Allen West Outshines Other Republicans At BBQ


In the white bread world of Florida Republican politics, Allen West stands out.

The Plantation congressman is something new to the GOP. He’s like tasty multi-grain.

Today’s Broward Republican Barbecue had a lot of party stars – Senate President Mike Haridopolos, former U. S. Sen. George LeMieux, Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, Sheriff Al Lamberti, County Commissioner Chip LaMarca and others.  West was clearly the dazzling shining light of this Republican galaxy. It was no contest.

This wasn’t the combative West at a town hall meeting.  This wasn’t West spouting Tea Party jargon to cheering conservatives.

This was West one-on-one, spending quality time with each Republican.

I’ve been around South Florida politics for four decades. The last time I saw a politician from any party so full of charisma was a decade ago — Jeb.

West has got IT. It being magnetism.

Amid a slew of Republican leaders, only one had a long queue waiting to shake his hand.  West.

It seemed like everybody wanted a picture with West.  I watched for 10 minutes and counted him pose for 14 pictures while other politicians begged for attention.

West is a different kind of Republican. That’s the reason he stands out.  That’s part of his appeal.

He’s black in the almost-exclusively white Florida party.  West helps dispel the Democratic propaganda that to be a Republican is to be anti-black.

West is different because he speaks his mind, no matter who he offends.

He even dresses differently…at least at this Barbecue.

Other Republican pols were stiff and button-down.  Although billed as a country barbecue held at real estate tycoon Ron Bergeron’s sprawling Weston horse and cattle ranch, those pols looked like they had just come off the golf course.

West was wearing Wrangler jeans, a pearl-button cowboy shirt and blue boots with silver tooling. From his left belt buckle hung a set of keys.

You get the feeling that West is one of us.  A guy who really enjoys casual Fridays.  A guy who can let his hair down.

It’s appealing for a change.

I surely don’t agree with every stand West takes.  He’s way too conservative and dogmatic for me on some issues. On others, we are in sync.

But he’s a refreshing voice in a largely stodgy Republican Party. After watching him work a small crowd of activists for over an hour, I understand his allure.



The Republicans called their barbecue a success.  Party activist Bill Lewis, a local radio talk-show host and social media strategist, put the attendance at 580.

“The inaugural Grand Old Party barbeque was an overwhelming success,” former Plantation Councilman and BREC Executive Director Rico Petrocelli said. “We saw many new faces today and I look forward to welcoming them into our party.”


Pictures of the GOP BBQ taken by Dr. Tom Latrielle (click to enlarge):


Allen West where a lot of Democrats want him

Some of the others:  Former U. S. Sen. George LeMieux and child; Ron Bergeron; Aleida “Ali”  Ors Waldman; Sheriff Al Lamberti and Senate President Mike Haridolpolos

9 Responses to “Allen West Outshines Other Republicans At BBQ”

  1. Resident says:

    But he isn’t my cup of TEA.

  2. Terry Arthur says:

    I was nice seeing you again Buddy….it has been a long time. Your right on the money about Cong. West….he is one to pay attention to! It was like a high school re-union for me today…saw people I haven’t seen in over 20 years. Look forward to seeing more of your insight with the hugh election of 2012 coming up….it surely will not be boring!


  3. Losers says:

    It fucking amazes me what passes for talent these days. What a pathetic generation we’ve turned out to be, not even a fraction of what our parent’s generation was. If Roosevelt (either of them), Eisenhower or Johnson were alive today they’d vomit to see what’s become of this country. None of them were perfect but not one leader today compares to any of them.

    In fact here’s a quick test. If what I’m saying has never occurred to you please read no further. You are a loser. Go back to your silly little world. If what I’m saying doesn’t worry you then you are not a patriot go play with toys until someone else takes them all away because they can and that is exactly what is going to happen. Our things our way of life will be taken from us by those with the balls take them. That’s what leaders are supposed to protect us against. They are supposed to keep us safe and protected. But America is not those things. We are exposed and unsafe. We seem to care about the wrong things and do the wrong things.

    It’s not that quality people don’t exist. It’s that too few are willing to come forward and lead the people anymore. We are not worth that sacrifice anymore.

  4. Democrat says:

    Buddy, I can’t believe you were taken in by this charlatan. He would rob the disadvantaged among his own people of their aid and medical assistance. HE WANTS TO END MEDICARE.
    He is a one term congressman.

  5. It's A Miracle says:

    “He would rob the disadvantaged among his own people”

    Democrat, by his own people, do you mean Americans? No, you mean blacks.

    Libs always accuse conservatives of being racist, but race is the only thing on THEIR minds.

  6. Stan says:

    Hmmm, sounds an awful lot like a certain politician in Munich back in the 20’s…….

  7. boodacious says:

    Bad For The GOP: Allen West’s Hate Speech
    Monday, March 29th, 2010
    BY BUDDY NEVINS Something very dangerous is brewing in U. S. House District 22: Allen West. Parts of West’s campaign are nothing more than hate speech.

  8. Rage Against The Machine says:

    I wish you Dems would stop the hate speech. Just because West is Black he is dangerous. How do you like the race card being played? You liberals have been playing it for years. I think what makes sense is for this Country to continue to go fucking broke. If any one points that fact out they are terrible for the Country. Run your personal life the way the Fed govt has been doing and let we know how it works out.

  9. Fred says:

    Good article Buddy….f