Another Wacky GOP Candidate: Scott Yardley Disses Gays


Here we go again:  More intolerance among local Republican Party candidates.

First, it was U. S. House candidate Allen West attacking Moslems.

Now it is Florida House candidate Scott Yardley singling out gays for thinly-veiled criticism.

Judging from Yardley’s tweets on Twitter, he’s not about to put a rainbow sticker on his car.

Yardley doesn’t like gays.  That’s clear.

Here is what he wrote on Twitter:

  1. How can we celebrate a “Gay day” on one hand and at the same time complain about homosexual priest abusing children on the other? 4:54 AM Apr 13th via web
  2. Call it what it is: Homosexuals in the Church molesting children. 7:42 AM Apr 12th via web
  3. Long ago I read the Chicago Tribune calling the Catholics intolerant for dis-allowing homosexuals priests. What did they expect to happen? 7:40 AM Apr 12th via web
  4. Priests molesting boys? These priests are homosexuals. Why not say: homosexuals molesting boys? Political correctness hurts children. 7:29 AM Apr 12th via web

This smacks of an obsession with gays, often seen among the religious right. It is politics designed to divide us, not unite us.

Let me clue you in, Scott. Some priests have been molesting girls.  Others have been sleeping with women, most notably Father Alberto Cutié, the Miami television priest.

Has anybody ever denied that some of these priests have gay tendencies? It is self-evident. Still, Yardley felt compelled to use the sad incidents to slam gays by association.

Although he never wrote it, I’m sure Yardley believes the old canard that gays are more likely to molest children.

Here are more musings by Yardley:

  1. God bless America…One nation under God…In God we trust… endowed by our Creator…We embrace these phrases. But do we believe them? 12:25 PM Dec 28th, 2009 via web
  2. All men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. God gave men these rights. Not man. Thus man cannot take them away.

Why is this on a Twitter account which shows Yardley and his family standing in campaign tee-shirts? 

Yardley’s candidacy is just another example of how broken the local GOP is.  The organization has been unable to field legitimate candidates in many races, allowing the wacky right to take over.  

In pure political terms, far right religious candidates like Yardley are clearly out of step with Broward County.  

Yardley is running against Democratic incumbent state Rep. Jim Waldman.  The incumbent has been accused of being too moderate for Broward! Many Democrats would prefer Waldman lean farther left.

Candidates like Yardley have little chance of winning. They are only using the candidacy as a sounding board for their rants.

Like West, Yardley is ex-military. That’s admirable.  His military service enables him to look good on paper.

Once Yardley opens his mouth, or his Twitter account, watch out!

But my major complaint about Scott Yardley is very simple:

With all Florida’s problems, are gays and God really the issues that need to be discussed by a state House candidate?

15 Responses to “Another Wacky GOP Candidate: Scott Yardley Disses Gays”

  1. Bill says:

    You’re right, the only good thing here is that this whack job doesn’t stand a chance.

    House 95 is more than 2:1 Democratic and so far only 36 fools have been willing to part with about $3300 this lunacy.

  2. Message from the Man Cave says:

    This is a taboo subject. Men don’t discuss it. But every guy knows it’s true. At least once in every guy’s life, we experience some kind of homo-erotic test or moment. Every man faces this test and we live with the outcome.

    That test or experience results in us realizing who we truly are, either straight, gay or bisexual. It’s been this way since the beginning of time and denying that fact is an idiot’s game.

    We see all these gay bashing elected officials out there, they get into the news bashing homo’s and later are caught blowing some guy in a men’s room. The reason is plain to see. They are really gay, they can’t come to grips with it, and play out that conflict in denial and hatred.

    They think that by hating gays outwardly they will learn to not want men inwardly. That never works. It is a misguided form of help-yourself-therapy, it is self-revealing actually and it never works.

    The same goes for gay bashers riding around in their pick up trucks looking for gays to beat or bully. They bash gay guys because deep down inside they wish someone would bash the shit out of them for wanting to be with another guy. They cannot come to terms with their true desires, they cannot act on them, but think that by bashing a gay, those feelings will somehow go away. They don’t.

    Gays in the priesthood think God will save them. God has more important things to do. God never saved one homosexual from wanting to be with other guys.

    So let’s get this straight boys. No pun intended. Straight men are not the enemy of gays. We do not find them a threat. We are not fearful of them. True, straight men do not understand gays. We are revolted by the idea of being with another guy. But never so much as to want us to kill gays. Some of us even sympathize.

    Homophobia is a problem that only afflicts men that won’t admit they’re really gay.

    Homophobia is an affliction that targets gay men pretending to be straight.

    Truly straight men are immune to homophobia.

    Men that constantly hound out anti-gay messages are more then likely hungry for trouser trout but won’t admit it. They don’t belong in public office or the priesthood. They belong in a therapitst office.

    This business about wanting kids sexually is totally different. That is severe mental illness. It is a form of perversion goes well beyond sexuality. I believe there is no cure for that problem and adults unable to stop their craving for children should probably just be put down. Do not confuse pedophilia with sexual preferences.

    OK. That’s enough on this subject. Back to the man cave.

  3. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Does Yardley hate homosexuals?

    Is the Pope Catholic and making the world safe for pedophiles?

  4. Michael Emanuel Rajner says:


    Thank you for calling Yardly out for what he is, an ass!

