Al Lamberti Gets Another Endorsement


Sheriff Al Lamberti continues to roll up endorsements.

But do they mean anything?

Lamberti’s received an early endorsement from The Florida Carpenters Regional Council and The Carpenters Local 79, which claims membership of 4,000 across the state.

How many are in Broward? The figure is not mentioned in the news release from the Lamberti campaign.

My assumption is that union carpenters are as rare in Broward as snow.

So far Lamberti has gotten endorsements from a collection of Republican-leaning unions like the Teamsters and Fraternal Order of Police.

(I always believed that unions endorsing Republicans was just a cut above Jews endorsing Nazis.  The GOP is dedicated to destroying collective bargaining rights and gutting employee benefits, so why unions would endorse any Republican is beyond me.)

Then there is the Broward 10-13 Club, which consists of former New York City cops. This club is headed by Alan Berkowitz.

Berkowitz is Lamberti’s public-paid glad hander.  I see him everywhere at Lamberti’s side, picking up an award from Hasidic Jews for the sheriff or schmoozing with condo leaders.

Alan Berkowitz (without beard) picks up award for Lamberti from Chabad of South Broward

He’s a nice guy, but with him at the helm of the 10-13 Club its no wonder why the group endorsed Lamberti.  The Democratic candidates didn’t exactly have a fair shot.

This is not to say Lamberti doesn’t deserve to be re-elected.  The Democratic candidates are both flawed.

Louis Granteed and Scott Israel  have given voters no real reason why we should vote for them instead of Lamberti. Or at least I haven’t heard of a reason.

And if I haven’t heard of any compelling reason to dump the sheriff, who has?  I am surely more engaged than the average voter.

Here is Lamberti’s latest news release:


Sheriff Lamberti Receives Endorsement From The Florida Carpenters Regional Council and The Carpenters Local 79



For Immediate Release                                                                                                              March 28th, 2012




Broward County, FLA.- Sheriff Lamberti has received yet another early endorsement for his re-election in November. This month,

The Florida Carpenters Regional Council and The Carpenters Local 79 endorsed Sheriff Lamberti. Within the local area, The Florida Carpenters Regional Council has a membership of 800 carpenters and over 4,000 union members in the State of Florida.


Workers Compensation Insurance Fraud has been on the rise and Sheriff Lamberti has worked closely with The Carpenters Union over the past year to combat this important issue. This issue creates an “unleveled playing field” allowing unscrupulous carpenters to underbid construction job and at the same time exposing workers to financial disaster if insured while on the job.


The Florida Carpenters Regional Council believes and stands behind that Sheriff Lamberti should remain the Sheriff of Broward County and looks forward in the opportunity in continuing to work alongside him to combat Workers Compensation Insurance Fraud and many other important issues that affect the union.


Sheriff Lamberti has also received the Endorsements from:

  • Greater Ft. Lauderdale Board of Realtors
  • Latino Officers Association
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 769
  • The Hispanic Vote
  • Fraternal Order of Police, Broward Sheriff’s Lodge 32
  • Broward 10-13 Club



13 Responses to “Al Lamberti Gets Another Endorsement”

  1. tom lubart says:

    “(I always believed that unions endorsing Republicans was just a cut above Jews endorsing Nazis.”

    oy .. perhaps a tad bit too hard buddy? I think you just unleashed your inner Limbaugh…


    Tom Lubart! Political writer for the Fort Lauderdale News, or was it the Sun-Sentinel, back in the 1970s? Former producer for ABC News. Thanks for contributing.

  2. get real!! says:

    Sheriff Lamberti will be re-elected. Plain and simple!

  3. Real Deal says:

    Hey get your own name!!

  4. Independent says:

    Well, where is Lamberti’s reasons Buddy. After the mess he has created for the BSO, why should he be re-elected?

    You take shots at the Democratic Candidates?? You have to be a Republican supporting Lamberti.

    Did you even offer the opportunity? And did you even talk to the Candidates about this at all????

    This seems like a cheap shot!!! The article had to did with Lamberti getting an endorsement, what does it have to do with Candidates reasons for wanting to be Sheriff?????

