Angelo Castillo Drops Out Of Commission Race

Pembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo today dropped out of the county commission race that he was a favorite to win.
Castillo was told by a lawyer he couldn’t work as CEO/president of Broward House, an AIDS center, and be a commissioner because the agency gets money from the county.
Angelo Castillo, daughters and wife Lisa Castillo

“I’ve got kids to send to college.  I’m heart broken,” he said.

Castillo makes considerably more money as the head of Broward House than he would as a commissioner. 

Commissioners earn $92,000-plus for their part-time jobs.  Castillo would not comment on what he made at Broward House, but Amy Sherman in the Miami Herald reported that he earned $157,710 .  

Broward House, which is located south of Broward General Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale,  had $12.48 million in revenues, according to their 2009 IRS report.

Castillo made his decision to quit the race after being told that not only couldn’t he work at Broward House, but he probably couldn’t work at most local health and social service agencies because they get grants from the county.

“I’ve got 25 years in my field and I was told I couldn’t work in it anymore because almost every agency gets grants from the county,” Castillo said.   

The move immediately blows open the race for the Democratic-leaning District 8 in southwest Broward.  Another Democrat, Shevrin Jones, son of West Park Mayor Eric Jones, is already running and has a base in the district’s large African-American community.

There are also two Republicans running — Steven Breitkreuz and Christopher Max Ziadie.

But more Democratic candidates will surely explore running for the seat, which is currently held by Diana Wasserman-Rubin, who is retiring after the November election.

The news of Castillo’s decision first leaked to when a Castillo fund raiser planned for next week at a local law firm was cancelled.

On the personal side, I believe Castillo would have made a great commissioner.  He had some fresh ideas and the drive to shake up the crusty establishment in the Government Center.

His leaving the race is a loss for the county.  

Here is the news release:

Angelo Castillo Campaign for

Broward County Commissioner, District 8, Democrat


May 10, 2010

 “Regretfully, I am withdrawing my candidacy for Broward County Commissioner.  One month ago, I entered this race under unexpected circumstances but with sincere good faith and high hopes for our future.  I then immediately self-initiated an inquiry through my attorney with staff of the Florida Commission on Ethics to ensure that my regular employment would not conflict with my holding elected county office.  In my present capacity as a city commissioner, I can provide for my family free of conflict while upholding my responsibilities to my employer and my constituents.  However, counsel informs me that future conflicts could arise from my employment if I am also serving as a county commissioner.  Public disclosure and recusal from voting would not suffice to resolve those concerns.  I risk facing a scenario that forces me to choose between my employment and my continued elected county service.  That’s not a prospect that I anticipated and it is not one that my family and professional obligations allow me to confront.  While I am disappointed, I know that this is the proper, responsible and ethical decision to make.


My desire to serve our county remains strong and my chances of winning this election were excellent.  However that doesn’t change the fact that elected public office is only really possible when a balance can be struck between an official’s family obligations, their professional responsibilities, and their duty to the public.  This balance does not appear achievable if I am to serve as a county commissioner in 2010.  I am honored to continue my service as a Pembroke Pines City Commissioner and will remain an active and engaged community advocate.  I am deeply thankful to all those that came forward to support my campaign.  Your goal is to help build a better Broward and I will continue working with you to achieve that important objective.  My best wishes and hopes for a bright future remain with you all. 

Commissioner Angelo Castillo


20 Responses to “Angelo Castillo Drops Out Of Commission Race”

  1. Floridan says:

    Too bad. He would have been a terrific commissioner.

  2. Justa Taxpayer says:

    Darn, we almost got rid of him after he contributed to the decaying Pembroke Pines. Maybe he can run for office in Miami-Dade County, I’ll pay the cab fair (one way)!

  3. Margaret says:

    In 2007-2008 he made more than $150,000 at this NON-PROFIT with a budget of less than $10mil. What a ripoff. So he wouldn’t be able to get 2 salaries. You know there is more to it. Buddy, keep looking! This guy gives Geller a run for his money on what’s behind door number 2.

  4. The Truth says:

    There has got to be more to the story than he is saying. I hear something was about to surface on him and he got out to avoid it.

  5. Shoulda knownbetter says:

    Why is the county giving $$ to an organization that has $12 million in revenue?

    FROM BUDDY: The agency is a charity which takes care of thousands of AIDS patients and their families. Much of Broward House’s money comes from donations and grants. The IRS classifies this money as “revenue.”

  6. Switcheroo says:

    I hear Judy is going to run Lisa Castillo.

  7. Hoof Hearted says:

    Buddy, I don’t mean to puddle jump on your story, but i was wondering if you had any comments (or if you would comment) on Ed Marko’s latest ruling that the district cannot audit contractors. It seems to be in line with your recent tracking of the school board moves. Any information to share with us?

