Another Blow To Lobbyist Judy Stern






As if the year wasn’t bad enough for controversial Broward lobbyist and campaign strategist Judy Stern.

Stern’s biggest campaign client this year so far was Bruce Roberts, who ran for Fort Lauderdale mayor.

Roberts lost.

Now the pol who beat Roberts, Mayor Dean Trantalis, has dropped the second shoe.  

Trantalis appointed former Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom to the city’s Charter Commission on Friday. Stern controlled commission as her fiefdom…until now. Rodstrom is expected to be a thorn in Stern’s side.



Charlotte Rodstrom


Here is the back story:

The two women were once BFFs. Stern even managed her best friend forever’s campaign for commission.

But forever didn’t last long. The two bitterly parted before Rodstrom’s next campaign three years later.

Now Rodstrom and Stern are fierce political and personal enemies.

So Rodstrom’s appointment to the charter board will shake up Stern’s little kingdom.  With Rodstrom looking over her shoulder, Stern will no longer be the unquestioned queen of Charter Board, which recommends changes to the way Fort Lauderdale is governed.

The move — Rodstrom replaces term limited board member Maria Lescano — is good government.  A lobbyist and campaign consultant shouldn’t hold sway over the future of Fort Lauderdale’s government.

The move can also be interpreted as old fashion political payback for Stern. After all, she ran the campaign against Trantalis.

Veteran Broward political insider Sam Fields believes pay back is an integral part of political. Fields writes for

“Reward and punishment is the glue that holds politics together,” Fields often says.

No doubt Stern, wearing her lobbyist hat, could have collected plenty of rewards in City Hall if Roberts had been elected.  But he wasn’t.

Stern backed the wrong candidate. So now its time for Stern’s punishment.  And her name is Charlotte Rodstrom.


Judy Stern listens to Joy Cooper, former mayor of Hallandale and a Stern friend.

30 Responses to “Another Blow To Lobbyist Judy Stern”

  1. Left for dead but never dies says:

    Stern has been left for dead many times over the years and has always pulled a Lazarus. She will get a big win over Padowitz and Barbara Miller with Africk-Olefson. She will get Lamar Fisher elected to the County, where she really makes her money, not FTL. She will lay low until 2020 and make a comeback by ousting Brenda Forman from the Clerk’s office and Satz froM SAO.


    I never count Judy Stern out. She is a highly capable political consultants.

  2. Just One Vote says:

    Thank you Mayor Trantalis for your wisdom and coyrageous and prudent leadership appointing Charlotte Rodstrom to the Charter Review Board. I am SO proud of you. I was a Charlotte voter and supporter, and contributed what the law allowed before you ever declared, but after the primary I VOTED FOR YOU. IMO you attracted all of the Rodstrom voters and with the 3/2 win we have the good fortune of you as Mayor. You will be served in good stead by Charlotte Rodstrom. Thank You!

  3. Ya ya says:

    Check out the video of the conference committee meeting this past week. There was discussion of sterns service. The attorney will be opining on whether it is ethical for stern or any lobbyist to serve on a board of such a distinction. Iff she does not step down she may be removed.

  4. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Like i stated previous Judy Stern may soon be kicking rocks.At this last meeting a resident voiced concern that Mrs.Stern should not only be removed from her post as u mention but the cobcerned resident that was apparent doesn.t want her doing any business in city hall.What the resident stated has teeth, Comn.Glassman directed the interum city atty. to look into this resident’ concern and get back to the comm.with full report.Charlotte hear may not even have to confront Stern because its a good possisablity Stern might be left in the dark.Will see.As far as Rodstrom on the Charter Judy here my bet will state most likely ” bring it on “.Although never. Dull moment with these two gals, so this should be very entertaining if nothing else( meow)…

