Update: Lamberti Cozies Up To Gov. Rick Scott




Look who made it to Gov. Rick Scott’s inauguration earlier this week: Former Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti.

A reader sent this picture from the ceremony:

10685495_885390938171991_7362063241220419444_nAl Lamberti, in the lower right hand corner


His trip to the old Capitol called into question the continued persistent rumors that Lamberti would switch parties and run in two years for sheriff as a Democrat.

I wrote before that Lamberti would be insane to run again.

Now, by snuggling up to Scott, Lamberti is illustrating how politically tone deaf he is in Broward.

It also probably won’t do the former sheriff any good.

After the first version of this story was posted, a pol called me to recount a conversation they had with Rick Scott.  If this pol is to be believed — I have no reason to doubt this Republican. — Scott expressed he was “disappointed” with the way Lamberti handled the transition when Sheriff Scott Israel won.

A Lamberti aide smashed  the sheriff’s computer hard drive with a hammer and other data went mysteriously missing just prior to Israel’s takeover.

“I was so disappointed in the outgoing sheriff’s behavior. There is no reason why the transition should have been done that way,” the pol quoted Scott.

“This governor is no friend (of Lamberti),” the pol told Browardbeat.com.






16 Responses to “Update: Lamberti Cozies Up To Gov. Rick Scott”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Personally, I don’t understand how Governor Rick Scott got elected the first time, and I am flabbergasted he got re-elected, and thirdly how Marco Rubio defeated Charlie Christ for US Senator is a third mystery to me. Now a fourth mystery, why on earth IF former Sheriff Al Lamberti wants to run for Sheriff again would he go to Rick Scott’s Swearing in when he’s very, very unpopular in Democratic Broward County? I don’t understand the Florida state voters and I don’t understand local defeated politicians. The person who seems to be actually rationally lately is former Governor Jeb Bush who repeats he believes in “traditional marriage” but says we have a new day in Florida that accepts gay/lesbian marriage. Which is also the position of the Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler as far as I understand it. Except for them (from different parties) I find our present and past elected officials really irrational, biased this way and that way, and very weird!

  2. Let's get real says:

    Yes, if you recall, it was Charlie Crist who actually appointed Republican Lamberti as sheriff! No doubt Rick Scott knows that too.

    And for all the reasons you mentioned last week why he can’t possibly beat Israel, let’s also not forget that Billy Rubin’s firm is one of only 2 lobbying firms representing BSO in Tallahassee and Rubin is very close to Scott. So again, loser Lamberti is totally out of luck.

  3. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    Lamberti is just waiting for the black candidate that “some” on the Broward County Commission are going to try and run against Israel, so that he can exploit that D split along racial lines…Lamberti has no shame. Lamberti belongs in jail.

  4. Broward Voter says:

    Lamberti’s finished. It’s silly to even talk about a political future for him. Poke him with a fork, he’s done. He should take up fishing or basket weaving and enjoy his retirement while he remains lucky enough to collect a pension.

  5. Educated Voter says:

    Wow, makes me laugh, Al Lamberti was Charlie Crist’s driver in his previous failed election.

  6. Tony G says:

    Funny I was wondering the same but not about Lamberti. I was there as well and saw Commissioner Sharief and her husband in attendance. Was is that not news?

  7. Night Watchman says:

    I do not understand this.

    First of all IF Lamberti switched party of course he has the ability to win. I am surprised at you Buddy for suggesting he cannot. You do not know the lay of the land in a future election plus in a one party county like broward, if you belong to the dominant party anyone has the POSSIBILITY of being elected.

    After Israel lost the first time, doesn’t anyone remember the “unelectable” talk around him. Hello…anyone??

    That is why I really don’t understand Lamberti going all right wing Republican here. Would somebody please explain this??

    When he won in 2008, he did it as a small R Republican with huge reach out to Dems, especially Gays and Blacks.

    In 2012 he went out of his way to broadcast his Conservative Republican identity, undoing years of hard work burnishing an image of worked his way up from the bottom, law enforcement first man of the people.

    Now he is doing this??? Other than attacks, does anyone have an explanation for him doubling down on this losing strategy??

  8. Huh? says:

    Sharief was invited and LaMarca was not. He sure is helping us in Tallahassee. Bahhhh!!

