Alu Now Wants Salarno: Give Me A Break!




Sunrise Commissioner Sheila Alu is a lot of things. Consistent isn’t one of them.

Let me tell you a story:

I ate lunch quite frequently with Alu in the early 2000s. In fact, a check of my old American Express bills indicate I had lunch with her almost once a month around that time.

One subject frequently came up in our conversations — City Manager Pat Salerno.


Pat Salerno

To say she disliked Salerno is an understatement. She hated Salerno. H-A-T-E-D.

She believed Salerno was responsible for much of what was wrong in Sunrise.

He was playing budgetary tricks and hiding money, Alu said repeatedly.

In her mind, Salerno also was responsible for many of the evils inflicted upon her as a commissioner.

Finally in 2008, Alu got her man. She “helped orchestrate” Salerno’s departure from Sunrise, the Sun-Sentinel said.

Flash forward to 2012.

Alu now says Salerno could be the savior of Sunrise. She would “welcome” his return, according to the newspaper.

She even told the paper that Salerno is helping her understand Sunrise’s budget problems, which are many.

Salerno is nicer than me.

If I got a call from someone who had bad mouthed me for years, I wouldn’t answer it.

My bottom line: Salerno would have to be nuts to work for Sunrise again.

Bouquets from her today can turn to brickbats tomorrow.


36 Responses to “Alu Now Wants Salarno: Give Me A Break!”

  1. Make Up Your Mind says:

    Sunrise, make up your mind. Which Alu do you want?


  2. voter says:

    I’ll bet salerno does not come back to Sunrise. But he does know how to balance a budget and upset the apple cart at times, like he just did in Coral Gables.

    Gables imposes pension cuts on cops

    Tough negotiator, just like George Gretsas was for Fort Lauderdale. Who would probably like to have back as they hammer out the police and fire contracts in a city operating in the red.

  3. concern citizen says:

    As a concerned citizen, I’m very shocked that Sheila wants to bring Pat Salarno back as city manager.
    She is the one that made sure he resigned. I hope that the comissioner will not bring him back.

  4. Unions In Trouble says:

    Give Alu and Scuotto credit. They are trying to get someone to force employee reform. They say need to reduce employee and pension costs. Probably will seek to out-source jobs to save money. Even if Salarno does not go to Sunrise, he is giving advice and you can bet it is just like Coral Gables. Employees better do something otherwise they will end up with Salarno.

  5. Cut Commission Costs says:

    Alu, want savings? Cut commissioner costs.

  6. Oy Vey says:

    He may be nuts but does he have what Commissioner Scuotto wants: BALLS!!!!!!!!

    Yes, he said balls. Watch the video and Mayor Ryan’s temper tantrum before storming off in a hissy fit.

  7. Satirical Sam says:

    I am disappointed city officials, like Comm. Alu, would publicly undermine this process Sunrise residents paid over 20,000 dollars for. I’m not so confident that this board is best representing Sunrise.

    I would LOVE to hear how many female applicants are up for final consideration since
    “Commissioner Joey Scuotto told his colleagues Sunrise needs “somebody with balls” to run City Hall”. -According to the Sun Sentinel
    Insensitive comments like that do not belong during the discussion of vetting candidates and in weighing the future of Sunrise and are totally inappropriate. Mr. Scuotto should publicly apologize for his comments during this past meeting.,0,7264595.story

  8. Commissioner Alu says:

    No buddy I just wear a wire with you!

  9. Commissioner Alu says:

    So strange that you write these things Buddy for someone who knew exactly what I was doing and supported my efforts to rid Broward of corruption. There was never any innuendo that Pat Salerno was corrupt. So why you would say that I would need to resort to such measures means you and your friends must be feeling nervous about something

    FROM BUDDY: Just a little levity, Sheila, about the wire. After all, you are known for your work undercover with a recording device.

    I do find it an amazing reversal that you now want Salerno back.

    He told The Herald he’s not coming. So I assume he is staying as city manager of Coral Gables.

  10. Commissioner Alu says:

    Say bankrupt Buddy or how about we take out a bond to cover pension cost. Salerno isn’t coming back. The issue that I spoke about was regarding the pool of applicants that were short listed not about Salerno. I think Sinrise deserves better. The whole wire thing is really old Buddy fine it a rest.


    Okay, for old times sake and all those luncheons together I took the reference to the wire out. I guess I’m getting soft.

  11. Satz Watching? says:

    Does Satz allow all attorneys in his office argue cases like this? talking over people, degrading people, not listening, flip-flopping?

  12. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Wear a wire?

    Or, in other words, she took a stand.

    Something nearly every single person here hasn’t, can’t, and/or won’t do.

    For someone who has gone up against the evildoers, my money will always be on Commissioner Alu.