  5. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #1.I agree Stern is betting heavy Lamar Fisher gets in.She don’ t care.Win some.Lose some.I think these two ladies are in for a real treat with themselves.I think what is really the scoop this week is Atty.Courtney Crush and her in her representing the dev( Akexon) over by the Kinney Tunnel.Oh she is livid.She says she has trump because the previous comm.approved this project.However, this present comm stated not so fast.Oh if Atty.Crush doesn.t prevail, she has basically indicated she will sue.This was tabled to Jun19.Worth watching.Fireworks will be a little early this year( jun 19).To me this was a really an eye catcher.Seems like bith sides are ready to roll the dice Back to Judy.To much heat on you right now.Resign from the Charter.They want blood.Resign.Get on the county revision bd..Move on.This negativity will only give u more baggage.Clients will not like this baggage Charlotte will certainly cause u.What sue?.Come on..Counter productive.If i was Charlotte i would asked to ve placed on P&Z instead..

  6. There is always Hallabdale says:

    Judy has walked from other municipalities. She knows she can run circles around the London crew in Hallandale. She will find good candidates to run down there and she will be back.

  7. Living in the past says:

    It seems obvious that Stern cannot possibly think she can continue to serve on the Charter Review Board advising the City Commission. Her ill-conceived tactics and strategy/whisper campaign in the Mayoral race representing Bruce Roberts resulted in two notable broward beat blogs on “gutter politics” & “Homophobia Again Stains Ft Lauderdale Campaign”.

    Can someone remind Judith Stern that Thomas Jefferson used the phrase “All men are created equal” in 1776. (that was 242 years ago). Not only were her tactics and strategy/whisper campaign a poor reflection on Bruce Roberts but let us not forget that Heather Moraitis endorsed Bruce Roberts. At no time did she raise her hand and say, this is not for me. I don’t want to have my endorsement represented by this behavior.

  8. Time will tell says:

    If anyone thinks Judy Stern is going to run from the dim witted flight attendant that has never had a thought in politics that Judy or John Rodstrom didn’t put there, think again. Judy knows the more she stays quiet and let’s Charlotte talk, it will be no time before Charlotte makes a fool of herself.

  9. Never forget March 13th says:

    Buddy you may be right that you never count her out but she will need new candidates to survive.

    Mayor Seiler (client)
    Romney Rogers (client)
    Robert McKinzie (client)
    Police Union (client)

    endorsed Bruce Roberts (client) and he lost decisively to a candidate (former client who came to his senses) who received more votes than any Mayoral candidate in the history of Ft Lauderdale.

    Maybe her act is wearing thin?

  10. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    It was just brought to my attention.1.Judy Stern will state an ethics concern regarding her charter revision appointed postion etc was cleared by the Ethics comm. In Tallahasee.I was also told by a friend of Judy Stern is planning on going nowhere.And if and or she is disqualified etc from voluntarily serving on the charter bd.she will fight them to the end( sue if comes to that).And looks forward to seeing Charlotte of the Charter bd.2.Courtney Crush concerning the Alexon dev she was approvec by” city staff” not the previous comm.I was also told by an insider( commissioner) that unless further alterations are.not made, this project will not pass on Jun 19.Again, never did Crush get comm.approval.Just city staff …

  11. FlyOnTheWall says:

    Padowitz thought she would “buy” the race with her life savings of $400K. So sorry, so sad that it won’t work out for her.

  12. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #8 That what u call her,dim witted flight attendant” huh.Tell u one thing that dim witted flight attendant is worth more than a million dollars.Its unfortunate this bitterness between Charlotte and Judy.Damage done.I knew they both would be detrimental to each other.Once ” she be joined at the hip” to pay back is a bitch.They work better as a team than at each others throat.They can.t just remove her( charter) unless she agrees to step down, or when her term is up.Other than that im telling you she will sing all the way to her lawyers office that Bruce Roberts got the thumps up from the Ethics bd etc.up in Tallahassee.She will state kick rocks.Hearing about Charlotte she brings alot to the Charter bd.First she wants after u r term limited u can.t bounce say from mayor.Like Roberts did.She feels u should have to sit a term out( i agree).2.she also wants elections from March to Nov.Judging by what she.just experienced running for mayor i think she is more than qualified in sitting on this board.Closing for Rodstrom bury the hatchet with Stern.Stern concentrate on getting Lamar Fisher elected to the county comm.Resign even though u don.t have to ( with what i pointed out- cleared by Tallahasee).Move on.Go with another bd.on the county.Will see.Something tells me that Stern will go nowhere, and whatever egg Charlotte throws at her, she will retaliate with throwing more eggs.One thing for sure i would not want to get on either of these ladies bad side.Trust me..