  8. Pembroke says:

    Right now there is nobody that the establishment can control running and that’s is upsetting them. Angelo was their perfect patsy and controlled through Judy Stern. Lisa Castillo works for Stern and don’t be shocked if she doesn’t jump in as a Stern candidate. After losing Josephus Eggelletion to jail, Stern needs another vote on the county commission for her shady clients.

  9. Resident says:

    If Angelo had a conflict, the same would apply to Lisa. All you will see is a repeat of the Diana and Richard situation. I am sure the conflict extends to the immediate family.

    Who might run is an interesting question. Anyone with a decent name could walk in now. But none of them seem to want it. Geller could still switch, and no doubt he would win, but seeing Geller and Gunzberger on the same dias would be quite a sight.

    FROM BUDDY: Resident is right. If Angelo has a conflict, so does his wife, under Florida Law.

  10. Three Legged Bar Stool says:

    He would have been super!

    We need a Pembroke Pines stalwart to step up! Go Pines!!!!!

  11. S only says:

    there’s got to be more to this story…

  12. nottinamazesme says:


    You say that anyone with a decent name could walk in now.

    Since your name is so “decent” and you seem to think you’re so well informed about things, why don’t you or one of your immediate family members run for that office now? What’s holding you back?

    You know, you remind me of a pathetic neighbor of mine who got himself hired as the VP of things-not-too-important at one of the local wannabe universities in Broward. Poor thing feels so important now… But he’s so small inside that he feels great joy and exhiliration in spreading lies and gossip left and right at expense of whoever falls victim to his web.

    Is that the case with you?

  13. Why not lisa says:

    Lisa doesn’t have a 150k a year public job and supposedly quit stern so what conflicts would she have. Judy is not giving up another seat without a fight

  14. shekfu says:

    i don’t know Angelo but after reading the comments above i wonder why anyone competant would run…One winer complains about a 150 k salary for being successful in what appears to be a tough job. then its guilt by association…ugh

  15. Tommy the Fry Cook says:

    I don’t know Castillo at all, but in terms of common sense and judgment, isn’t this “career conflict” the sort of this you figure out BEFORE you announce your candidacy?!?

  16. Resident says:


    By “decent” I meant recognizable and already has a support base. I guess common sense isn’t your forte. Also, how do you know that I or a member of my family doesn’t run? Could be? or not?

    Why not lisa,

    The conflict is not with Stern, or her work. It’s with her husband’s work and the county. If Lisa wanted to run, and Angelo wants to keep his job, they’d have to divorce. Not too likely a possibility, which is a good thing for them.

  17. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    Dear Friends,

    Like I was telling Buddy this afternoon when he called, it’s funny to read the typical array of blog responses coming in in response to my announcement yesterday.

    There are the cynics among us who disbelieve everything and seek out the “hidden agenda.” There are the gullible believers that accept everything they hear. There are those who really don’t care what they’re told, they’re too busy inventing facts of their own because that’s so much more fun.

    And then there are the discerning among us. These are the truly gifted among us who take what they hear, study the facts, and allow rational conclusions to arrive naturally in their brains. Through this process, they achieve that most illusive of mental states for the common blogger — known as insight.

    For all those above and anyone else that wishes to continue focusing on yesterday’s news, here it is again directly from me, right here live on Buddy’s website.

    One month ago, I announced my candidacy for county commission. The very next day I hired the best attorney in his field to go get me answers to some important questions. Why didn’t I retain him before? Because lawyers are expensive, that’s why. Plus I wasn’t running for that office before. So I hired the lawyer at the time I needed him AND could pay for him.

    With me so far?

    In the meanwhile, I have been campaigning like crazy — very successfully in fact. It was a busy month. I feel certain that I was going to win this race.

    But late this week, the lawyer called me back with the answers to my questions. I didn’t expect to hear the answers that he gave me. I knew right away that this would be a game changer. And so the game changed. I was forced to make a tough choice. But it was the best decision possible under the circumstances.

    End of story.

    There isn’t more to say, except that Lisa’s not running either.

    Now, for the still curious — no, there is no hidden agenda and there’s nothing in my closet besides my clothes. There are no pending charges of any kind, no cover ups, never have been, none are coming, nothing I’m hiding from or afraid of. Nope. It’s all right there in my statement, like I said, for all to see.

    Believe it, don’t believe it. That’s entirely up to you. I really tried and am disappointed that I won’t get this chance, but I still have important work to do in my city and in my business, I’m honored to do that work and will pour myself back into it just as I have for years.

    Time to go back to work.

    Best wishes,


  18. nottinamazesme says:


    Hehe. Sure!

    I simply love your overall grammar knowledge and English usage. You are, undoubtedly, related to Shakespeare.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  19. Ted says:

    I’m sorry, but $157k a year for a job at a non-profit? With all the budget problems in the County, I wouldn’t be surprised if money gets cut to an agency like that.

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