Another Scenario on Wasserman-Rubin’s Political Future


A few days ago I speculated on the political future of County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin.
There is a good chance she will not run for re-election.

But I am no political Nostradamus.  If I was, Hillary Clinton would be taking the oath of office today. 

So when two Broward political insiders told me that they have a different scenario about Wasserman-Rubin’s future, I listened.

They believe Wasserman-Rubin will run for re-election.  And win. 

These insiders don’t believe Weston Mayor Eric Hersh or any other challenger will give Wasserman-Rubin trouble in 2010.

Pembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo, one politician who could beat Wasserman-Rubin, will not run against her. Instead, he will help her get re-elected.

Under this hypothesis, Wasserman-Rubin will hold her commission seat for just over a year after her re-election. 

At that point she will be old enough to collect Medicare.  She won’t need the county’s medical insurance any longer. 

So she will resign and help Castillo win her old seat.

He helped her win re-election.  In return, she helps him win a seat on the county commission.

The evidence?

Wasserman-Rubin is calling lobbyists asking them to raise money for her re-election in 2010. 

I see one major problem with this new twist on Wasserman-Rubin’s fate.

Despite the insiders’ confidence that Wasserman-Rubin can win again, there are no guarantees in politics.  The voters might reject her.

I’m sticking with my original theory, but I can think of one more theory.  Its the one Wasserman-Rubin’s supporters would like us to believe:

She runs, wins and serves out another term until 2014. 

Angelo Castillo is young enough.  He can wait.


7 Responses to “Another Scenario on Wasserman-Rubin’s Political Future”

  1. Davie Homeowner With A Memory says:

    I too see the future. I see Wasserman-Rubin working at the perfume counter in a store at the Davie Commons, which is her reward for selling out the neighborhood.

  2. We want Diana to stay! says:

    I love reading this blog to get the honest updates – the only thing I dont think is necessary are the mean digs taken on people. I hope the prediction is right and Diana stays in office until 2014 when she is termed out. I also dont think that Angelo would beat her if he ran now… I think she is really admired and loved by the residents of Broward county, as she should be. (One thing is right – Eric Hersh stands no chance)

  3. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Diana is running again and WILL WIN, she deserves it, she does her homework and cares about the outcome. “You can please some of the people some time but you can never please all of the people ALL of the time.

  4. Eric Hersh says:

    Buddy it’s funny, I’ve been told twice during my career that I can’t win a political battle.

    The first was when I ran against incumbent Mayor Harry Rosen. How quickly people forget. The second was when I took on the State and the Governor on the eliminating the Save our Homes.

    I’m not afraid of a good fight, and I can assure you I won’t be outworked.

    The public doesn’t appreciate politicians who are puppets for lawyers and lobbiests, nor do they want elected officials to be there because it’s good for them personally. Lunching with the lobbiests for the Commons before the Commission hearing is simply unacceptable behavior. Sure her speech was ok- I’m sure it was written by the lawyers for the project.

    You missed one part of the story- that I told the Sun-Sentinel. If Angelo runs- then I don’t have to. I like Angelo, and would be delighted to support him. That would be the best of both worlds- I get to keep the job I really enjoy as Mayor of Weston, and we get some independant representation on the County Commission. Everyone wins- especially the public.

    But if no one else will… so be it.

    Eric Hersh

  5. Getting technical ... says:

    But under this scenario, Buddy, doesn’t the Governor appoint someone to fill the vacancy who serves until a special election (if she would quit in the first half of her term) or until the end of her term (if she quits after the halfway mark)? That means Angelo or whomever would have to run against a new incumbent.

    FROM BUDDY: As I understand the law, the governor would appoint a replacement until the next election. Under this scenario you are right — Castillo would have to run against this incumbent.
    But I believe that Castillo could beat almost anyone in that district, especially a Republican.

  6. No Eric. says:


    Are you kidding Eric? What is the difference between meeting with you and the people who work on the project? The only difference is that you got your meeting earlier and they got theirs that day during lunch. You (Eric) are just upset that you didnt get the last lunch with Diana. You would have taken it in a heartbeat. Diana is going to rock the election regardless of who is in it. If you enter it – you will need all the luck you can get.

  7. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    “The Unsinkable Diana Wasserman-Rubin”