run Law. The people best able to challenge already hold another office, and don’t want to risk losing it.

    That’s the downside of the law. Is it worth the upside, moving people out of office and allowing new ones in? That’s up to the voters. I have my doubts.

  11. Observer says:

    Please!! People don’t bother to challenge people like her because the Democrats have a choke hold on most positions in Broward County and they control among themselves who will run for wehat; who will challenge, who doesn’t get a challenge. Please!! Turn them ALL out. That would be some change you can COUNT on.

  12. Fake Beverly Stracher says:

    I want to thank my good friend Ilene for giving me a job as her commission aide. She pays me lots of taxpayers money so that I remember the Chaits and what went on in Tamarac correctly. Ilene doesn’t give me $100,000 in a paper sack. What the hell, its money, even if I have to report this cash!
    Thanks, Ilene. Together we have found someone else to take the blame for us.