  5. Nana says:

    I think it’s very important to make it known that this ‘YARDLEY’
    is not one of the sons of the well-known and widely-respected car dealer of the same last name.

    FROM BUDDY: You just did it.

  6. Yaki says:

    “Homophobia is an affliction that targets gay men pretending to be straight.”
    Man Cave, How true! How True!
    It is always my first thought …how does that saying go? “Me thinks thou protests too much” or something like that?

  7. Nicole H says:

    I do not agree that ALL homophobia is related to someone not being able to deal with their own gayness. Certainly that does explain some people. By far, I think homophobia emanates mostly from fear and ignorance and misinformation that people pick up in Churches, sports, Fox News, and other social outlets spewing negative messages that are all too prolific in media.
    Many gay men go into the priesthhod to avoid dealing with their shame of being gay. These people would be better off in therapy dealing with trying to accept themselves for who they are rather than trying to repress their natural inclinations. They really are fooling no one but themselves. I’ve heard estimates of 60% of catholic priests are gay. I’m sure that the pedophilia is related to the inability to express their sexuality in a normal way so they target children who are easily controlled and manipulated. Indirectly it may related to being gay but more accurately is more likely due to being sexually repressed than gay. Pedophilia exists probably in equal percentages among gay men and heterosexual men. I doubt it has as much to do with sexual orientatation as need for control or conquest of what is forbidden or other psychosexual problems.
    It amazes me how people can twist reality with their bias.

  8. Garfish says:

    Good job calling him out on this. While I think these kind of statements are problems for the Republicans not just in Broward County, unfortunately bigotry cuts across all political affiliations.

    I like it when the media exposes the emperor’s new clothes no matter what party they’re with.

  9. he's a nut job says:

    This Yardley sounds like he believes that wives must be subservient to their husbands and have no rights to their bodies or their minds, G-d doesn’t hear the prayers of Jewish children, the Pope is infallible, New Orleans was destroyed by a hurricane because G-d was punishing our country, etc.

    I understand he has 8 children all with biblical names including a daughter named Blessing a son named Ransom and another son named Arrow In Hand Yardley (yea, you read that right). Only a holier than thou narcissist would exhibit such controlling behaviors. I was also told that his web site is and that the only way he provides food for his family is to ask for donations from the members of his church or a food bank.

    I don’t want this guy representing me in the State Legislature OR ANYWHERE ELSE.

  10. broward democrat says:

    yep — he’s got 8 kids and their names are Arrow, Ransom, Promise, Forgiven, Blessing, Mercy, Freeman and Trust.

    Real right-winger, tea bagging enthusiast. He doesn’t belong in any elected office, let alone district 95.

  11. Frank White says:

    Maybe when he was younger somebody had him with “both hands on the wheel and his shoulders reered back…”

  12. Andrew says:

    I have met Yardley personally on several occasions and my kids have sometimes played with his, as he occasionally attends the same church as me (I did not realize he was running for office at the time). You may disagree with his politics and possibly his religious views, fine, but his children are great kids (even with their somewhat unique names).

    My impression from my limited conversations with him is that he shares the opinions and concerns of millions of Floridians, and most likely thousands of those living in Margate, hardly lunacy. From browsing through his website , it looks to me that he is more concerned with protecting Florida from outside interference by the Federal government than with pushing a moral agenda.

    Even if you don’t agree with his traditional family values, you should read over his website. I think you will find him to be a decent guy trying to standup against the continuous encroachment of the Federal government into our daily lives; similar to many identified with the Tea Party and other liberty movements currently gaining ground on the national scene.

  13. Andrew says:

    I found this article on Yardley; it’s a good contrast between a typical career politician and what a true long time local can bring to the table.

    MargatNews.Net has the following to say about Yardley:

    “… Yardley isn’t soliciting lobbyists on the campaign trail, and although Waldman’s campaign contributions currently total more than Yardley’s, the majority of Waldman’s come from big business, such as pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, Humana, JM Family and Waste Management—to name a few. In comparison, Yardley’s contributions come primarily from private individuals.

    If anything, said Yardley, government should be backing small business, not big business. Small business, Yardley said, provides the majority of jobs in District 95; inspires entrepreneurs and is more in tune with the environmental and social needs of voters and families in the district.

    At the Margate level, Yardley attends just about every Margate City Commission meeting to speak out about concerns with government. Waldman doesn’t.

    Yardley is a small businessman, running an IT graphics shop. Waldman is an attorney (Based on Gallup’s annual Honesty and Ethics poll, 41 percent of American’s continue to rate lawyers as low or very low on honesty and ethics).

    And while Yardley’s grassroots campaign has him knocking on doors to find out what changes Margate voters want to see in the District 95 Office, Waldman is calling his friends in big business to find out what they want. …”

  14. Andrew says:

    Link didn’t make it through in my last comment, here it is.

  15. Amanda says:

    I find it humorous that because someone is a Christian he is immediately tagged right-winged and slammed with a “freak” or “weirdo” title.
    To comment on the last line of this article.
    “With all Florida’s problems, are gays and God really the issues that need to be discussed by a state House candidate?”
    YES…God is exactly where our focus needs to be, and He is not. THAT is why we are where we are today. Too many selfish people trying to fix things on their own instead of believing in and submitting to the only One who really can fix things.