  5. Local D says:

    Here’s some reasons why Al Lamberti should not be sheriff.

    This is an anonymous screed. Last time I looked, “anonymous” is not the ballot. This “book” doesn’t tell me anything about the two Democrats running for office.

  6. Central Broward says:

    Hey Buddy,

    I agree with Independent. It’s nothing but a cheap shot at Candidates and I don’t really don’t care for one of them..

    I have written on your blog before and make no bones about fully supporting Hollywood Chief Granteed for Sheriff. I watched Granteed and Israel for months and find Granteed highly professional, highly educated, highly experienced, very personal, highly respected, very well liked and does excite people across Broward County.

    I usually agree with most of your articles and positions on issues, but I have to at least defend Granteed from Hollywood. He has been a COP for 30 years. Israel is the same old same old as 2008 and has been out of police work for like 6 years. You should attend some meetings and listen to Granteed speak and feel the positive energy he generates.

    To make a blanket statement about dirty closets and not include the current Sheriff in all the negative things he has going on and involved with creates a biased article and mis-representation to the viewers.

  7. Real Deal says:

    If you are more engaged in politics than the average person then you would know why Lamberti needs to be voted out.

    The leadership at the BSO is weak and employee morale is the worst it’s been ever. Does the Sheriff’s and Rothstein friendship play a role. Sheriff approving his right hand person to hand walk criminal Scott Rothstein to his plane with $800,000.00 in a suit case matter. Does it matter the Under-Sheriff takes pictures in Rothsteins private jet going to Ireland on victims money matter. Does corruption inside the BSO matter. Does shootings in black neighborhoods everyday on tv matter. Does lying to the Public Defenders Officer about Police Women of Broward County deals matter. Does taking hundreds of thousands of Rothstein victim money and putting it into your 2008 campaign account matter. Does taking your son to a football game and making fales credentials and falsifying that he is a BSO employee matter. Does discriminating against black employees and using a double standard matter. Does using taxpayer money to campaign matter.

    Does ignoring millions of dollars in payments from Lauderdakle Lakes
    matter or do we have to wait til they are behind 7 million?

    Does ignoring that your right hand guy Santucci made Deputies at the direction of the Sheriff un-arrest Santucci’s son who was in a drug house.

    Does violating the Pre-Trial Release Program guideline and letting harden criminals out of jail, which violates the intent of the agreement matter.

    Do victims of crime deserve justice and the offender being in jail where he or she belongs matter?

    Does any of this matter to you Buddy??? Just wondering because this can go on and on???

    FROM BUDDY: They aren’t making the case. You are. “Real Deal” won’t be on the ballot.

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Let him get all the endorsements he wants. I have tried to convince both John And charlotte either one could beat Lamberti. Come on Comm.Rodstrom(mrs) can you see yourself as Sheriff? I asked Comm.bruce Roberts to run and he could really beat Lamberti. Nope. So if you think that I’m stuck w/ you for another want is it 4 yr. term . No way. Hell no way. And you treat your deputies Sir, like crap. The main reason why I can’t stand you.

  9. sidelines says:

    No one else is a candidate?
    If the budgets at county level are increased and BSO needs more then voters may not support him. If he makes do and gets re-elected, he could ask for more next year.

  10. Real Deal says:

    I am the true real deal and I did not write that crap above. Even in the anonymous world of blogging there should be some ethics. Go get your own name, jerk. That said I am also no Lamberti fan and here’s why. He sold out to the PBA for a 5% raise the the county could not afford just to get their endorsement for his first election. That is unforgivable. I object to his associations with Rothstein. No matter how much lipstick you put on it that is not behavior that is appropriate for a sheriff.

  11. Real Deal says:

    …by the way the only endorsements that count are the ones voters give on election day. Newspaper, union endorsements, none of that matters to average voters anymore. Often it hurts the candidate.

  12. Real Deal says:

    …and if you look up the word creep in the dictionary you will find Alan Berkowitz’ picture right next to it.

  13. Lamberti is garbage says:

    I can’t wait for Lamberti to get the endorsement from the FEDS in the form of an indictment.