Anti-Trump Virginia Sweep Energizes Broward Demos





The anti-Trump sweep in Virginia this week has given Broward Democrats hope. Maybe there a chance to finally snatch the seat of Broward’s only Republican in the state Legislature?

Former Broward Democratic Chair Mitch Ceasar says his party has attempted to flip the beachfront House District 93 for years without success.

“Tuesday’s win could be the canary in the coal mine for Republicans,” Ceasar says. “There is a big caveat. We live in the days of Trumpism, where a week seems like a year. With the election one year off, no one can predict what will happen in politics.”

One difference this time is that the Democrats have two solid House candidates who have a base of support within the energized anti-President Donald Trump forces.

Emma Collum already has $37,930 either raised by her campaign or from her own pocket. A Fort Lauderdale lawyer, Collum was the executive director of the Women’s March-Florida and thus is on the cutting edge of many women’s outrage against President Donald Trump.

Emma Collum


Activist Stephanie Myers, a Broward ACLU Board of Directors member on leave, also had a leading role in women’s revulsion of Trump. She was a lead organizer of the Women’s Rally against Trump in South Florida. Because of her pledge not to take corporate or special interest money, the Myers’ campaign’s $21,000 has mostly come from her own pocket.


Stephanie Myers


Either Collum and Myers could tap into the anti-Trump activism that appears to have energized Virginia voters. They will face off in the Democratic primary.

Working in their favor is the District 93’s voter registration. On paper the registration is close enough to make the district doable for the right Democratic candidate.

The district contains roughly 35 percent Democratic voters, 36 percent Republican and 29 percent who aren’t members of either major party.

In the past enough of the 29 percent so-called independents voted for the Republican candidate to swing the race to the GOP. Who knows how the independents will vote in the age of Trump, but they could surely decide the race?

District 93 is currently held by state Rep. George Moraitis, the Fort Lauderdale Republican who is ending his fourth term in the House. He is term limited next year, leaving the seat open.

A big road block to a Democratic win is the probable Republican nominee County Commissioner Chip LaMarca, a veteran winning campaigner.  His commission district covers much of the same northeast Broward area as District 93.

Another  problem for whoever wins the Democratic primary:

Many Ds have supported LaMarca throughout his long political career, although he was once the Broward Republican chairman. He has a base of support that transcends his Republican registration.

Another problem for the Ds:

LaMarca is expected to have the financial advantage. Since LaMarca will continue to have a vote on the commission through Election Day, expect him to collect dozens of check from those doing business at the county commission.

An affable candidate who stayed away from Trump, LaMarca is no pushover regardless of what happens in politics.

That said, Collum and Myers appear on paper to be candidates who will give the Democrats the best chance in years of capturing the now-Republican district.




8 Responses to “Anti-Trump Virginia Sweep Energizes Broward Demos”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I really wish Demicrats n Republucans would stop screaming about “amazing” victories when the elections are PRE-DETERMINED BY ETHNIC or RELIGIOUS or RACIAL voting that controls elections NOT CANDIDATES or PARTIES. Virginia BECAUSE OF ETHNIC CHANGES is pre-disposed to elect Democrats AS IS CITIES LIKE RICHMOND. Yes a transgender defeating a religious bigot IS PROGRESS but the transgender was campaigning NOT ON SEXUAL ISSUES but the 20 year traffic fiasco that the Conservative did nothing about. In New Jersey Republicans are do-do birds. The offyear elections are meaningless for w018.

  2. H. Calder says:

    Either of the women is preferred over a Republican. Chip may not be an outspoken supporter of Trump, but I don’t ever read that he denounced all the odious statements and conduct of Trump. I say don’t vote for any Republican who won’t publicly break with Trump.

  3. We Want To Know says:

    Just because he is harmless member of the County Commission where he is the only Republican doesn’t mean he can’t do real damage in the Legislature by adding to the votes against what the people in Broward want. George Moraitis is a strict conservative whose vote denied rights for women, LGBT and minorities and denied money for medical care for the neediest and public schools. What will LaMarca do?

  4. S Only says:

    This is only the beginning, I hope.
    Women need to be half of all legislators at all levels- but we’ve got to start somewhere, locally.
    Becoming active in politics is hard work but it will pay off. (At least health insurance is top notch)
    The key is to get young people hooked.
    I say “You GO GIRLS!”

  5. WestDavieResident says:

    The Northern Virginia suburbs are swarming with residents who are overpaid Federal government bureaucrats or employees of contractors living off our hard earned tax dollars or growing government debt. They are a big part of the swamp. They hate Trump who would slash their ranks if he could. So they were motivated to vote against his party even it was for their gubernatorial election.

    I do not see a parallel with a Broward State House race.

    But the Dems still have the right to celebrate finally winning some post-Trump victories after having lost four straight Congressional races they expected to win.

    What happens in 2018 nationally will depend more on the Republican Congress actually passing legislation of significance like tax reform in the coming months and finishing the job on dismantling much of Obamacare. So far their record stinks. There will certainly be Trump hate motivating some Dems to vote but if the Reps stay home, you can say Speaker Pelosi again.

  6. TakingBets says:

    This article is laughable! I will bet anyone willing to take the bet, neither one of these jokes come within 10 points of Chip LaMarca! I am a registered D and will be casting my vote proudly for Chip! He is not a partisan guy, he had a lot to do with out beach renourishment (w/ Lois frankel) and he is genuinely a good guy.. To these 2 jokes of candidates on the democratic side, save your time and money! Chip!

  7. JD Curtis says:

    VA is a blue state.
    Broward is 80% Democrat.
    It is what it is.

  8. Go Emma! says:

    Congratulations on Emma Collum as being recognized as Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine along with the other organizers of the Women’s March in DC.