Alu Back In City Hall Vowing To Stay Involved


Sheila Alu, who resigned the Sunrise City Commission late last year and then has had a much-publicized fight with colon cancer, is back.

And she is as outspoken as ever.


sheila alu

Sheila Alu


Alu told that she is back living in Sunrise and continues to be interested in what happens in City Hall.

“I’m watching what’s going on!” she wrote in e-mail. had written Alu asking her to comment on the e-mail the website received:

“The word is Shelia Alu is gearing up for a comeback in Sunrise. Her sights are set on Larry Sofield’s seat. I thought she moved from the city but I was told she moved back already. I also heard that Rosen may step down sooner than later… I know you’ll be able to sort through the rumors.”

She didn’t address the possibility that she would run for office again.

Alu instead gave the public an update on her condition and how she feels on one of her pet issues: development west of the Sawgrass Expressway.

Alu blocked such development while on the commission.

A prosecutor and also a Sunrise commissioner for a decade, Alu resigned from office in late 2012 to spend more time with her daughter and granddaughter.

On April 23, Alu stunned a Sunrise city commission meeting when she announced during a period for public speaking that she had colon cancer.  She used the opportunity to urge people to get regular colonoscopies starting in their 40s. That story is here. 

Here is her e-mail, unedited:

“Oh I just saw the attached email. Funny!! Someone must have seen me sitting with the city manager last week who met with me to discuss his plans to develop the west side of the sawgrass. Not a good idea!! Until meeting with Cohen I would have said i am 100 percent retired. However, if they make any attempt to develop that property, I will protect that land at all cost. I may be a bit sick now and going through chemo but I’m not dead! I am back in Sunrise and plan on staying. 

Doctor says he removed both tumors and surgery very successful. chemo is be 100 percent sure. I’m just hoping the commission will do the right thing. Time will tell. In the meantime I’m following doctors orders and doing my best to just focus on my health, but I’m watching what’s going on!”

Good luck, Sheila.  You are in the prayers of many.

14 Responses to “Alu Back In City Hall Vowing To Stay Involved”

  1. frank says:

    Isn’t it illegal and unethical for a former city commissioner to lobby their former body for two years? How is Alu getting around this prohibition? Or does she think because she is “one of the good guys” that the law doesn’t apply to her.
    it sounds to me like she’s playing with fire.

  2. Christine says:

    Please, someone give Sheila a Luminosity subscription! There has to be less stressful ways to distract yourself while recovering from cancer!

  3. Tax Watcher says:

    I doubt anyone is paying the woman a dime thus she’s not lobbying. She’s just a tax paying nature lover. She’s still entitled to her opinion. Glad she’s still watching over us!

  4. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To Frank/Christine – Ms.Alu doesn’t care. Remember she is a snitch. And what have I always told you about snitches that they are only out for them selves. She also thought that becoming a rat for the feds that she would be a shoe in for a slot w/ the FBI-not so fast(they don’t want her). There was also speculation that she sleeps w/ other people’s husbands. Which she conviently has never denied or owned up to. Pathetic…..

  5. Oh robert says:

    Does Judy stern give you talking points or does she write this stuff out for you. My prayers are with you shelia.

  6. taxwatcher says:

    All it takes is one ride to meet with the city manager or commission meeting, and she’s legally being compensated travel arrangements if she did not reimburse actual mileage.

    “Shelia we will drive you” is all it takes for a violation.

  7. Yeah right lol says:

    Sheila you are pathetic in that you miss having stories about you. It is amazing that you were still in college to become a attorney and wow asked by the F.B.I. to be a snitch and wow you were great on finding stories about different but never knew that your husband was working for Rothstein and there are many who stated you did not even live in Sunrise but shacking up with men and staying there plus it is a known fact that you are a drunk. You are nothing more then a lowlife and I am sure you are jealous about the ass lowlife Kim Kardishion

  8. Ghost of McLovin says:

    The property west of the Sawgrass at Sunrise Boulevard (east of the levy, water conservation area and Everglades) has property rights. It is zoned for an office park, and the property has been taxed and maintained by the property owner for many, many years. The fact that the state built a highway near it and artificially segregated it from the rest of Sunrise is irrelevant. Sheila should buy the property if she’s so against development of it. I hope Sunrise doesn’t get sued because of one private citizen’s irrationality.

  9. Tax Watcher says:

    Walsh is a wack job that makes crap up about people especially successful women. Don’t pay any attention to him Alu!!

  10. Christine says:

    @city activist

    Innuendoes only serve to diminish the speaker .

  11. bcsportsmom says:

    “the city manager last week who met with me to discuss his plans to develop the west side of the sawgrass”.

    Why does an ex-commissioner get a special private meeting to hear about the City’s plans to build a new development before the rest of us “regular residents” know about it?

  12. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh really what is this comment #9-“tax watcher” huh. “That I go after successful women”. Those that know me all you can do is laugh. You will find no one, no one who has your back more than me. And who says Ms.Alu is successful. She brown-nosed to get in the sexual battery dept @ the State att.Off. She has been associated w/ sleeping w/ other people’s husbands(pig). Looks for sympathy when she is diagnosed w/ her illness. Most of all you threw basically people you work w/ under the bus to become a snitch for the Feds-to only get dissed by them. Clarice Starling she is not…..

  13. stop the madness says:

    Alu:”I’m retiring from the Commission to spend time with my grand daughter”

    Cost to City for special election:$125,000

  14. taxpayer says:

    She has company – the Dania commissioner quit at the end of last night commission meeting. at least an appointment can be made and tax dollar$ $aved