As Satz Gears Up For Re-Election, His Internet Name Stolen


Mike Satz, Broward’s tough top prosecutor for 34 years, is the victim of a theft.

And he didn’t even know it. has been registered by a Fort Lauderdale media company.without his permission.

The site features attacks on Satz.  It accuses Satz of prosecuting more people than Miami-Dade, but criticism like that will only get him votes.

Satz said he never knew that Rodan Media Group bought his Internet name from under him.  The president of the Rodan company is a Fort Lauderdale lawyer, Donnie Goodwin.

The site links to which also attacks Satz. This second website states “the recommendations on this page were tendered by Donnie Goodwin, esq., at 200 SE 6th Street, Suite 404, Fort Lauderdale.”

Goodwin’s website––describes Goodwin’s law practice as consisting of bankrupcy and debt relief.   The lawpractice website was designed by Rodan, the firm that registered

Goodwin could not be reached for comment. 

His partner in Rodan is Danny Pryor of Fort Lauderdale, who once was charged with theft in Broward.  The case was dismissed.   

There is nothing criminal about buying any Internet name, so Satz won’t be prosecuting.

The State Attorney is not worried. There are plenty of other Internet addresses out there.

In the meantime, Satz is not waiting until 2012. He has been quietly gearing up his re-election. 

He spreading the word among political figures and potential donors he is running for re-election.

“I haven’t said it publicly. I’m running, Satz says.

Satz will run on his experience 34 years of running the state attorney’s office.  He was a prosecutor, including four years running the capital crimes division, before winning office in 1976.

The office files approximately 16,000 felonies a year.

Courthouse gossips identify several prosecutors said to be interested in running against Satz.  They will think long and hard before opening a campaign, because they would have to quit their government jobs.

The one being talked about the most is Assistant State Attorney Sheila Alu, who is also a Sunrise commissioner.

Just the idea that Alu could become Broward’s top prosecutor is giving the Defense Bar kaniptions. 

With her past history as a FBI operative who wore a wire to capture corrupt pols, defense attorneys fear she is inflexible concerning defendants rights. They envision a prosecutor on steroids.

I disagree.

Remember it was Alu who caused a stink at the State Attorney’s Office, by pointing out that prosecutors weren’t sharing so-called Brady information with defense attorneys as required.  Brady information — named for a U. S. Supreme Court decision —  is evidence that could be favorable to the defendant.

When asked, Alu didn’t quite rule out a run.  She did praise her boss in the following e-mail:

“I am running for re-election for my commission seat.  Dan Lewis has been my campaign consultant in the past and is again for my current campaign for city commission.  That is the only race I am in.  

“As you know, I am an Assistant  State Attorney under Mr. Satz, and I think his efforts to root out corruption in Broward under both adverse political and budgetary constraints is courageous and difficult – and I support him.

“Frankly, I am not thinking about anything but running for re-election and doing an effective job as an Assistant State Attorney representing Mr. Satz, crime victims and the public.“

It’s a long time until 2012.

12 Responses to “As Satz Gears Up For Re-Election, His Internet Name Stolen”

  1. Blogaholic says:


    Both photos are seriously out of date. On that same note, so are the
    bonafides you present on Satz’s behalf.

    One would think he would be touting
    many accomplishments after so many years on the job.You write about him as if there is a blank slate.

    The pictures are off their websites.
    The campaign is two years off. I will be addressing it in depth over the next two years from all sides.

  2. et tu Brutus Alu says:

    old photos ain’t the only issue here Buddy. Alu is a snake, my prediction is that she does run for SA because she loves the attention. How about the fact that she ran out on one of her early cases crying and quiting then running back in tears to Satz for her job back! He should have kicked her to the curb in the first place, but nooooooo and why not? Perhaps because he likes these sneaky double talking backstabbers like Alu, well, as long as they arent trying make a stand against him.


    I totally agree that the pictures are not an issue.
    Here is another issue I didn’t mention in the post:

    The state Constitution requires that a state attorney be a member of the Florida Bar for the preceeding five years. Alu became a member of the Bar in October, 2007. She will have the necessary five years experience only after the 2012 primary. The five years wouldn’t be real legal experience since she would be campaigning for State Attorney and have to leave her job. I’m sure that would be an issue.

  3. Thereisafederallawagainstit says:

    Buddy, actually you cannot “cyber squat” a name on the internet. There is a federal law directly on point that addresses the civil penalties which are severe.

    I am surprised out of all the legal knowledge in the State Atty office someone did not realize that…on a side note if Satz sues he gets even more press then just some guy owning his name will get by ridiculing him…


    Cyper squating is a civil problem, not criminal.

    Satz didn’t know about the use of his name until I called him about it. So you can’t blame him or his crew.

    And you are right. Satz would get press by suing — negative press. He should just ignore it and use another Internet name.

  4. Charley Varrick says:

    Hey Buddy,

    How about you change the name of your web site to AluBeat.Com ? As they say in Oz, Sheila is bonzer.



  5. courthouse insider says:

    So who’s the other one?

  6. correctingbadinfo here says:

    Thereisafederallawagainstit is wrong.

    Read the law. Without going into a discourse on the elements, it isn’t cybersqatting when you are using someone’s name as a domain, have an active site criticizing them.

  7. get real says:


    it seems that the only one talking about Sheila Alu as a candidate is YOU ! You mention her every chance you get, then all we see is negative feedback in the comments section.

  8. kelticman says:

    my thanks to daniel pryor buddy for bringing this to my attention. the news piece is of course quite factual. my problem is with the lack of term limits im reminded of us senator strom thurmon of south carolina, george bush sr. ted kennedy and so on i believe there can be a case made fo 2 termsof 4 yrs each. there is an inherent problem with being in public office for too long and i belive 36 years is far too long either make him a judge or let him move on there is i believe to much opportunity for cronyism wher your in office for 36 yrs move up or move on

  9. Law Man says:

    It is appropriate that Satz had his Internet name stolen, since his mind and any fairness he had was stolen years ago.

  10. Broward Attorney says:

    Blah, blah, blah…say all you want. Mike Satz will be State Attorney for as long as he wants.

  11. broward criminal lawyer says:

    I recently had a case against Sheila Alu. She has to be the rudest person I have ever encountered in my 16 years of practicing criminal law. I am completely unimpressed. Her lack of experience is evident. Satz needs to go but she is most certainly not the answer.

  12. Margit Lake says:

    What if it is finally realized that war and military spending is always destructive to the economy?