Alcee Hastings Endorses Florida House Candidate




The dean of Broward’s congressional delegation endorsed a Plantation Florida House candidate Wednesday.

U. S. Rep Alcee Hastings, the longest serving Broward Democrat who has been in Congress since 1992, threw his support to Louis Reinstein.

Reinstein, a Plantation lawyer,  is running for the open Florida House District 98 in portions of Davie, Plantation and Sunrise against Katie Edwards in the Democratic primary.

In a news release today, Hastings is quoted as saying: “It is my pleasure to endorse Louis Reinstein for State Representative.
 I have known Louis and his family for many years, and I am quite certain that he will be an unwavering voice for our Democratic Party and its ideals in Tallahassee.”

A Broward civil rights pioneer in the 1960s, Hasting was appointed a federal judge by President Jimmy Carter. He served for 10 years.

After an acquittal on a charge of bribery, the House took it upon themselves to ignore the jury’s opinion and impeach Hastings.  He got back at them the best way: He was elected to that very same House and has served for almost 20 years.

What help Hastings can have in the district is questionable.  Although he is an icon in Democratic circles, he is strongest in black precincts.

Florida House District 98 is roughly 14 percent black, 29 percent Hispanic and 56 percent white in rounded off numbers.

The same release quoted Reinstein: “Congressman Hastings has been a champion in Washington when it comes to standing up for the rights of the working class, and protecting the inter- ests of our children and seniors. I am humbled and honored that Representative Hastings has chosen to endorse my candidacy.”

The Hastings endorsement came the same day Edwards got the support of the Police Benevolent Association.

The Reinstein campaign released this photo:


Louis Reinstein (on left) with Alcee Hastings

12 Responses to “Alcee Hastings Endorses Florida House Candidate”

  1. tom lubart says:

    I remind you that Rep. Hastings history is a bit more tattered than you make it … I believe a judicial group recommended his removal from the bench because a judge should be held to a higher standard than just “not guilty.” And to show how rare his removal was, wasn’t he the first federal judge to be impeached since reconstruction (or some such)? Just saying.


    My friend, former Fort Lauderdale News Political Writer Tom Lubert, has a different view than I do. I believe that once you are found not guilty by a jury, the case should be over. Instead, Hastings was impeached. I believe there would have been less chance for impeachment if he was white.

    However, I was always suspicious about Hastings because of the evidence in the trial.

    There were very strange recordings of conversations put in evidence between Hastings’ alleged co-collaborator William Borders. The case was built on money given to attorney Borders, who said he was using it to payoff the judge. The payoff was arranged as part of an FBI sting with agents posing as bad guys. The FBI stupidly arrested Borders before he could pass the $125,000 allegedly meant for Hastings. So Hastings never got the money he was allegedly going to receive as a bribe. Borders refused to testify and was jailed.

    As incriminating as it looked, the cornerstone of American justice is a jury determining guilt. Hastings could never have explained away the recorded comments if he had accepted the money. The FBI mistake blew the case, in my opinion. Remember that guilt must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Hastings was found not guilty because jurors had a doubt.

    By the way, Tom, he was the sixth judge impeached as of the date he was thrown out — 1989.

  2. Great Endorsement says:

    This is a great endorsement for Louis. I’ve met Mr. Reinstein, and he is a truly smart and sincere family man. I really hope he wins this seat.

  3. Tamarac Talk says:

    Fantastic news. Congratulations to Louis Reinstein!

    (you may want to correct his name under the pic you posted)

  4. vivi says:

    This is a good news that Mr. hastings support Louis Reinstein.He Will be agood legislature.he will do a good job .

  5. Resident of 98 says:

    I support Louis Reinstein for many reasons, the most important being he isn’t a carpet bagger. He is someone who has lived in the district for many years and didn’t run in two different districts prior. I personally respect that. It is important to me to know that my Representative understands the district by making a living and setting roots in it. Not someone who thinks they know the district because the district shopped or their father was a Council Member many years ago.

  6. Plantation's Historian says:

    With the current and previous Mayor of Plantation and most of the council supporting Katie Edwards along with Lori Parrish the Mayor of Davie and and most of their council behind Edwards does it really matter that a impeached Federal Judge endorses Reinstein? Who knows what is best for OUR community better than our elected officials? When is the last time you ran into Hastings in the supermarket or dry cleaners.

  7. Resident of 98 says:

    Plantation Historian…I wonder if those endorsements have anything to do with the fact that her father is a former commissioner. Regardless, Louis is the only candidate who has only been running in House 98. Katie ran in Miami, then in 97, and now she has jumped into 98. I rather vote for the person who has ran to represent me from the beginning, not someone who has district shopped.

  8. Murray says:

    It speaks volumes that no one knew who Louis Reinstein was until just recently. Just because he lives in Plantation doesn’t mean he is the best candidate. Having been involved in Plantation and Broward since the 1970s I can tell you that I have seen Katie Edwards far more than her opponent in the community. I know Lori Parrish, the Armstrongs, and many of the current Council members. They’re supporting Katie because they find her to be the best candidate and genuinely like her, not because her dad Bruce is a former Councilman.

    To me it sounds like Mr. Reinstein is grasping for anything if this carpet-bagger business is the best he can come up with. After speaking to this young man, I have a feeling even Reinstein knows it’s not true but is just listening to his overpaid campaign handlers.

    It’s a shame that two good candidates were drawn in to the new District 98. One of the candidates happens to be better qualified and well-rounded than the other. I know who I am voting for.

  9. Plantation's Historian says:

    Resident of 98 ….very mature the name calling. Are you the typical Reinstein supporter or would he be ashamed of your behavior as well? Stick the the issues leave the negative stuff to D Brown 🙂

  10. Resident of 98 says:

    1. I’m not associated with Reinstein’s campaign. 2. I do not know nor think he is campaigning on attacking Katie for switching districts. In fact, I said I am voting for him for many reasons, but the main reason is he has always been running for my district. To me, that is very important. You may disagree and that’s your prerogative, but that is something I personally value.
    3. Plantation Historian, who did I name call? The fact is, Katie district shopped. That is a carpet bagger. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, a Carpet Bagger is : outsider; especially : a nonresident or new resident who seeks private gain from an area often by meddling in its business or politics. Katie, who ran in Miami last election cycle is to me an outsider. As I already said before, I prefer someone who has chosen to represent me from the beginning. So if by mature and name calling you mean calling a spade a spade, then yes, I guess I’m name calling. The truth is the truth.


    Both the candidates are qualified and terrific.

    That said, I want to make one point: Katie Edwards grew up in Plantation and both her mother and father are active in the business community. She is a member of the local synagogue.

    I view her time in Miami like the time my son lived in Gainesville going to the University of Florida. It has been his temporary abode for six years.

    She did run for office in Dade County. I believe she was recruited to run by the state Democratic Party. How can you hold that against her?

    Also, Edwards did not “district shop.” The Legislature recut the district late in the Spring.

    Both Louis Reinstein and Katie Edwards have a long history in the district.

  11. Plantation's Historian says:

    Thank you Buddy for putting the facts in order. Your fairness is refreshing! The Edwards family has been here in Plantation for as long as anyone can remember.

  12. Not a Lawyer says:

    Lots of candidates jumped into races this year because you can qualify for any office via signatures of registered voters to get on the ballot in a re-districting year with signatures from registered voters from ANYWHERE in the state. Not just the district you are running in.

    So pull the signatures pages and look at cities and counties where they live. They are from ALL over, and are not the voters from the district. Surrogates all over the state can help candidates if in the right party in this way.