Alan Mendelsohn Asks Patients For Help


I guess I’m going to have to find a new eye doctor.

Alan Mendelsohn, who was my ophthalmologist for years, pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy in a wide-ranging probe of his political fund raising.

You can read about it here.

Mendelsohn is now asking his patients to contact the judge and tell him what a great guy he is.  This is a common way for defendants to seek leniency.   

He faces two years in prison, according to the Miami Herald.

I’m not going to write a letter.  I do believe he, and his partner Dr. Shareen Greenbaum, are very good doctors.

Whatever personal flaws he had didn’t extend to his practice of medicine…at least in my case.

I can’t excuse the payoffs, the inside dealing, the illegal contributions. 

I can say that because of him, I’m able to see well enough to find a new eye doctor.

Here is his letter to patients.  Click on it to enlarge and then hit back button to return:




13 Responses to “Alan Mendelsohn Asks Patients For Help”

  1. Politico says:

    Good for you Buddy.

  2. Sentence says:

    One Year and one day, out in 9 months with good behavior, back to work as a doctor. That’s probably where this ends up.

  3. tree limb says:

    the bigger story is who he named as a mentor….Klenet!

    FROM BUDDY: The Miami Herald, which I linked, decided it wasn’t “the bigger story.” I wasn’t in court, but I do know that the Klenet connection has been reported before.

  4. tree limb says:

    Ah, Buddy that’s why we read you, cuz the Miami Herald is clueless with what a real story is…

    FROM BUDDY: Thank you so much.
    As I said, I was not in court. If I was, maybe I would have written something else.
    Stay tuned. It’s not over yet.

  5. BrowardMom says:

    Notice he refers to himself in third person at the beginning of the letter and then goes into first person?

    I HATE when people refer to themselves in third person!

  6. JD says:

    Do not pass go, do not reach out to patients…go directly to JAIL.

  7. The Long Black Robe (Ret) says:

    He’s got Zloch as a judge. I wouldn’t depend on much leniency.

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    This Eye Dr. is squelling(how obvious)So before or after the Holidays wil they pinch Dawson, Lieberman,Ritter and her husband.(Klenet)??. I was wondering what the State att. was going to make is move. See he probaly has the Feds breathing down his back. W/ the Eye Dr. now going to Prison he will now state this one did this and that. Big headache for Klenet esp. also for the Ex St.Senator Dawson. Just get yourself in rehab and stay there to about next Oct. Your going to jail Lady. In regrds to the delay I think they(da) was waiting for the Eye Dr. to take his pleal. Just plain greed ,and for what some whore,excuse me mistress. As far as Comm.Ritter throw your husband under the bus,for you to keep saying ok I was good to my campaign workers you also enjoyed those dinners, hotel rooms etc. it was not like you called them up and stated here’s a Gift certificate etc, you personnally benefited from those dinners etc. you went, now is that enough to convict you I say no, as far as your Husband now w/ the Dr, squelling he’s in trouble.

  9. G.B. says:

    He is wasting his time looking from leniency from Judge Zloch. He frowns upon any and all attempts to influence what he is going to do.
    The bigger the attempted influence, the worse it is for the defendant.

  10. Former Patient says:

    Does everyone notice that he wants the letters to go to his LAWYER not the judge. Supposedly the LAWYER will hand them over. You think he might read them first and throw away any bad ones??? This guy is a first rate cheater, liar and creep. I’ll send my letter DIRECTLY TO THE JUDGE.
    Shame on his wife. What a role model for their daughters. I wonder if the next generation Mendelsohns will carry on after daddy goes to Club Fed.

  11. Robert M Easton Jr OD FAAO says:


    Alan Mendelsohn was only in this for himself and his profession’s turf. There are no “safety issues” and do not let his attorney or Alan fool the press in thinking this. This is a typical “dog and pony show” Alan has been known to pull. Alan has lied about the profession of Optometry for the past 15 years. There are no requirements for him or any other person who testifies in front of the legislature, the governor or a committee to tell the truth. There are no oaths before he or anyone else testifies. He used this as a benefit to keep my profession from practicing and delivering cost-effective primary eye care to the citizens of Florida. His actions enabled his profession to benefit, not the citizens of the state of Florida. This was only a “turf war”, nothing else.

  12. Joe Demma says:

    Alan Mendelsohn should have thought about his patients and his family before he decided to sink into the depths of crime and corruption. Actually, since going to another doctor in town, I feel lucky that he can’t inflict further harm on the unwitting public. He was my family’s eye doctor for years and we’re a lot better off with out him
    Someone should look at his medicare billings. It will make the corrpution case look like chump change.

  13. Jenna Keller says:

    Mr. Nevins, you can come to the office where I work.


    Nice marketing job. I will consider it.