    She’s got more balls than most of you.


    Walsh, are you retarded?

  13. Michael Slatz says:

    @6.50 pm
    I let my ASA’s do whatever they have to so I get re-elected.

  14. comm scuotto says:

    How much money is pat making from sunrise still? Is he still collecting his pension? If sunrise goes bankrupt does pat tend to lose his money?

  15. toyman says:

    The entire commissioners are over paid and need to take a paycut. That will save the city a ton of money. These commissioners work part time and are well over paid. When is enough enough? Why do they need IPhones n IPads? Why do they need cars? Its time for these sneaky backdoor dealing politicians to do the right thing and take a paycut and show,citizens of sunrise that they really care. If they dont then it shows they dont care and are only looking out for themselves. To bring back Pat Salerno would be a crime. He was FIRED!!!! Why would we rehire a crook who hid MONEY!!!

  16. FlipFlopAlu says:

    Alu is hilarious. First, Salerno is the cause of all the City’s problems and then he suddenly becomes the savior/expert that they need.

    What can you expect from a woman who was married to Dog, the Bounty Hunter (Kim Rothstein’s bodyguard)?

  17. Village Idiot says:

    Let me see if I am correct. According to the video, Alu wants a new Sunrise and gives Salerno a parting gift of over $800,000 dollars to go away. She also says that he almost lost $275 million dollars. And if I had to guess, his retirement pay and benefits cost the city over $100,000 dollars a year. Now, she says he is best thing since sliced bread. And i personally don’t Salerno was that smart. I mean the property values were booming and the city was racking money hand over fist. How hard is it to run a city when the revenue keeps getting higher every year? But then again I am the Village idiot, so maybe it would be better if Alu clarified something that she has said. however, I don’t think she can. Like Scuotto, she is a career politician, majority voter who will ride any wave to keep herself in office.

  18. toyman says:

    As a concerned resident here is a suggestion for mayor Ryan…fire comissioner alu and comissioner Scuotto since they want the FIRED Pat Salerno back so bad and that way they,can move to coral gables and Salerno can hire them and all of them can work together. This will solve the problem and we as residents wont have to worry about Salerno coming back to our city and hiding millions and milllions of dollars. Dont worry Alu you will still have your ASA job and Scuotto you will still have your lousy restaurant to fall back on if you were to get FIRED!! Mayor Ryan please, take a stand for our city and do the right thing for once dont allow Alu and Scuotto to get away with wanting this crook who hid money back into our city so he can start doing the same thing all over again. Mayor Ryan think about it why do Alu and Scutto want Salerno back so bad? Because then they can hide more money from your city. Mayor Ryan please dont let this happen again!!

  19. Village Idiot says:

    To Toyman:you said they get paid for working part-time.But do they really WORK at all?I mean, seriously, how could one person work long hours as a state attorney and have time to do the proper work the city deserves?She is lying about something because she always brags or complains (notsure which)at meetings about all the work she is doing at the court.So is doing city work on state attorney time, or attorney work on city time? Or any work at all?Do the commissioners even have to check in when they are on city time?

  20. Village Idiot says:

    To Chaz:you’re right she has had more balls then any other person I have ever met!Well, maybe not Scuotto.Or maybe they share them!

  21. Bloomberg says:

    In all my years I have never been as disgusted with the conduct of our elected officials as I am today. Not to say that there hasn’t been inappropriate behavior over the years, but at least under Lomelo’s Sunrise it was kept private. ALU AND SCOUotto’s behavior is reprehensible and for others to defend their childish antics and attack the Mayor for trying to run a professional meeting is irresponsible.
    Those two should take notes on how to act as a civic leader. Our commission meetings were embarrassing prior to Mayor Ryan election and I will take dignified proceedings any day their attempt at dramatic reality tv show. My granddaughter said we should call them the snooky and situation. I’m not sure what that means but she is laughing so it must be funny.

  22. dotherightthing says:

    This display in the public view does not help a community attract qualified employees, investors or residents…for those of us who do truly care about the place we choose to call home, we’re hopeful that our local representatives can conduct business in professional manner w/o all the drama & personal attacks so often present during a CCM…..for if the goal is to really find a talented top administrator to lead Sunrise, then start acting and speaking like a governing body worthy of such a leader.

  23. Sunrise Resident says:

    The city is having financial problems because of the continued giveaways to fire fighter and police by the commission. They continue to vote as if it was 1980 boom times. Ms. Alu is one of the worst panderers to the enployee unions

  24. Remember says:

  25. realtor says:

    no its actually our mayor, who hired more police and fire as soon as he was elected
    we don’t have the tax base to support any of this

  26. realtor says:

    Lomelo in the 190’s was pre-internet and mass media. We were at the mercy of the press, who actually did a great job once the corruption became to big to conceal. Now more of us can watch dog the activities but more need to pay attention and object
    they are robbing us now and all future property owners
    the only people that will buy in Sunrise are from out of area

  27. To Sunrise Residents says:

    Can’t you see what’s really going on? Open your eyes. I get it, it is en vogue to jump on the “Let’s Attack the Unions” bandwagons and I’m okay with that. However, what is disgusting is how much pay and benefits the commissioner are receiving and no one seems to care. The sentinel exposes, although moderately, but they did expose it. Why isn’t anyone asking the electorate why? Why so much, is it because the sentinel didn’t truthfully outline what they are receiving? I dare any of you to ask them during a meeting to admit what they are getting while crying “bankruptcy”. As best that I can recall the mayor is the only person up there who at least didn’t take some of the benefits or at least recently gave some back. BUT I’m sure if he willingly gave those back there is much more there! And why didn’t the other flamboyant commissioners offer to give anything up? Especially, the one political fatcat that has been bilking Sunrise for oh so many years. Didn’t the sentinel say that the longer a commissioner serves the more they make? SO, commissioner Fatbody, how much do you make? Or is it impossible for you to be honest? I would accept that answer, so I will give it to you. You’re honest reply should be:

    “I talk out boffth sides of my mouffth because I am a career politician who has lost touch with our community and therefore don’t have to speak truthfully about anything.”

    I would probably drop dead if any politician actually would admit, because it would actually be the truth.

  28. Welcome to Walmart says:

    The only childish behavior I saw was from Alu and Scoutto. I for one have had enough of these behaviors I want professionals running the city.
    Candidates of sunrise start your engines because if this is all that is expected of you to run a city than anyone can do it. Think about how much more money you will make then than that job at Wal-Mart. Phone, Car allowance, I pad, I phone, and health benefits .I too, think it is time for a new sunrise. It is time to understand that career politician must go!
    I do have one question, a while ago I saw a picture of politician gathered together at scuottos.I am curious how much extra business does he get for being a career politician?
    While other businesses are out here starving for business, Commissioner Scuotto is raking it in. I guess it pays to know Lori Parish and other career politicians.

  29. toyman says:

    Why dont Scuotto and Alu address residents at next meeting and tell the residents how much they really make doing nothing at all!! If Scuotto and Alu have any “balls” then they will do it. If not they can always go get some meatballs from his lousy restaurant and use those. Then the residents can really see what they are paying for. Change is needed and they need to go.

    Why is it that Scuotto gets first dibs to cater or supply all the events in the city? Is it because he is the commissioner and he feels he is entitled to? How about the other small businesses in the city give them a fair chance to showcase their food. Anything is better than Scuottos food. Boycott Scuottos restaurant see how he likes it!!!

  30. To realtor says:

    You said, “no its actually our mayor, who hired more police and fire as soon as he was elected
    we don’t have the tax base to support any of this”

    Next time actually bring an factually informed argument to the table: In 2009 the Sunrise Police Department had 184 budgeted officers. The current mayor was elected in 2010 and now the police department has 182 budgeted officers with 5 position being frozen. So the city is only actually funding 177 officers. Get your facts straight before you start spewing crap.

    So, where are the extra officers you claim our mayor has hired that are the fault of our financial woes?

  31. learn to count says:,0,2814706,prin… 9/23/2010
    Sunrise dips into reserves to avoid tax hike
    By Susannah Bryan, Sun Sentinel
    9:12 PM EDT, September 23, 2010

    …..”On Thursday, commissioners also agreed to beef up the
    public safety ranks with six new officers and nine new firefighters, noting Sunrise has a healthy
    $60 million in its “rainy day” fund. The new hires will cost the city $1.2 million in salary and
    benefits in the first year.”……

  32. just the facts says:

    …..”Earlier, at Ryan’s suggestion, commissioners agreed to give up their automatic 1.5 percent cost-of-living increase. The commission also eliminated cost-of-living raises for all department directors, charter officers and executive managers.

    Later, they agreed 5-0 to give 5 percent merit raises to supervisors in the fire department and 2.5 percent merit increases to managers in the police department and City Hall. The raises will cost taxpayers $564,204 and only go to managers who have not reached the top salary level.”

    Susannah Bryan can be reached at or 954-356-4554.,0,2737619.story

  33. Sunrise Resident says:

    If Joey Scouto is working for the city for catering, he is violating ethics laws. Where are the investigators?

  34. CONFIRM FACTS says:

    Anyone with half a brain cells knows Sunsentinel doesn’t fact check. Nice try, but failed!

  35. SunLIES says:

    The whole story…

  36. Will Pat Commute? says: