Alex Sink Hits Broward For $$$$


Just hours after announcing she was running for governor, Alex Sink hit the Riverside Hotel to grab early support and money.

Don’t let Democrats ever say that Republican candidates are ones controlled by special interest money.

Sink’s host committee reads like a who’s who of special interests. Seven of the 19 event chairs are registered lobbyists and most of the others do business with the county.

The teachers’ union and the AFL-CIO also were represented. 

One interesting host:  Democratic boss Mitch Ceasar.   What if another Democrat gets into the race?

Here is the invitation sent almost exclusively to those doing business with the county:  


You are Cordially Invited to a Cocktail Reception



CFO Alex Sink




Tomorrow – Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Riverside Hotel

620 E Las Olas Blvd

Ballroom 8th Floor

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


5:00 PM Chair & Co-Chair Reception

5:30 PM General Reception


Event Chairs

Mitchell Berger § Tom Cornish § Austin Forman §  Fred Karlinsky § Alan Levy

Commissioner Ilene Lieberman § Hon. Fred Lippman § Mike Moskowitz

Tom Panza § Broward County Mayor Stacy Ritter & Russ Klenet § Bill Rubin

Pat Santeramo § Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler § Wayne Spath § Judy Stern

Jim Stork § Stephanie Toothaker § Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz


Host Committee

(Committee in Formation)

Pamela Adams § Michael Albetta § Gale Butler § Mitch Ceaser § Susan Delegal

Sheryl Dickey § Hon. George Firestone § Katie Gustafon Foster § Gabe Imperato

Hon. Ken Keechl § Ben Lap § Ruchel Louis §  Pat Maloy § Dennis Mele § Stephen Moss

Bill Murphy § Hon. Frank Ortis § Hon. Lori Parrish § Sam Poole § Dan Reynolds

Hon. Nan Rich §  Hon. Tim Ryan § Lenny Samuels § Adele Stone

Hon. Larry Smith § Charles Thayer§ Dean Trantalis § Hon. Diana Wasserman-Rubin



Chair  §  Raise $10,000    Co-Chair  §  Raise $5,000    Host  §  Raise $2,500

Tickets  §  $500  §  $250


14 Responses to “Alex Sink Hits Broward For $$$$”

  1. Same Ol' Story says:

    You would think Alex Sink would be something new. This list on the invitation indicates she is the same old politician, kissing up to lobbyists like Judy Stern, for God’s sake. Someone should ask Alex Sink how many on that list have had ethics violations filed against them or have gone to jail. Let’s start with jailbird Larry Smith, who is called “honorable” on the invatation. They should hang their heads in shame.

  2. Might as Well says:

    Alex Sink may as well start moving her bags into the Governor’s Mansion. This time, Democrats cannot be beat. Florida is about to change into a Blue state because Republicans have done nothing but run Florida into the dirt.

    It’s just terrible, but that’s what these new fangled Republicans do. It is not my Dad’s GOP and hasn’t been for many years. They come into office, they do for themselves and their rich friends, and then they get out. They have no loyalty but to that and their viewpoints are warped beyond what any good public policy should be.

    GOP has become a religious cult in disguise of a political party. They have failed to lead, have got to go and will very soon.

  3. Millie says:

    Bill McBride will finally get to the governor’s mansion. He was always the weak one in that marriage.

  4. Floridan says:

    “What if another Democrat gets into the race?”

    I don’t think it’s going to work that way — the Dems are intent on winning back the Governor’s mansion. Sink has the best shot.

    She has run state-wide and has shown herself to be a hard and energetic campaigner.

    No one else need apply.

  5. Resident says:

    If another Democrat gets in the race, that Mitch Ceasars long standing rule (if he really held true to it) would clearly be violated. He always said he would not endorse one democrat over another in an election. That’s how he never took any sides on all those local races.

  6. alert says:

    it is better then Michael Albetta who endorses republicans

  7. Not alert says:

    I don’t understand alert? he endorsed Lamberti not Isreal, the REAL REPUBLICAN in the race.

  8. alert says:

    MICHAEL ALBETTA is the president of the Dolphin Democratic,and the president of the Democratic GBLT,This is not unusual news that a Republican switches to the democratic party,The late sheriff Ron Cochran,Bill Markhum,Commissioner Johm Rodstrum who voted againt putting the word sexual orientation in the Broward charter and Albetta verbally sparred with and then becane friends,Former Broward Chair Russ Barakat,Fred Lippman,Legislature Jim Walden and many more and they were welcomed into the Democratic party with open arms,besides Lsmberti has been doing the town for 30t years and never once showed an interest in ALBETTAS community or becoming a Democrat, Albetta took an oath to help demcrats,he signed the oath on his own free will,If you can show me Lamberti switch card I will agree?

  9. Not alert says:

    Calm down Chief. I wuz just stating the obvious. Lamberti is as much a republican as Crist while Isreal is still one through and through. Did you read his application for appointment by the Gov? Dude I did!

    The other people don’t count because they weren’t in THIS race. If given a choice between a RINO and a REAL REPUBLICAN, I’ll choose the the RINO everytime.

    Why single out Albetta when boatloads of true blue Dems, unlike Albetta, ENDORSED Lamberti PUBLICALLY?

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. The Lamberti victory showed that the Democartic “Leadership” (DEC) are worthless. I mean … for real…worthless.

    BTW Lamberti has stayed true to the communities he reached out to during the campaign. Don’t you think he would have stopped hiring, reaching out and appointing these dupes by now genius?

    Down here it’s the opposite of where I come from: the Republicans are the ones who care about the community and the Dems are the lobbyists, corrupt elitists fooling the rest of us.

    you bring up the Oath thing and guess what you are right!! But did ALbetta endorse him Publically? I dont think sooooo.

    The fact that you know that he was secretely behind him and you know about the Oath tells me that you are one of the corrupt worthless I’m talking about… right Chief?

  10. alert says:

    okay clyde take your prozac and relax,Okay lets try this a little slower,frist it was the person above you who said that Mitch CEASAR has to keep his committment,yes it does count because when a person like Albetta signs a loyalty oath ,I guess it means nothing and I guess it is you with the sour grapes clyde.
    because you like to pick and choose the people you think are doing right.
    hey clown your man Lamberti did great hiring the good old boys from yester year who are now collecting there pensions and making there salary and double dipping.
    Oh and lets not forget about the Hiring of Wiley thompson for that political pay back at 119,000$ A YEAR.
    YOU have no clue what you are talking about Albetta did endorse Lamberti,YOU HAVE TO HONOR YOUR OATH,
    you sound worthless by your useless comments and it is you that is worthless.
    Your man Lamberti was a high ranking Major when Ken Jenne Demorat was Sheriff.
    If you want to call it sour grapes because a man doesnt keep his committment and signs on to endorse the frist Govenors candidate when the election is 15 months away,that is silly at best

  11. Not alert says:

    Real slow now … where in writing did Albetta endorse Lamberti?

  12. alert says:

    verbal is just as good,you do not have to put something in writing for what you say,This sounds like Perry Mason LOL

  13. its all about the cars says:

    rumor has it that albetta had a deal with lamberti that if he was endorsed and won that bso would buy cars from the dealership albetta worked for.

  14. alert says: