Angelo Castillo In Race…Again


Is that your final decision, Angelo?

Are you sure?

I  hope Pembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo has made a final decision when he announced today he is running.

Watching him dance around was like watching kids at Chuck E. Cheese do the Hokey Pokey.

He put his left foot into the county commission race. 

Then he took his left foot out. 

Then Castillo took his foot and shook it all about.

Today Castillo has called off the dance.  He said he got clearance from the Ethics Commission to run.

He was running earlier this year. 

Then dropped out because he was told his job at Broward House AIDS agency conflicted with an eventual commission job. 

Broward House gets money from the county.

Then he asked for an official opinion from the Ethics Commission. They gave him a favorable decision today.

Several Broward pols — the district is largely in Southwest Broward — said Castillo’s indecision in this incident was a poor way to start a campaign.

“He was running for months unofficially.  He should have checked this ethics situation out earlier and not left everybody in the lurch,” said one.

Another said: “This left a bad taste in everybody’s mouth.  It didn’t indicate he prepared himself ahead of time.  That’s not a good sign.”

Here is his news release:

Angelo Castillo Campaign for Broward County Commissioner, District 8


June 4, 2010

 I am immediately resuming my campaign as a candidate for Broward County Commissioner, District 8.   

 Today, in response to a request for advisory opinion that I self-initiated in April, the Florida Commission on Ethics officially determined that I can continue to hold my full-time job while serving as an elected county commissioner.  Workable conditions will permit me to earn a living for my family while serving you at County Hall.  This complete ethics clearance removes any doubt that caused me to step back from this race on May 7th.  My commitment to serve our community never waivered.  But as I explained in May, public office is only possible when a balance is struck between an official’s family, professional, and public obligations.  I refused to campaign in bad faith if that balance was in any way threatened.  Stepping out of the race was a hard decision to make.  Many politicians would have disclosed nothing.  I chose to be up front with residents.  By being honest and pursuing this issue until a final decision was made, I hope you agree that I made the right choice.  Today, free of any concern, I enthusiastically recommit myself to bringing new leadership, prosperity and hope to our community.  I will immediately resume making my case to the people and am determined to win this election. 

More than ever before, Broward County residents must ensure that only the most qualified, trustworthy and capable officials are elected to represent them.  The challenges we face today have never been tougher and the consequences of failure never more profound.  These elections must become sober job interviews — where every voter makes an important executive decision.  Those quality of those choices will mean the difference between our community’s success and failure.  I welcome that challenge, I can live up to that standard, and am prepared to meet it squarely. 

Broward County needs jobs and economic opportunity.  We must take our communities back from crime and neglect, we must reinvigorate tourism and trade, partner wisely with the private sector, bring new families to buy our foreclosed homes, and make opportunity come back to Broward County.  We must recommit to conservative fiscal practices that ensure high quality services at the lowest cost to the taxpayer.  We must recommit to the rule of law and to high ethical standards.  We must ensure that government works for us, not the other way around.  I have the experience, determination and ability to help get this county moving forward again.  Strong desire, demonstrated ability, and a vision for our future — those that the elements we need and those are the elements that I offer.  With your help I hope to have that opportunity and I can’t wait to get started making a difference for you.  Broward County’s best days are ahead of us.  Together, I know we will get there.

32 Responses to “Angelo Castillo In Race…Again”

  1. The Truth says:

    He had plenty of time to check out the ethics situation before running.

    After all, he spent months trying to force Diana Wasserman-Rubin from running for re-election. He finally was successful.

    Then he ran officially for a month.

    One can only believe this “ethics situation” was contrived by Angelo and Judy Stern to keep others out of the race until the last minute.

  2. Pines/County Reality Check says:

    Angelo did the right thing and got his ruling. He will run hard and win.

    He will be missed in the Pines, for he, Comm. Siple and Commissioner Shechter are the ones who are truly independent and exercise appropriate oversight of the City Administration. The Mayor is a nice man, but just relies on the City Manager Dodge. Commissioner McCluskey is a true disappointment for he was an agenda hawk before he was elected and made many good, strong points and didn’t accept everything the City staff presented (for the City staff has put the City in the dire position they are truly in, for irresponsible fiscal management based on a premise and belief that the economy could never go bad) as gospel. He spoke strongly from the citizen microphone and was truly independent thinking. Since Commissioner McCluskey has gotten elected, he has changed into a creature of city staff. I don’t know if he has a private sector job or is retired, but it almost seems like he spends his entire days at city hall as an honorary staff member versus an independent City Commissioner (who is supposed to exercise oversight of the staff, not be a lap dog for them). It is hard to watch and disappointing to see this change in Commissioner McCluskey, for he was a better overseer of the city when he wasn’t elected.

    If Commissioner Castillo wins the County Commission seat, he will probably back someone else against Commissioner McCluskey in the futre, for Commissioner Castillo rightfully is independent and doesn’t appreciate blind loyalty to staff. Commissioner Castillo watches out for the taxpayers and calls out when things are going bad in the City. Commissioner Castillo, when he wins, will be able to mightily help out whomever and someone independent, to probably unseat Commissioner McCluskey, with the support of the downtown establishment.

    Commissioner Castillo will make a great County Commissioner and bring the appropriate decision making to the County that they so desperately need, for they are battleship sinking currently.

  3. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    It’s easy for someong not in my situation to imagine alternative scenarios. But to set the record straight, yes. Of course I looked at the ethics rules previous to my announcement. In my mind there was no reason why I couldn’t serve. But that’s not what I was told at the informal opinion stage.

    One has to make decisions on the basis of the facts put in front of them.

    Doing that isn’t dancing or flip flopping. I had no fear of this race and still don’t. I was and remain the front runner in this campaign. What I did is called making the best decision possible based on the best information available. In this instance, it’s also called being honest and putting the needs of residents above any tpersonal political advantage to me.

    A stereo-typical politician would have chosen not to disclose the kind of situation I did. To me, that would have been underhanded. I chose to proceed honorably.

    For those that get that concept, no explanation is required. Those that don’t really should try harder.

    Today I have very different, better and official facts to work with than I was provided some weeks ago. Today’s information fully supports my original conclusions. Fine. I’m back. Nobody can ever say I failed to be up front with the public. This issue is now resolved and I regret any inconvenience.

    If people want to take cheap shots at me for being honest go ahead. I’m proud of how I handled the situation. What I did took courage and character.

    I’ve received many phone calls already from supporters happy that I’m back in this race. They’ve offered their continued support and I am thankful to them all.

    I plan to to do my utmost for this county. That is my nature. And that is the standard that all of you can expect from me.

    Now let’s get busy creating jobs and pulling our county out of the economic crisis we face. That is the work that’s important, not this other stuff.



  4. Pines/County Reality Check says:

    Commissioner Castillo,

    The Pines loss will be the County’s gain, when you win. As a citizen of Pines, i am very saddened you won’t be serving as a city Commissioner. The Administration has exercised poor oversight of the City’s finances (reserves, pensions,…) and vision (City Center fiasco..) and you have called it out, like it needed to be called out. i hope who ever replaces you is as independent minded as you and exercises keen oversight of the city administration, which is crucial.

    but, as a fan of your leadership and in always wishing for people to reach the pinnacle of their potential, dreams and aspirations, i am happy for you that you will attain even higher office.

  5. What's that on Angelo's face says:

    If Judy Stern is around I would think that must be some
    Egg(letion)on his face.

  6. I am so sick of this! says:

    Angelo, I’m sorry! You don’t have my vote! And I am going to make sure I get my entire neighborhood to follow! You are a liar! You knew good and well what you were doing! Then you come on here and talk this “political bull” as if you didn’t know, please stop! Broward County residents is so sick of all of you “career politicians” coming and taking us for granted! I am taking a stand! I’m going to look into the two other candidates – But I have NO respect for someone who play with the peoples mind! And for the record, stop playing into Judy Stern’s plan! JUST STOP! – I’m sick of this!

  7. Pines Resident says:

    Angelo Castillo can’t make it on $100,000-a-year that county commissioners get paid, plus medical and pension. I’m tearing up. He had to keep his social service job which pays him an another $150,000. People are out of work and Angelo expects two jobs…both feeding at the public trough. What a pig!!!

  8. What is the IQ for this Blog? says:

    Some of the comments here are retarded. Angelo is incredible. I liked him before and like him even more now. I’ve been to some Pines city commission meetings, he is a star in this city and will be great for us at the county.

