An Early Election Prediction? Brow Demos Hold Banquet In Funeral Parlor





At least they Broward County Young Democrats could have waited for Charlie Crist to lose before holding their annual banquet in a funeral parlor.

The location for Saturday’s event is only natural. The Florida Democratic Party has been the Walking Dead for years.

The YD’s “Take Back the Governor’s Mansion Annual Banquet” will be held amid the dead at the Coral Springs Funeral Home. Or as Broward Democrats call them, former Jewish condo voters.

I wonder who’s the guest speaker? Dracula?

Apparently the YD’s were dying to go to the event. It’s sold out!

Its being billed as a night filled with “plenty of food and cocktails”…..just like a wake.

They will be live music and a silent auction. Bids by Ouija boards are strictly forbidden.

Among those being honored are Broward D’s best examples of the living dead – former Margate Commissioner Joe Varsalone (Lifetime Young Democratic Award) and former Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth (Democrat of the Year Award).

The funeral parlor is owned by former state Rep. Mark Weissman (2000-2002), D-Parkland, who is currently a Parkland city commissioner.

Here is my question: Who was politically tone deaf enough to plan this without thinking about the symbolism of a funeral parlor?

Then again, maybe they read the latest Charlie Crist versus Rick Scott polls.


(The always interesting has an earlier version of this story here.)


19 Responses to “An Early Election Prediction? Brow Demos Hold Banquet In Funeral Parlor”

  1. Who cares says:

    Who cares where they are having the event? It’s a sold out event! Kudos to the planners! That;s what’s wrong with Broward County “old-heads”! You can’t give the young people credit for putting forth effort to fight the good fight! Buddy, get a life, and go write about something other than crap like this…NO ONE CARES!

  2. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Mr begins, this is witty but the young dems look witless. Why would young people or anyone want to hold a banquet in a funeral home? Because they are honouring the funeral traditions of ancient pagan Rome as related in Steven saylors subrosa historical mystery series? Because they are re I acting the wake scene from the last hurray? Those r the only answers I can come up with other than sheer stupity.

  3. Former YD says:

    The YDs were once active. Today they are weak and get nothing accomplished. They can hardly put five people together for a campaign.

  4. AbuDabhi says:

    Or as Broward Democrats call them, former Jewish condo voters.

  5. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Buddy, the latest polling shows Crist in the lead…

    Crist holds slight lead over Scott
    September 09, 2014

    PPP’s newest Florida poll continues to find a tight race for Governor, with Charlie Crist holding a slight advantage over Rick Scott. Crist is at 42% to 39% for Scott, and 8% for Libertarian Adrian Wyllie. This election is shaping up as a choice between two candidates voters have decided they don’t care for. Only 40% of voters approve of the job Scott is doing to 49% who disapprove. But they don’t like Crist either- 40% of voters rate him favorably with 46% holding a negative opinion. The dissatisfaction with both major candidates probably helps to explain Wyllie’s 8% standing but since he is drawing pretty equally from both Scott and Crist he’s not having a major effect on the race in the way some Libertarians are in other states. When you take him out of the equation Crist’s lead remains 3 points at 44/41. …


    I can show you as many polls in the other direction starting here:

  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

  7. KM says:

    I’m just glad there’s a group of young folks trying to get involved and doing their best with probable limited means. I don’t get why you have to bash the location, its probably a nice venue – but my point is, that isn’t what matters. Lets not dissuade our young professionals and youth from being active participants in the political process by trying to embarrass them or tear them down. There’s enough nasty out there. I expected more from you.

  8. Prime Example says:

    This is a prime example of how people are seriously concerned with the wrong things. At a time like this, that is so crucial for our state all we can do is sit here and bash where an event is being held?? Really? I expected that from Daily Broward.. but not here. As previously stated.. WHO CARES!!!!!

  9. Different opinion says:

    Anyone else think “Who Cares” would have the opposite opinion if the Young Republicans exercised this same lack of judgment?

    And Buddy is at fault for not giving “young people credit for putting forth effort”? Wow, nice try.

  10. YR says:

    The YD are misguided fools with thin skin judging from the comments. Anybody in marketing could have told someone would poke fun at them.

    Obviously none of them are in marketing. They should have called the banquet “The Death of The Republicans.” Dress up somebody like Scott and stick him in a coffin, called the media and gotten coverage. The YR’s would have embraced the venue, maybe even had a costume party.

  11. Prime Example says:

    Yes, he is at fault, because clearly regardless where it is being held the tickets are gone… hence, there was effort put forth.. so your nice try is not justified.

  12. I am a Joker I am a smoker says:

    Stop by a YR meeting at Maguires sometime. Until recently it had about 5 members and Nick Stone their President recently moved so now it is 4.

    YD’s please, if not for the controversy surrounding their connection to the Dan Lewis Blue Card in 2012 who can remember the last thing of relevance done by that group.

    Lets face it young people today have the ability to research and decide who to vote for they don’t need to sit around these lame meetings listening to the same old bullshit from the same old politicians.

  13. calfloridia says:

    Nothing wrong with a couple “stiff drinks”!

  14. Plain Language says:

    Perhaps the people going to the event don’t care that it’s in a funeral parlor. Could it be that they care more about supporting young democrats, and quite possibly Commissioner Weissman is being very generous with the terms for the use of his parlor which improves the fundraising aspect of the event?

    Just wondering.

  15. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    The late disbarred political attorney Bernie the judge is in my pocket Cohen of sainted memory in new York used to say,,
    A political discussion five people
    A political discussion with free coffee ten people
    A political discussion with donuts maybe 20 people
    A political discussion with free food forty people
    A political discussion with free buffet and an open bar, get a bigger space as their will be a line around the corner

  16. Buddy is a Royal Snob says:

    Sorry Buddy that it wasn’t held at some fancy hunting camp. Your article wasn’t witty and you sound like a royal jack ass.

  17. the Guess Who says:

    First, whoever suggested that the YDs should have embraced the location and held a fake funeral for Rick Scott’s political career is absolutely on point.

    However, since Buddy (per usual) called no one about the event and instead took Tom Lauder’s crumbs and made a story, it should be known that the YDs were given the venue for free so every dollar can go back to the club. Plus, it’s really a beautiful funeral home. Granite, marble, nice fixtures, etc.

    The YDs have a long tradition of honoring “elders” from the party. Hell, they even gave that old bag Stacy Ritter an award a few years ago! What young person would the Broward YRs honor? That loser Shawn Harrison? Do the Broward YRs even have a fundraising event?

    (Of course, Buddy didn’t note that Michael Worley and Katie Edwards will be getting awards and they’re hardly geriatrics.)


    I talked to three people, including two who will be at the event. The president of the YDs did not return messages left for him. I waited several days for the president of the YDs to return my messages before writing the post.

  18. Wait For Charlie's Corpse says:

    YDs can hold their funeral early. They’ll have a second one on November 4 when Charlie Rothstein, ooops, Charlie Crist loses by 5 %

  19. Rinse and Repeat says:

    Hopefully the generous funeral director and host, Mr Weissman, didn’t put the cheese table where the desserts were supposed to go.