  13. Dave Milner says:

    Real Deal or RAW DEAL?

    Campaign Manager Judy Stern, fresh off her humiliating string of defeats and desperate to turn around her losing record, leeches on to old pal and new cash cow “Lifestyle Lawyer” judicial candidate

    When your Failing as a lawyer and have millions according to your Financial Affidavit, BUY a Broward Circuit seat as a stepping stone to the Federal Bench! Rumor has it that $800,000 will be spent! Who is trying to BUY a Judicial seat with no Trial experience?


    Pesky facts again.
    Africk-Olefson wants a seat on the highest TRIAL COURT in Broward, Circuit Court, with ZERO Trial experience or court experience anywhere, not just in our courthouse. Every citizen and lawyer wants ZERO trial experience in a Judge ruling on trial objections. ZERO Courtroom experience but she should rule on citizens Liberty, Million-dollar lawsuits, Child custody, Murder…ZERO!

    Real Deal or RAW DEAL?


    I would love to see proof of your allegations, Mr. Milner.

    As far as her courtroom experience, Ms.Africk-Olefson spent weeks simply attending trials and hearings earlier this year to prepare for her candidacy. I don’t remember any other candidate doing this type of preparation and she should be commended for her dedication.

  14. Not as easy as it looks, not fun says:

    @ 7.Living in the past –
    Mrs. Moraitis husband endorsed Bruce with a photo on a mailer thru out the city. Mrs. Moraitis was in Bruce’s corner. After a year on the comm.and the upcoming budget votes, and after the voters approve the 2nd homestead in Nov., she will seriously question why she ever wanted that seat.

  15. Tallahassee says:

    #10 & #12

    The Florida Commission on Ethics DID NOT approve an Advisory Opinion.

    The opinion letter provided to the City was “informal” and written by a “staff attorney”. Furthermore, this letter was specific to Bahia Mar and had nothing to do with a person serving as the Chair of the Charter Review Board advising the five-person City Commission while serving as a paid registered lobbyist and paid campaign manager to one of the five Commissioners.

    Section 112.313(7)(a)
    “prohibits a public office from having any employment or contractual relationship, if it logically, or in reality, would create a continuing or frequently recurring conflict between the public officer’s private interests and the performance of the public officer’s public duties or that would impede the full and faithful discharge of the officer’s public duties”

  16. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #15.Then by your discovery you got her.So there u have it.. MY SUGGESTION.They really are not going to stop Judy.I would consider stepping down.Wow…

  17. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Also now that this info was presented concerning Stern regarding she got the clearance to represent the Bahia Mar( u won($).
    .This ruling was not about her serving on the Charter.So i mean what the Ethics bd.didn.t rule on her serving on the charter revision bd.Its like coffee without the milk and sugar.

    Well with Comm.Glassman requesting opinion from city they come back with yes its very inappropriate for At Stern to serve then come on Judy its time to pack it up.However, if the city atty balks or comes back with who knows, who cares then she lives for another day.

    Surprises me Stern would not.know the answer allready.Its not like she is some rookie.Be careful with what u wish for because if some of u prevail and she is sent packing u better get ready cause then its her turn( retaliation).So tread cautiously with Mama..( meow)….

  18. Dave Milner says:

    I spent my college years sitting in on brain surgeries and rocket launches – doesn’t make me qualified to operate nor to practice rocket science. The proof is in the pudding – look her name up in the court records of every county in the country, and you will rarely find her listed as an attorney of record, and, if you do, you will find the matter did not proceed to trial.

  19. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #10.Like i stated previous concerning the other news last week concerning the Alexon project over at the Kinney tunnel where Atty.Courtney Crush is lead council.It was stated that her beef is that the former, previous comm.approved this project.However, i was informed that city staff gave her the go ahead not city comm.A huge difference.My take this could get ugly on Jun 19 when its back on the Agenda.Crush made alterations on the project but not good enough for this comm.My take.First Courtney you get more flies with honey that vinegar.This is in regards to the feedback that i received when she was presenting her self at the last comm.meeting when she was at the podium.She skirt tailed around that she wasn.t to pleased and it was quite obvious if she doesn.t get approval she intends to litigate with the courts.I say make necessary cuts to the size to make the majority of the vote yes.Scale it back.Inciedently this should be the last project being approved.I strongly recommend a moratorium no more dev East of 95 for at least one year.I mean lets get the existing projects done.As it is now their is a crane and or bulldozer practically on every corner from Downtown to the beach.Enough.Back to Crush.You need three(3) to prevail.As of right now you don.t have the three.Interesting i have also heard Comm.Moratis was very silent at previous comm.meeting.To the point people witnessing meeting found it very odd.It was like Robert she was busy and or distracted by other issues.Who knows.Even if she goes along with you Courtney that makes it just her and Mckenzie.Do the math .Sorenson is your best bet to win over.Ps.have fun lobbying him inside.his tent.

  20. Siler owed Stern says:

    If you look up play for pay Judy Sterns picture should pop up she pushed the las t commission around like a lawn mower texting her commands to the dais like remote control,

    Roberts Sieler McKenzee all her robots, and 9 years of her getting her way and collecting big dollars from clients because of her ownership ,
    those days are hopefully gone Sieler the rat bastard is now out he made more deals as mayor and represented Broward county land deals was his payback for his votes.

    Judy for sure made that rain for him for his vote.
    She needs to go and fast before she can cause any more harm.

    Now she wants to change elections again, seeing as how the Commission doesn’t suit her.

    A know lobbyist can’t serve on any City boards>>>>> CONFLICT<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  21. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #20.Stern had been serving on that Charter Revision bd either as chair or on that dais.So i got to give her credit.With the daughter isn.t she on the Ethics .Well she( daughter) was a couple of yrs ago.I think she is going to prevail.Maybe not as chair but all it takes is one commissioner to appoint her.My take Sorenson is her best bet.Stern is allready holding center court.Quite yes.If it wasn.t for Stern whispering in Sorenson ear not to ve part of Mayor Trantalis ambition to fire the city manager.If Sorenson went along with Trantalis Mr.Feldman would be gone by now.Of i was Feldman i would kiss the moon, sun& stars because without Stern influence over Sorenson city man.Feldman would have been toast by now.Word had it Mrs.Stern coached Sorenson oh no Mr.Feldman doesn.t get the ax oh no Ben we take down the city atty.So if u think Stern is going quietly into the sunset, no way.Can Charlotte Rodstrom pull it off( axing Judy), will see…

  22. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Also #20 u state basically Stern has Seiler or should i say did have Seiler in her back pocket so to speak.Maybe in his first couple of terms but certainly not his last three yrs as mayor.Now Bruce Roberts, former comm.Bobby Dubose absolutely yes.Seiler no way.Got to give Judy credit she got the Bahia Mar dev.Big, big($) win for Judy.Although she now has the majority of the beach residents that hate her.She could care less.power.So she does have some feathers in her hat.Enough to defeat Rodstroms or John ” golfing buddies” again will see…My take.If Judy wants that seat on the Charter she will muscle Sorenson , circus tent and all to get what she wants..

  23. Skeptic Joe says:

    Judy Stern is no wizard of oz behind the screen. There are other lobbyists pulling the strings, also. The problem is Fort Lauderdale is run by builders and lobbyists. Maybe things have changed after the last election. I doubt it.

