Archdiocese To File Complaint Against Plantation Candidate


The Archdiocese of Miami is filing an elections complaint against Plantation mayoral candidate Warren Meddoff for allegedly misusing Archbishop Thomas Wenski’s name in his political advertising.

Mary Ross Agosta, spokeswoman for the Archdiocese, said the complaint would be filed today.

Meddoff has billboards throughout Plantation featuring an alleged quote from from Archbishop Thomas Wenski: “Combat the Forces of Evil.

Agosta said the quote was pulled out of context from a routine letter “one step above a form letter that Wenski send Meddoff as a response to the candidate’s letter.

Meddoff told the website RedBroward that the quote is not an endorsement, but a blessing.  Meddoff is Jewish.

“Certainly the perception is that the Archbishop is endorsing him, Agosta said. “We do not endorse candidates, whether for president or for the city of Plantation.

Agosta said the Archdiocese consulted with lawyers before filing the complaint against Meddoff.  The complaint is filed with the Florida Election Commission under the state law governing campaign advertising that states:

“It is unlawful for any candidate or person on behalf of a candidate to represent that any person or organization supports such candidate, unless the person or organization so represented has given specific approval in writing to the candidate to make such representation.

Meddoff “certainly has nothing in writing from the Archbisop, said Agosta.

I know I pledged to myself and readers not to mention wacky Meddoff again.

I was encouraged by two readers to write about his latest signs around Plantation. I think the public deserves to know about this…and they can’t wait until the Sun-Sentinel finally catches on.

Here and here are previous posts on Meddoff.



Correction: In an earlier version of this post, a headline stated that an election complaint was filed against Warren Meddoff.  The headline was in error.  After publication of  this post,  Mr. Meddoff agreed to change his political signs and tape over the Archbishop’s name.  The Archdiocese then dropped its plans to file a complaint.  I apologize to Mr. Meddoff for the error and my mistake.

19 Responses to “Archdiocese To File Complaint Against Plantation Candidate”

  1. Plantation Resident says:

    How Jerry Fadgen and Diana Bendekovic get on stage with this clown without laughing out loud is the biggest puzzle.

  2. Thomas Y says:

    This is the guy who filed a phony ethics complaint against Diane to get publicity. Now we have this. You are playing his game, Buddy.

    The guy hasn’t shown anybody that he can run Plantation. That’s the job, isn’t it?

  3. Look closely says:

    Speaking of signs, take a look at Jerry Fadgen’s. They are illegal. Non-incumbents are required to have the word “for” between their name and the office saught on political advertising. It is not Fadgen’s signs.

  4. Another resident says:

    So what is the real deal with Meddoff?

    He started out a little rough around the edges, but certainly spoke like he could be a viable candidate.

    What happened? Did he go off his meds? He has gotten whackier by the minute. I don’t think this was ever about winning an election. I think he has some kind of weird obsession with Fadgen and wants to take just enough votes for Bendekovic to win.

    Check out the links in at the bottom of the story to my previous posts on Meddoff.

  5. Plantation Voter says:

    Thanks, Buddy, for running a piece on the signs-where is our hometown newspaper on this?
    The SS was very quick to run an article on Meddoff’s unfounded ethics charge against Diane- why aren’t they doing any research into his background and the methods in which he operates?

    You are right, you hate to give him publicity, but the Public needs to know.

    Unfortunately, a local blogger with strong ties to BREC (and his own agenda in this election) has given Meddoff a daily platform in which to espouse his nonsense. I don’t believe his candidacy would have gotten this far w/o the assistance of that site.

    Shame on them for helping to unleash this mean-spirited narcissist upon our city.

    And Jerry? He has since distanced himself, but he absolutely looked upon Meddoff as a way to neutralize Diane, as did several others who supplied Meddoff with gossip and erroneous “inside information”. They enjoyed themselves as he attacked their targets, but have since turned on him as his actions have become more erratic.

    Our only hope is that once Meddoff loses the election he will crawl back into the shadows from whence he came.

  6. Seen it All says:

    Thomas Y – Warren did file an Ethics complaint against Diane but it was not Phony. Diane is as crooked as they come; has been, always will be. Remember, it was Diane, Armstrong and their corrupt band of lackies that filed ethics charges on Rico because they needed to get their yes boy Tingom in there. Just look at who the Armstrong’s and Veltri associate with and you will see the who is who of corruption and scumbaggery.
    Just for some fun, who can guess the name of the multimillionaire developer not from plantation who donated the max amount to Diane and calls her the reliable old cow who gives you what you pay for?
    I think that about sais it all.

    Thanks for your comment.
    There is one big difference between the ethics complaint against Rico Petrocelli and the one against Diane Bendekovic.
    The state threw out Bendekovic’s as baseless, while they found probable cause to believe Petrocelli violated state law. Petrocelli paid a fine.

  7. Red Broward says:

    @Plantation Voter, send me an email i’d love to know “my agenda”. Would you rather have voters duped into voting for someone for the wrong reasons? oh wait a second, that’s what happens all the time. Mr. Nevins is correct in asking when the local paper of record will talk about this story. My money is on the day after the election (online version only).
    @Browardbeat Thanks for the mention

  8. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to “Look Closely”

    Get a fucking life! you are harping on the word “for”. Who CAAAAAAAAAARES!

    GO AWAY! Come back when you have something to bring to the dance. You best listen to your Uncle Stone Cold!

  9. Another resident says:

    Unfortunately, a local blogger with strong ties to BREC (and his own agenda in this election) has given Meddoff a daily platform in which to espouse his nonsense. I don’t believe his candidacy would have gotten this far w/o the assistance of that site.

    So you would prefer that free speech doesn’t exist????