    As for Pines Resident, only a jerk with nowhere credentials would say a thing like that. Have you seen that man’s resume? You question why he makes a decent living? That is the kind of stupid statement that Jack McCluskey would make.

  9. Floridan says:

    You people are nuts. Here is a candidate that excercises an abundance of caution and quits the race when he thinks it won’t work, ethically. Then he gets the OK from the Ethics Commission, so he re-enters the race.

    Had he stayed in there would be posts on this blog questioning his ethics and commenters going crazy over his “perceived” conflicts.

    I don’t live in Castillo’s district, so I won’t be able to vote for him, but I know him to be an honest, intelligent, forward-thinking individual. Exactly they type of person we should want on the County Commission.

  10. Pines/County Reality Check says:

    to “What is the IQ for this Blog?:

    What you throw out there is interesting; i hope your are wrong, but do you think Commissioner McCluskey is “Pines Resident”? I have seen where he and Commissioner Castillo are not drinking buddies, but do you really think it is he that is “Pines Resident”??

  11. admin says:


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    Angelo Castillo — if he wins — will bring some exciting new ideas to the county commission.

    I believe he is highly qualified, with a law degree and expertise in health care and social services. Plus he has experience in city government.

    I am glad he discovered he would not break the state’s Ethics Laws if elected to the commission.

  12. Pines Resident says:

    Buddy, you are going soft. Maybe you’re on the Castillo campaign’s payroll?

    I’m not on his payroll. I like the guy and find some of his ideas intriguing.

  13. spaceaged ape says:


    that’s a whole lotta words to basically say you realized after a month of campaigning that the voters wanted honesty and transparency, so dropping out while waiting for a reply from the ethics commission was the best political move you could make.

    shame they actually replied before the due date as it would have been funny watching you grasp at straws for that extra $90k.

    ­i don’t know a single person that will vote for you now, angelo. feel free to say otherwise, but all i’m seeing/hearing is business as usual from these career politicians.

    all the same, good luck.

  14. Frank Aboudit says:

    I had been wondering how the race for the District 8 County Commission seat would shape up since Diana Wasserman-Rubin decided to not seek re-election. A newcomer, Shevrin Jones of West Park, entered the race to contest the establishment of business as usual; the guy who most pegged to win it (who, by the way, also carries the title of “mentee” to Wasserman-Rubin and “boy-on-a-leash” to Judy Stern) – we’ll call him Mr. Government – decided to drop out because his large salary comes from an agency that receives boat loads of cash from the county. NEWS FLASH – Mr. Government has no ethical conflicts, he’s back in the race. While mr. Government was shining his shoes, in slips the vice mayor from Miramar who, by the way, has run against Wasserman-Rubin in the past and lost. Never mind the fact that she’s African American. Oh, and so is Shevrin Jones. (Side note: Didn’t the vice mayor receive support and endorsements from the Jones family in her race against Wasserman-Rubin?)

    Hmmm… This makes me think that the vice mayor a pawn to split the black vote. I’d imagine that she has a large following in Miramar. And, I’d also have to believe that Jones has a large following in West Park and likely Hallandale. Splitting the vote in these two locations would make it easier for someone else to pick up the pieces in Weston, Southwest Ranches, and say Pembroke Pines, among other places. Sounds like a strategy to me, considering the fact that Mr. Government’s formal decision from the Ethics Commission is as good as gold for him. (Pardon me, but I have to inject another side note here: Abstaining from any votes related to a county-funded agency that you receive your salary from doesn’t necessarily take you out of the loop! Can we really trust that you will not encourage other sitting commissioners to vote in their favor? And, by all means, there may be votes on other issues that directly or indirectly affect Broward House. Should we be OK with you abstaining from all of the issues that affect us?)

    It seems to me that the vice mayor from Miramar is being played. She has to resign her seat from the Miramar city commission and as vice mayor (oops! and so does Mr. Government). I’ve heard through the grapevine that some don’t like her in Miramar and they want her out. Sounds like this is a sure fire way of making that happen. She’s into her 2nd year on the commission and she’s already made enemies? Forget the fact that she abandoning her people in Miramar after 1 year in office. What about the promise she made to not put Miramar through another special election? Does it mean anything these days for someone to stick to their word and finish the job?

