“Alligator” Ron Bergeron Finalist For National Conservation Award


Broward County Everglades preservationist “Alligator” Ron Bergeron is one of four finalists for the nationwide Budweiser 2011 Conservationist of the Year Award.

Ron Bergeron

For years, Bergeron  has donated more than half his time to Everglades conservation.   He is currently a Florida Wildlife Conservation Commissioner.  

Bergeron made a fortune as a real estate investor and road builder. One of his companies is currently working on the widening of Interstate 595 now under way.

Bergeron received his nickname “Alligator” Ron after being bitten while wrestling one of the large reptiles on his Hendry County ranch and wildlife preserve.

The prize is awarded to the those who have made exceptional efforts to preserving open space and conservation.  It is given by Budweiser and the National Fish and Wildlife Federation.

The winner from the four finalists will be given $50,000 to donate to a conservation group.

For more information and to vote for the winner read here.

2 Responses to ““Alligator” Ron Bergeron Finalist For National Conservation Award”

  1. Gladesman says:

    Ron Bergeron is the real deal. He puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to the Everglades. I must say that he deserves this prize and I don’t particularly like the guy.

  2. newbie says:

    don’t like him or just jealous of him?