Almost 200,000 Already Vote-By-Mail In Florida





Almost 200,000 votes-by-mail have already been cast in Florida, more than three weeks before Election Day, according to state figures.

Those voting include:

  • 83,646 Republicans
  • 77,817 Democrats
  • 6,016   Other Parties
  • 29,378 No Party (Independent)

That’s a total of 196,857 as of Thursday, Oct. 13 in the morning.

Many more are coming.  More than 2.66 million mail ballots have been mailed to voters so far.

The most active mail voting areas to date are Pinellas (St. Petersburg area — 30,110 votes) , Hillsborough (Tampa area–24,429 votes) and Lee (Fort Myers area–22,209 votes) Counties on Florida’s west coast.

In Broward, the mail ballots received already are:

  • 2,425 Republicans
  • 5,453 Democrats
  • 176    Other parties
  • 1,412 No Party (Independent)



11 Responses to “Almost 200,000 Already Vote-By-Mail In Florida”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Are you telling me – or rather are the figures telling us – that this so-called Democratic Redoubt is lackluster in getting early voting? What the heck are these loudmouths that dominate the Young Democrats and elected officials doing in Broward County? These totals are what I have been saying since I moved here – THERE IS NO PO
    LITICAL, CULTURAL, ACADEMIC SCHOLARLY EDUCATIONAL LIFE IN BROWARD COUNTY! IT is FLYOVER FLORIDA! No wonder the national real estate and business papers says properties in Fort Lauderdale sell for 30% or as low was 10% of properties in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Sarasota, Manatee or Indian River or Marin Counties!

    No wonder Miss Greenbarg brags about my hometown Tampa and St. Pete’s politics and educational environment!


  2. Richard J Kaplan says:

    We are still waiting for the absentee ballots to be delivered to us.

  3. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    For years, I pushed for vote by mail in Broward when few others saw the value. Well, those efforts, which attracted others to also advocate for vote by mail, are beginning to pay off and I am very pleased to see it happen.

    In fact, vote by mail is fastly becoming the most popular way to vote in Broward. In particular, adding postage to the ballot made it much more user friendly. That took too long to get done also.

    Inexpensive. Convenient. Safe and Reliable. Better voter turnout.

    From a cost benefit perspective, there is no better or more efficient and reliable, proven way to run elections than vote by mail.

    And don’t even pay attention to those that say mail voting is fraught with fraud. It’s just not true.

    While no system is 100% perfect, even in the worst case scenario, the degree of election fraud is statistically insignificant. “Fraud” has become the favorite excuse some make in to keep others from voting. Statistically, voter fraud has long been contained to insignificant proportions. That’s just a fact.

    Bottom Line — We would save BILLIONS in unnecessary, obsolete elections cost if Florida simply joined the growing number of states that only vote by mail. Those places save tons of money, have safe and reliable elections, and have much greater voter turnout than Florida does. Their system is simply superior to ours.

    We are good at doing many things in Florida. Managing elections is not been one of them. So, the smart thing to do is go to places that do manage elections well. And follow their lead. It would be foolish not do do that.


  4. Talks like a politician says:

    Angelo, Voting by mail is a great idea. However, there is always room for fraud in that process. A few years ago absentee ballots, done by mail, were turned in to Brenda Snipes office by Lisa Duke, the wife of the former mayor of Dania Beach. Several ballots were those of felons and dead people.
    At least two people currently running for office in Dania Beach have issued a warning not to give their signed absentee ballots that have not been filled out to anyone. Perhaps the tradition of corrupting the voting process is still going on. Perhaps their is always an opportunist to corrupt the democratic process.

  5. Disgusted says:

    I wonder how many Democrat multiple voters are dead people.

  6. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    #5 Disgusted, you should know better.

    Us Democrats have it down to a science to have the cemetery vote come in every campaign year. Hell, if they have paid taxes in the past, they still have the right to vote.

    If they served their country during wars, just because they have died is still no reason they should not have the right to vote.

    “The Pursuit of Happiness” written in the US Constitution should not end just because someone stops breathing.

    #5 Disgusting, once again you come across as a fool.

    By the way, please inform everyone ow many times your Trump has committed adultery against his 3 wives.

    You can answer without waiting until the IRS ends their audit of The Donald!

  7. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Yes, a neighbor when to the County Administration Office downtown with all the necessary forms and THE SUPERVISOR OR ELECTIONS DENIED THE REGISTRATION saying the State could not confirm a social security number the person not only has had since 1964 BUT HAS AND PRESENTED HIS SS CARD TO THE ELECTIONS STAFFER when he filled out the forms.

    I don’t know if the State people or the County people SCREWED UP BUT SOMEONE IS A MORON WHO CANT READ NUMBERS!

    If Trump wins by one vote, they can thank either Dr. Snipes or Governor Scott. My friend is too discusted with Broward County to do anything.He’s moving north in Florida out of Broward County.

  8. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    Dear Talks,

    All I can say is, take the total number of all voter fraud cases in the entire US. Multiply it by ten. It still comes to a statistically insignificant number of voter fraud cases.

    Far from the wildly inaccurate, hysterical warnings of some there are actually serious, professional and published studies on the subject of voter fraud. Multiple ones to look at. They all say the same thing.

    Voter fraud is a is a statistically insignificant elections concern anywhere in the United States.

    True, we can always do better but should concern about voter fraud be considered a rational basis to not expand vote by mail? No. As in, hell no.

    Nor does it form any justified basis for the on-going clown parade of illegal elections rules and laws we see in states, the transparent real cause of which is to generate lower voter turnout among some select groups of citizens.

    It would be irrational to argue otherwise and our courts are saying that very same thing.

    Our chief elections problem in Florida and nationally? Getting greater voter turnout.

    That’s where we perform badly in elections across the board. Voter fraud isn’t even in the top ten most important elections management issues locally, statewide or nationally. It is a statistical non-issue.


  9. The Count of Doom says:

    Larry , can you move back to your cave in NY and take your liberal ways with you,. Clearly you have had some head trama, if for one moment you think another Lying Democrat should continue to destroy our freedoms and Republic, please learn about the concequnces before you keep rambling on like an idiot

  10. Talks like a politician says:

    Dear Angelo,

    It is quite possible that voter fraud is statistically insignificant in most political races. However it is a fact that the actions of boleteros in Miami-Dade County led to major revisions of the manner in which absentee ballots are currently handled in that county. Voter fraud was so rampant there that all absentee ballots were thrown out in a mayoral race in 1997. Law was changed regarding postage and the number of absentee ballots allowed to be turned in by one person.

    Dr. Snipes’ office in Broward County now pays for return postage on absentee ballots and has regulated the number of absentee ballots that can be turned in by one person….(A Dania Beach political figure)…
    allegedly turned in over 400 absentee ballots including those of felons and dead people about 5 years ago. BSO investigated the case. No charges were filed, but election laws were changed.

    Politics means participation in the democratic process to some and it means power and money to others. Voting is meant to be a personal choice, not a opportunity for fraud. Election officials must be vigilant to protect individuals’ rights from being abused by predator politicians.

  11. your vote counts says:

    I don’t trust the mail.

    Early voting in Broward starts
    October 24.