Atlanta School Scandal Touches Broward’s Schools


Broward’s school construction controversies have reached Atlanta’s school system, according to a story in today’s The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The newspaper says that an architecture company received design work for “a 9,100-square-foot outdoor dining area at a high school in Pompano Beach.  It got the work by using a resume trumpeting the work that the company did for the DeKalb school system.

The problem?   The architectural company appears to have gotten the Georgia work through an inside deal.

The architectural firm’s vice president was in charge of DeKalb’s schools construction program “when she made decisions on school district construction projects that benefitted the company, states the newspaper.


Atlanta’s school system sounds almost as bad as Broward.  Almost.

Read the entire report here.

2 Responses to “Atlanta School Scandal Touches Broward’s Schools”

  1. Just A Parent says:

    Corruption like this might be new to Atlanta,however it has been commonplace here for years. Has anybody in Atlanta been arrested for taking money in an envelope, like Gallagher?

  2. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    It happens everywhere there is public tax money, there are thieves there to figure out how to get it….Or firms like Rothstein’s looking to steal your money….We probbly need to take our money ut of banks and put it back in the matrress, like in the olden days.