Alu Gives No Money To Judge Williams


Prosecutor Sheila Alu doesn’t believe in putting her money where her mouth is, at least when it comes to fund raising.

After it was discovered she was raising money for Juvvy Judge Elijah Williams while practicing in front of him, Alu got transferred out of his court last month.

Prosecutor Alu, who’s night job is Sunrise city commissioner, may have been raising money for Williams from her political contacts.  She wasn’t giving her own money.

Williams’ campaign contribution report, released this week, shows no contribution from Alu. 

I can identify two contributors that Alu probably brought to the table:


  • Tom McDonald, a long-time political insider and Alu confidant who owns an engineering company.  In hundreds of conversations with me about politics, I can’t remember him once expressing an interest in a judicial campaign. $500.
  • Terry Stiles, the builder who has extensive interests in Sunrise.  $500.

I originally had on my list Stuart Michelson, the Sunrise city attorney and husband of County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman.  Alu is one of his supporters whose vote allow him to keep his job. He gave $100.

He called me to say, “You owe me an apology.  Sheila Alu had nothing to do with my contribution.”

Michelson went on to say that he frequently gives $100 to incumbent judges.

So I apologize to Michelson for believing Alu pried a contribution out of him.

I believe there is more money that Alu corralled for Williams. The rest of my suspects are law firms and may have given anyway, so I won’t put their names here.

If I’m wrong and she didn’t get any more than $1,000, she doesn’t have as much clout as some assume.

Williams raised $16,800.  His campaign treasure is Ed McGee.

4 Responses to “Alu Gives No Money To Judge Williams”

  1. Wait says:

    Wait until Alu is raising money for Satz’s opponent in 2012.
    With all the trouble she has caused, Satz probably wants to get rid of her. If he does, she will sue him, making her more of a martyr. He is stuck with her!

  2. Fernando says:

    Alu will never be able to raise money again. All the contributors will be frightened she is setting them up for the FBI.

  3. Pat says:

    Alu is done. She’s an FBI snitch. No intelligent politician or judge wants to get anywhere near her. I don’t think she bothers Satz. Bottom line if Mike Satz runs again in 2012, my money is on him. Oh! Oh Sheila…

  4. Pat says:

    P.S. The courthouse rumor is that Judge Elijah Williams will be drawing an opponent.