    Politics in Broward just doesn’t get any better than this. Actually, it does. The vice mayor is being handled by Judy Stern. (Uh oh, did I write that?) My goodness, where does it end? I’m beginning to think that Judy Stern is “Politico Broward, Incorporated.” Is there anyone in an elected office who does not have a relationship with her? Is there anyone running for an office that doesn’t have relationship with her? The public needs to get rid of Judy Stern with her divisive tactics. (BIG SIGH!!!) I digress, the vice mayor from Miramar needs to have an agenda check. I really don’t think her best interests are on the table. As a matter fact, it’s unfortunate that she’s been made to think it is.

  15. Thank Goodness says:

    We’re in too much of a mess not to have someone up there at the county that can do the job. I am very relieved that Angelo is running again. He’s a regular guy you can talk to that thinks clearly and doesn’t have hidden agendas. Is that too much to ask of the rest of these officials? My entire family will be voting for him. He is smart and dependable.

  16. Thank Goodness says:

    We’re in too much of a mess not to have someone up there that can do the job. I am relieved that Angelo is running again. He’s a regular guy you can talk to. He thinks clearly and doesn’t have hidden agendas. Is that too much to ask? My entire family will be voting for him. He is smart and dependable and is the best elected official that Pembroke Pines has ever produced.

  17. BrowardVoter says:

    As an observer of politics in the Pines for quite some time, it is apparent that Castillo speaks his mind and is not afraid to take on the establishment. Case in point, Castillo’s unwavering support of the Pembroke Pines Charter Schools. Regardless of your opinion regarding charter schools,any objective assessment would determine that these schools pose a threat to the established way of doing things. Considering the School Board and the current (Notter) and past (Till) superintendents have done their best to destroy this municipally run educational system, the fact remains that the students are performing as well or better than their peers in other Pembroke Pines schools while only receiving approximately 40% of the funding. Castillo has stood up in support of the children who attend these schools by imploring the state and district to provide adequate funding. If Castillo is on your side, you have no greater ally, if he is opposed to you, you have no greater foe. He will be an excellent County Commissioner and perhaps down the road will seek an even higher office.

  18. Whoa! says:

    It doesn’t take a math genious to see what is really happening here: power grab by scumbag lobbyist Judy Stern.

    2 (Rodstrom, Wexler) + 3 (Castillo, Geller, LaMarca) = a county commission majority for Stern. God help us all if she succeeds.

  19. localgovt.employee says:

    Watch out county employees, Mr. Castillo is on his way to the county. Get to know Facility Contract Services. You too will be on the privatization path soon. The owner and company have already given Mr. Catillo thousands.

    $250K, looks like Mr. Castillo is only looking out for no.1. So much for a guy who represents the people, but is simply not in touch with them.

    Its sad, becuase I had a lot of respect for him and his ideas before he did this to Pines employees.

  20. localgovt.employee says:

    Pines/County Reality Check,

    Mr. Castillo voted for City Center every step of the way. He was the swing vote with sales of that property that would have put the city in a much different financial situation today.

    And by the way…please do not equate staff at City Hall with Charlie Dodge. He is not staff, he is adminstration.

    In the past I really respected Castillo for speaking against Adminstration, but he was nasty and demeaning to staff. He forget that he was staff once and staff is not always allowed to freely speak.

    Instead of degrading staff (not administration) from the dias, this guy could have picked up the phone if he had a question. Staff is dedicated and ready to assist.

  21. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I second Buddy’s comment….Angelo is incredibly smart and will bring a breath of fresh air to the Commission…And he did dnot push Diana out of the race. She returned a portion of her unspent campaign funds and I diverted mine to the Parkinson’s Foundation.

  22. Angelo just raised your taxes says:

    Angelo honest. Look again. He campaigned for re-election in Pembroke Pines, JUST LAST MARCH, promising to serve another term (4 years) on the Commission. But he knew all along that he would immediately dishonor that pledge and run for the higher paying County job.

    He couldn’t formally ask for the Ethics Commission letter before his March re-election because that would have exposed his real sinister plan. He’s nothing but a political con man. He’s got everyone believing he’s honest just as he started playing us like fools. And now we’ll get stuck with a big tax bill to pay for the Special Election to fill the seat on the Pembroke Pines Commission he just abandoned.

    Mark my words. He’s going to put his wife up to run for his seat. That means another $35,000 in the household bank account of the Castillo’s. NO THANKS.

  23. Watch For Your Jobs says:

    Angelo Castillo is a closet Republican who is all behind privatizing everything, including taking back the jail system and allowing a private company to operate it. Watch out if you work in the building department or parks. He will try to privatize it.

  24. City Workers says:

    I see we have some Pines employees chiming in now. They thought they were untouchable but the situation changed. That is going on everywhere. Be fortunate you have any job. Times are tough for everyone. You people are nothing special. We cant pay more taxes so you can do next to nothing and get big pensions. The City found a way to keep you employed and I can live with that. Also Angelo only gives staff a quick kick in the butt when they deserve it. He complments them when they do good. I watch him all the time on TV. He has a job to do and he does it well. I will be disappointed if he ever changes.

  25. Sinister? says:

    It’s pathetic to grasp staws and invent easy to disprove lies simply to overcome the fact that Castillo is going to win this seat. Especially from those with special interests to protect.

    Nobody denies the facts. Diana was running for re-election and Angelo would not run against her. He ran for re-election and after Diana withdrew. Angelo got in and his decision surprised no one. For years we have expected Angelo would one day fill that seat. Everyone in Broward knows that and supports it. He ran into a problem, resolved it and now he is back in the race.

    The only thing sinister is where people try to make up lies or cover up these facts.

  26. No Angelo says:

    Castillo has never made a payroll or a profit. He has sucked off the public tit his whole life. That’s not the experience we need

  27. Concerned Broward Parent says:

    Buddy and all of Castillos supporters are correct. He is smart, tough, supportive of his voters. I have also witnessed him as nasty, self-serving, narrcisistic, disingenuous and somewhat unstable.

    He should be PERFECT as a County Commish.

  28. Sharief Watch says:

    Barbara Sharief has raised taxes on her city residents twice instead of cutting the bloated budgets of her corrupt city manager.

    She owns a Medicaid mill that is constantly under federal surveilance and uses it to fund her political activities. She makes her employees work for her in her campaigns. That is where her volunteers come from.

    She used to live in Pembroke Pines ran for office and lost. Then moved to Miramar to run from there and lost. Then finally got two years ago, and instead of showing gratitude instead she’s running again for something else. Obviously she is more interested in her own political agenda than standing firm with any one community of residents and serving them.

    She has been an outspoken, lifelong and devoted supporter of radical Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan. Where does she really stand on Jews, Israel and America?

  29. Dont know Dont Care says:

    Saw that Sharief is running some slick ads on Putney and network tv. Spending that kind of $ she is no Stern pawn.

  30. Frank Aboudit says:

    Sharief Watch:

    I had heard too that Sharief only changed her name so that she could get muslim support. Does anyone know if that’s true?

    I think it really sucks that she was only pulled into the race by Judy Stern after Angelo stepped out for a minute. It just doesn’t sit right with me the way that happened.

  31. Sharief Watch says:

    Sharief campaigns whisper lies and plant false information. They start rumors and create conspiracy theories, more is coming you will see.

  32. Madd Max says:

    You people really have too much time on your hands to make up lies and conspiracy theories. Sharief runs a sucessful home health business and is not under federal surveillance. Castillio should be under federal surviellance. In addition her name has been the same her entire life. Who would change their name to run for office???? Oh and by the way last I checked we were in America and no one is forced to work here…. The people that worked the campaign were legitimate volunteers who wanted to work for a winner. Are you guys whinning already because Sharief has strong support from her community. She employs professional nurses and therapist and has a legitimate business. Is it a crime to have a sucessful business and be a black female. Get a life!!! She does not support Farrakhan and has never made any remarks about this. Does the word slander and unbelievably stupid mean anything to you. Sharief watch you sound like a pawn planted by Judy Stern and or Castillio. And for the record Sharief has never assoicated with Judy Stern. Let me tell you whats coming a big “L” for Castillio… This watch person is trying to take the focus off the fact that it’s creator Castillio is going to loose. The Vice-Mayor has gone out of her way to help the residents in Miramar stop the foreclosures and has even created a program to disseminate free information. She sponsors the churches and charities in Miramar and has given back to the Community time and time again. She has an innovative approach to revenue generation countywide and like it or not you do not see the Paralympics and NACAC under 23 track and field games being hosted in Pembroke Pines?… These decisions to host these events came from the commission during her term and she has done a lot of good for our city. Focus on the future and the issues and stop trying to sling mud and lies…