    I considered voting for Meddoff until his actions and words demonstrated what a mistake that would be. Had it not been for free speech and Meddoff being able to write his thoughts, who knows, maybe myself and many more would have chosen him over the other candidates.

  10. mustbecrazy says:

    To redbroward, I think the blog Plantation Voter is referring to is the Plantation Journal. And I do not agree with PV that PJ has “given” Warren a platform. Anyone that is registered can blog about anything, as many do and obviously as Warren does to his detriment. And I think an offer was given to all cadidates to do the same. And no I am not affiliated with PJ I am just clarifying.

  11. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Rico is a good guy, Buddy. He did a LOT to help kids. He worked hard as a commissioner and just wasn’t a rubber stamp the status quo commission.

    Why can’t he be left alone?

    I had no intention of ever writing about Rico’s ethics complaint again, but it was brought up by a person posting a comment. I had to set the record straight.

  12. Bill Bzdek says:

    Having filed Ethics Complaints in 2006 against Mr Lunny and in 2007 against Mayor Armstrong to the Florida Commission on Ethics both fairly strong complaints ( Public Record I believe) ,( The one with the Mayor where she clearly lied in conducting an investigation
    of a department head )
    said she interviewed a witness and did not and included false
    Both dismissed within 2 weeks of filing and then I find out the Chair of the Commission
    and immediate past chair
    is none other than Norm Ostrau very very good
    friend of the Armstrongs .

    Now along comes the 2009 election and right as it starts Pat Roberts files an Ethics Complaint which gets smeared all over your blog and continues for almost 2 years being finally resolved just prior to the start of this election.

    Some would call all of that a coincidence , me I would call it what it is , good old boy politics .

  13. Mr. PAL says:

    Bill Bzdek, please do not discuss ethics and integrity when it comes to people. For one, you lack both in the way you ran PAL. $120,000 missing, cell phone abuse, food and parties all at the expense of the parents and kids of Plantation. Bill, PAL was the good old boy network. Shame on you and your cronies. You are not the expert on ethics and integrity.

  14. Bill Bzdek says:

    Hello Pat How is the whole Scott Rothstein Chetta Strip Club thing working for you?

  15. Plantation Voter says:

    @Red Broward- ooh, so sensitive! “Must be Crazy” was correct, I was not referring to you, although i suspect after your coverage of Tuesday’s forum that you are closely connected to the PJ. At least this new site, while quite hypocritical (you criticize the Dems for getting involved in this election when you have been pushing the GOP to get out for Jerry for months? Seriously?!), seems to make an attempt at maturity and not promote the school-yard taunts and ugliness of the PJ.

    Which brings me to @ Another Resident and @mustbecrazy…of course I believe in free speech, but I also believe in responsibility.

    Anyone maintaining an online news site or blog sets the tone for their site. That is why posts are moderated before they are posted. While you may not agree with everything on BrowardBeat, most of the posts are intelligently written. I have no respect for the sites that allow the conversation to degenerate into the gutter. Why do you think the PJ has cleared their site of all previous scurrilous postings? Computer glitch? How convenient.

    Having said that, do you really think any worthwhile candidate would contribute to that site? There is a reason that Warren is the only candidate (and occasionally Connie F) who writes in- even Jerry stays away.

    As for an agenda…how about .the fact that Rico Petrocelli, who bitterly lost his last election, hates Diane and the Armstrongs, is the new Executive Director for BREC and also co-owns the PJ…do you really think PJ will present anything objectively?

    Finally,to @Stone Cold and @Bill Bzdek…you are correct, i think Rico really loved being involved with the kids and in that respect, his heart was in the right place. He has done right by many people. Having said that, he has also crossed many lines in his quest to be a political power-broker. His love of being involved in the “game” has clouded his judgement on more than one occasion. Why does his name keep coming up? Because he is still highly involved in Plantation politics- fair game.

    Finally, to Bill again…every time the missing PAL money is brought up you go on the attack. You have never answered the question. I don’t think the above poster is Pat, there were many other people who saw the paperwork on the missing funds- but I do say “thank you” to him for helping to get rid of the corruption in PAL. Too many people who wanted to use it as a political stepping stone, all on the backs of the kids.

  16. Bill Bzdek says:

    Well I guess this is now about me.
    It drives me nuts that people hide behind screen names and then throw stones.
    Being involved in PAL was a great thing and alot of great people and always for the kids !
    There is no missing money , never was! If there was I would think someone would be indicted!
    Records were taken from the PAL treasurer by a convicted felon and Pat Roberts ( who made all kinds of wild accusations) took them to the Mayor which began a witch hunt of major politics ( PAL supported Rico , Rico was a wild card and not able to be controlled by the Mayor or Diane ) and boom it becomes a huge election issue ! refer to my first blog which is what this is all about ( GOOD OLD BOY GIRL PLANtATION POLITICS )
    By the way Buddy you went to an election back in the day for PAL, go check one out now !

  17. Mr. PAL says:

    Sorry Bill….Mr. PAL is not Pat or Tom but someone who has all the detail in reports regarding when you, Marty and Joanne ran the organization. I have the integrity and I do it for the right reasons, the kids. I feel you and others orginally had the right intent but got sidetracked by a sense of entitlement and that you can spend money on cell phones, alcohol and gifts. Now ALL the money goes into the program not into a slush fund. And the city, we receive reports on what the city wants to to do with the $50 outside resident fee and $3 fee. It all goes back to the parks and fields. It is much better and the politics are gone. We do yearly audits and there is less of a chance of stealing like what went on during your watch.

  18. Bill Bzdek says:

    so Mr PAL , keeper of all assumed knowledge of PAL . why so afraid to identify yourself?

    i would respectfully disagree with your opinion.

    again I wrote about the election current and that does not seem to be your concern. so good luck with the city running PAL and your new Mayor and Jim Romano .

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