Updated: Alu’s Side Of The Story: “I Was Just Trying To Do What’s Right”


Prosecutor Sheila Alu told me what drove her to disclose that 28 cops were under investigation and jeopardize an unknown numbers of criminal cases.

Here is a hint: It wasn’t politics.

She put to rest rumors she was out to embarrass her boss, State Attorney Mike Satz, because she was considering running against him.

“I’m not running against Mike Satz, she said. “I’m not planning to run against him.  Nor did I ever try to embarrass him.

She said flatly: “I am only trying to do what’s right, what I’m supposed to do (as a lawyer).

Alu said she began prosecuting  juvenile cases several months ago. She was puzzled because the prosecutors in juvvy court never issued so-called Brady motions produced by the State Attorney Office computer, which was common in other divisions.

Brady motions are legal documents revealing the prosecution has evidence that may call into question the credibility of a government witness.

Under the law, the defense attorney must be notified through a Brady motion if a government witness is suspected of lying. This is to guarantee a fair trial.

A police officer involved in a case and also under investigation could require a Brady motion.

When Alu asked why the juvvy prosecutors never issued Brady motions, she was told: “We don’t ever get Bradys.

(UPDATE:  Alu called me Friday after arriving at work. She said she wanted to modify her statement.

“Juvenile doesn’t get automatic notices from the computer that an officer is under investigation. We have to search through our files manually and find the information,” she said.

Prosecutors often have hundreds of cases they handle.  I believe that’s a lot of files and an inefficient method of handling Brady for already overworked lawyers. 

Alu’s supervisors obviously agree with me, because they changed the system.  

“Now that we are on the (main computer) system, it will be more efficient.”)

She got worried.

“I was always told that the individual prosecutor was responsible for Bradys, said Alu, who is a single parent. “I worked too hard for my Bar license to jeopardize it.

Alu investigated why the juvvy division never issued the Brady motions. She discovered the division had a separate computer system which apparently had a glitch it didn’t generate a list of police officers under investigation.

She said she asked repeatedly for the Brady information and finally it was compiled.  She then presented a long list of officers under suspicion to the public defender’s office.

Alu said that some in her office “might” be upset that she presented the list to the defender’s office directly.  She felt she had to do it because the law required it.

“I don’t think there is ever any attempt to hide anything, she said. “I know the people in this office believe in what they are doing, putting away the bad guys, working long hours for very little money…They want to do what’s right . .This was just a technical problem. It was the computer system.

She then went on to muse about her propensity to end up at the center of controversy.

 “You can call me Hurricane Sheila or whatever. I’ve got an obligation, Alu said, pausing.

 “Everything I seem to walk into (causes controversy), I don’t know. (Circuit Judge)Ana Gardiner, Brady, fund raiser. I don’t go out of my way (to cause controversy),” she stopped again.

“If I was somebody else, I don’t think this would be as big a deal.

I believe her.

Here and here are my previous posts on Alu.

(Note: Gardiner is the judge Alu reported for allegedly discussing  a case with a prosecutor outside of court.  Her complaint resulted in investigations of Gardiner and the prosecutor. And many headlines for Hurricane Sheila.)

15 Responses to “Updated: Alu’s Side Of The Story: “I Was Just Trying To Do What’s Right””

  1. Good for you says:

    Finally an honest lawyer.

  2. Needs to Be Taken Down a Notch says:

    Here’s the real story. Sheila Alu is so brazen because she’s an elected official that she forgets that her boss expects her to act like an employee. She is a nubie to the legal profession and doesn’t know squat about being a laywer yet. And still she presumes to tell others how things should be and so forth.

    This is arrogance plain and simple. This lady has no sense of humility because she thinks she’s high and mighty. She even presumes to put herself in the category of running against her boss.

    Mike Satz needs to fire this person and replace her with a lawyer without an attitude. That’s what needs to happen here.

  3. Resident says:

    I would say more like “Loose Cannon” Alu.

  4. Elected Officials Need a Life and Need Therapy says:

    The courthouse circuit, for dealing with some of the most ardent criminals in society, lost their common sense instincts with Alu and terribly underestimated her. She is as viscious as they come. She is not a novice at the spin game of manipulation either. She sharpened her teeth by running a police chief, a city manager, and and mayor all out of Sunrise.

  5. Resident says:

    Unfortunately, she hasn’t replaced them with anyone better.

  6. There's a Name for That says:

    It starts with a “c” and ends with a “t”

  7. The Long Black Robe (ret.) says:

    Sheila should have gone through channels and allowed division chiefs to clear up this problem. Instead, she apparently took it upon herself. That is not how government operates, especially Mike Satz’s SAO.

  8. Exclusive says:

    I’m shocked that Sheila didn’t give this pillow-talk explanation to another local blogger with whom she has more direct channels.

  9. Too Volitile to Be Trusted says:

    I see and read about Ms. Alu in the newpapers and blogs. She seems very attracted to bringing attention to herself and getting involved in avoidable controversies. Too often she is seen in restaurants and bars drinking to excess. It makes you wonder how grounded a public official she could be. I think she is a walking timebomb ready to explode at any moment and am not comfortable with giving that kind of a person the kind of trust that a public official much less a high level civil servant should have.

  10. Legally Bombed! says:

    Surely she has broken some rule in engaging herself in investigations not assigned to her. Satz should have plenty of ammunition to deal with this wreckless Serpico wannabe. How do she know she didn’t just blow an ongoing investigation? Sounds like she should have kept to her assigned duties.

  11. rules dont apply to her says:

    rules? rules? laws, we dont need no stinkin’ rules, we got the knightress in shining armor! Here she comes on her white horse with a big brown nose to save the good people of Broward county and “do whats right”

  12. history lesson says:

    Is this sheila alu the same “do the right thing” prosecutor who quit the office after having an open court hissy fit last november the day before election day?

    Heard she hitched her horse to scott israel for sheriff and thought she’d get a plumb legal job in his administration.

    She’s nothing but a hack political opportunist. The only question that should be asked about her latest shenanigans is what she’s running for now and how is this going to play into that.

    She’s as fake as that rack she’s sporting.

  13. her rack is slack says:

    AMEN to that history lesson! It takes time, or maybe just personal injury before these other Alu-ites will see the forest through the trees just how evil and selfish her agenda truly is.

  14. Satz Asleep says:

    Alu would have been better off working for Howard Finkelstein. Satz has trouble on his hands. He should encourage Alu to switch sides and work for Howard. Then she can tilt at windmills as much as she wants, because that is what they do in the PDs office under Howard.

  15. Santa says:

    It was the night before christmas when all in the house SAO.Everyone one gathered around the little mikey mouse.They all got together for a gift for little mikey . He opened his gift, it was a burial plot. He thanked everyone,and went his way,the next christmas came everyone exchanged gifts
    and he noticed he did not get one this time, so he says hey,where my gift everyone, someone said under there breath soft, but loud enough for him to hear,boss you did not use the one we gave you last year.