  24. Corruption Everywhere says:

    What else is new @ Skeptic Joe? All these cities are run by developers and lobbyists. Just when Dania Beach looked like it was making a turn around in City Hall I hear that the current commission is being investigated for corruption with their new dania point building. They’re all corrupt.

  25. Reality Check says:

    If Lamar Fisher is Stern’s saving grace, she’s already blown it. Blabbing on about gun control when you voted to give incentives for a bloody Kalashnikov facility in your city?

    Dumbest think I’ve ever seen, even worse than the Bahia Mar silliness.

    Wonder if Judy was the lobbyist?

  26. LRC says:

    Buddy, I am now dumber after reading your response to #13. I have been going to baseball games for years, so I guess that makes ready to play for the Marlins. If Afric has no experience, then she should not be a judge. Perhaps she should get some experience first, at PD or State Attorney, and then run. Isn’t that what her opponent has done?

  27. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Yestetday, i made a records request( w/ Legal) in regards in that over a month ago(30days etc) Comm.Glassman formally ordered the acting city atty d or his office to come back with a full report concerning Judy Stern sitting on the Charter Revision and being a poltical consult etc among being a lobbyist etc and if was appropriate and or if they find that it is a conflict etc.So i asked to see this report that Comm.Glassman iniated.So if it comes back yes indeed some of you are right and that she should step down( resign) etc then i think giving her a reasonable amount of time to indeed resign( 30day).After if, if they( legal) state in their report to Comm.Glassman then i will hire an atty. and take her to court and let a judge decide to render decision.I will petition such stated assigned judge to reimburse me court cost inc atty.fees to be compensated.Now if Legal comes bsck with she can serve on this board( Charter) and or any other bd. she( Stern) she desires and they see nothing illegal or that its not a conflict then all bets are off and u select few etc.leave her alone.Cause at that point if u pursue( still) then that is basically u r harrassing this woman.So lets roll and see what this such stated report states..Robert Walsh.6/7/2018.

  28. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #27- Such stated report is not complete yet.When complete and Comm.Glassman is given requested report etc then City will contact when its available to the public and of course when report is completed.There u have.PS.Judy their afraid of you.Come on .How hard or difficult can this be.Quite simple- Does Ms.Stern stay or does she go.??.My take this report given to Glassman comes back with no bags need to be packed.Stern is to smart to have made such a careless move.Will see soon.Its either yes or no..We wait…

  29. Watching a Courtroom Doesn't Qualify Someone to be a Judge says:


    I would love to see proof of your allegations, Mr. Milner.

    As far as her courtroom experience, Ms.Africk-Olefson spent weeks simply attending trials and hearings earlier this year to prepare for her candidacy. I don’t remember any other candidate doing this type of preparation and she should be commended for her dedication.

    Are you kidding me??? “Simply attending trials and hearings”now makes you qualified to be a judge? Does being a passenger in a car and observing a driver make you qualified to drive a car?? Does watching medical shows like Gray’s Anatomy which shows operations make me qualified to be a surgeon? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Lawyers, and hopefully, the public, want a judge who actually has years of experience in the courtroom, as a civil or criminal litigator. Not someone who showed up for “weeks” watching court proceedings. When I was a beginning lawyer, I “watched” hearings and trials done by very experienced litigator partners in my law firm. Although I graduated top in my class, that in no way qualified me to handle hearings and trials on my own after “weeks” of watching them.

  30. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Been getting alot of feedback regarding my records requests concerning Comm.Glasdman concerns in directing city to come back with report on Judy Stern.These insiders at city hall that i converse w/ r telling me they think Judy Stern and this report etc comes back with basically nothing and she goes nowhere.They think that she is going to be cleared and that no action will be taken.Will see…My take.Who knows .If she is cleared fine.However if this report comes back not in her favor then she.needs to go and i stated previous my response.Again, we wait…