Anti-Sheriff Scott Israel Union Executive Has History Of Disciplinary Problems





An executive board member of the union that voted “no confidence” in Broward Sheriff Scott Israel has a history of discipline problems in his job. 



Scott Israel


Dep. Frank Voudy, the tresurer/secretary of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, is one of only three members of the union’s board listed on its website.

Voudy discipline problems surfaced in his federal discrimination lawsuit against BSO.

This week Voudy lost the suit, which alleged he was blocked for a promotion because he is a white male.

But during the three-year long case, part of BSO’s defense was that Voudy had had “multiple sustained Internal Affairs disciplinary charges against him in connection with his on-duty conduct…”

BSO was saying that Voudy wouldn’t have been promoted if he was black, brown, purple or green because of his shoddy work record.

Two examples are highlighted in the court record, although the details are scanty:

  • The deputy was suspended for five days in 2015 “in connection with his traffic stop of a female driver.” A BSO source said that Voudy acted “inappropriate with” there woman.
  • A charge of “insubordination and unauthorized pursuit” during a domestic violence call also was sustained against Voudy in 2004, the court record indicates.

In his law suit, Voudy alleged reverse discrimination in violation of federal law.  

He contended that that he would have been promoted because he was “the most qualified candidate” for position of  BSO sergeant.  Yet he lost out to “race based factors,” he alleged.  

Instead of promoting Voudy, his suit alleged two black deputies were elevated to sergeant. Yet Voudy conceded in testimony that he was unfamiliar with the work of the two black deputies, said the BSO source. 

BSO argued in court that the agency would have rejected Voudy regardless of his race because of his record of discipline problems, among other issues. 

Before the suit was filed in 2015, federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigators rejected Voudy’s discrimination complaint.

A federal jury this week agreed with EEOC’s findings.  Jurors found that BSO did not discriminate against Voudy and threw out the suit.

In late April Voudy’s union membership, which is embroiled in a wage dispute with BSO, voted no confidence in the sheriff by 534-94. Although such votes by unions during wage negotiations have occurred in the past, this one got international attention due to the questions about BSO’s conduct during the recent murderous shooting in Parkland.



9 Responses to “Anti-Sheriff Scott Israel Union Executive Has History Of Disciplinary Problems”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    First of all this shooting in Parkland and the deputy chickening out to go inside to confront the shooter was not his fault.Sheriff Israel fired the deputy.The problem was the CNN interviews.Never should he have stated he was doing an amazing job.Let others state that, not him.First mistake.Second.He comes across very abrasive.Partly from the Brooklyn accent etc.Not to be critical but is demeanor is what it is.I don.t believe the Gov.has grounds to terminate him.So he is safe there.This FDLE investigation basically comes out wirh what i state, then he lives for another day.Problem is internal among the rank and file.Give them a raise Sheriff.That will shut them up and be more things more congenial etc.The problem will come to the front lines if he decides to run again.They his distractors etc will exploit what he has been going through since the shootings.My take.Make nice nice with union.Give them the kitchen sink($) and guess what the tides will turn.Forget being i will show them with there confidence vote.U will see how fast their sentiment changes.No more national interviews.Back these students.Meet with them at every opportunity.For the sheriff to take the fall here is not right nor warranted.I blame Deputy who stood there with his tail between his legs etc abd stayed outside.Harp on this to no avail Sheriff.Its your only recourse..Ps.botox that forehead…

  2. Public request says:

    In fairness, have you looked at the employment file of Scott Israel from his days at Fort Lauderdale? Public record.


    His employment record was a significant issue during his early campaigns for sheriff. He got elected.

    This case was decided just yesterday, thus it is timely.

  3. Citizen Who Listens says:

    Karma has a way of righting wrongq

  4. I know says:

    It wasn’t a stripper, it was a waitress at the Coconut Creek casino.

  5. Sam The Sham says:

    #1. It is a good thing Scotty Boy does not have to pass his own HR Dept rules to keep his job. You know, shop lifting and hanging out in strip bars is a resume enhancement.

    #2. Anyone familiar with BSO who does not see the reverse discrimination is blind. Or lying.

  6. Sober as a Judge says:

    What do filing false discrimination claims and trying to extort the Sheriff into giving a 6.5% raise when everybody else got 3% have in common? Besides both failing to happen?

  7. zigy says:

    its not about competence or ability its only about the money period

  8. NW Broward MODO says:

    Yo Walsh,
    Please don’t mistake a Bronx accent for Brooklyn.

    “Lore” Enforcement?

    That’s from “sangwich” territory; NOT Brooklyn.

  9. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    So, is this like, payback for the No-Confidence vote and that lovely billboard off I-95 and Sunrise?