  9. Broward Dem Insider says:

    I keep reading Lamberti might run, but the one that will be the best to get in again is Hollywood Chief Granteed. Sheriff a
    Israel was out raised by him and if it wasn’t for Israel getting lady minutes funds to go dirty which is what candidates do when they feel they are losing is the only reason Israel won with all of his unethical and dirty tricksters. If he thought he was winning then why dud he resort to the dirtiest campaigning in Broward history, it’s because Chief Granteed is highly capable of raising money, is very well liked and popular and certainly qualified. Israel and his folks generated lie after lie in that primary election and Granteed was not intimidated or shaken by the dirty tactics. Israel has spoken to several that he does not want Granteed to run and that’s because he will win. Israel has had a dismal first term and it will cost him in public opinion once it’s all sent to every voter in Broward. If Lamberti and Granteed get in, it will split votes and Granteed will end up winning. Everyone now knows Israel’s tactics and that he lies so all the crap they lied about will be ineffective in 2016. Granteed has been meeting for months with people and Israel should worry even though on the front he will use his smugness and arrogance to deny it, but he will need a new job in 2016.

  10. Just sayin' says:

    Sharief was probably there to work on her AHCA investigation for Medicaid fraud. She should have been in Browad working like the rest of the commissioners.
    Typical of the commissioner who is all about herself. We see her driving around Miramar with her magnets on her SUV like she’s in a parade. Wow, she’s important!!!

  11. Israel Fan says:

    To #9, give it a rest. Louie Granteed only had two ways to raise money, one was leaning on his subordinate officers in Hollywood and the second was through Al Lamberti’s fundraising network.

    Granteed had a horrible record as Hollywood PD’s assistant chief. He was facing multiple claims of sexual harassment from female subordinates, and he allegedly led the crusade to out and torment a gay male officer. The later exploit led to an embarrassing lawsuit for the city of Hollywood.

    Now if Granteed wants to run again he’s going to have to find new benefactors, his old pals at Hollywood may be a lot less generous now that he’s no longer the boss, and the money that Lamberti tossed in Granteed’s direction is going to stay with Scott Israel in 2016.

    What’s more, Sheriff Israel is going to be a well funded Democratic incumbent. He is going to be able to go into the community and talk about mandatory Civil Citation programs, the PROMISE Program at schools, and keeping kids out of jail.

    That record puts him head and shoulders above Al Lamberti in the eyes of Democratic primary voters.

    If you don’t believe me, start trying to raise money for one of those other candidates. We’ll see who’s still standing come qualifying.

  12. Dead Norm Abromowitz says:

    Hey, Dead Norm from heaven here and I’m standing wid Joe DiMaggio and da old dago’s gettin hot unda da colla.

    Says he hates dat rat bum Lou Granteed for saying Joe endorsed him a few years ago. What a goof ball dat Granteed. Joe wouldn’t give dat palooka ten cents and besides, the guy was dead! Dead as a friggin doornail. Anyhowz.

    Speaking of stiffs, dat Granteed is still a zero. Meanwhile Scott Israel’s da best sheriff dat town ever had. Can’t beat dat.

    So Lou, do yosef a favor.

    Enjoy retirement and give call dat odder bum friend a’yours a call, da Italian guy dat used to be sheriff. Wat was his name again, Linguini? Wateva. Call da bum and goes fishin or sumpin.

    Cause da only stars you gonna see are comin yo way once Joe catches yo sorry ass trying to steal his endorsements again. And Marilyn says you’re a dirty bum also.

    Gotz to go, its busy up here in Dead Norm heaven.

  13. Broward Dem says:

    Hey Israel a Fan,

    Once again you Israelites already spreading the same old lies that never happened excuses you already all scared to death Granteed will run. Granteed had already secured over $500 k for his Eco’s if he chooses to run. Granteed was the one that campaigned in support of the Fort Lauderdale NAACP Civil a Citation initiative which he has been a member. All Israel did was take Granteeds campaign initiatives and use them. The civil citation was pushed my Marsha a
    Ellison and Granteed fully supported it when campaigning. What has Isreal really done except tale credit for others ideas and programs. All the bull shit about harassment is all you cool aid drinkers sounding like lying broken records. Give it a rest. Also, I have a family member that worked in Hollywood who Saudi Granteed was an excellent boss and highly respected by all the people in the department except maybe a few mal contents. Plus the other lie about the gay officer. You should lull the records and see that a Granteed supported him and defended him which led to Granteed disciplining another officer for messing with that officer. So again more bullshit and lies. Check the records. Sgt. Eric Augustus was written up for messing with that gay officer. O yeah. The gay officer supported Israel who hired Sgt. Augustus at BSO the person that made derogatory comments at the gay officer. Humm you forgot to mention that. Give your bullshit a rest. Chief Granteed will be the next a Sheriff and raising money is definitely not a problem.

  14. