Al Lamberti Still Making the Rounds






Former Sheriff Al Lamberti continues to show up in all types of interesting places.

Earlier this month, Lamberti traveled to Tallahassee for the inauguration of Gov. Rick Scott.

Today he made it to the jury assembly room at the main Broward Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale for the robing of seven Broward judges.

What’s behind all this activity by Lamberti?

Your guess is as good as mine.



Lamberti at robing ceremony

Al Lamberti at the robing at seven judges today at the main Broward Courthouse



4 Responses to “Al Lamberti Still Making the Rounds”

  1. Mike Thomlonson says:

    shopping for clients

  2. Contini, shaken not stirred. says:

    Sheriff Al’s pals ran Contini’s campaign. He was probably there to show his support for Judge Contini. After all, not too many Republicans beat Democrats in County wide races.

  3. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    Al still believes he is somehow relevant. He belongs in jail. Just remember he is enjoying his 120K a year pension. I guess the joke is on the honest taxpayer. FU Al Scumberti

  4. Talks like a politician says:

    He is a politician, a breed that never quits until they die.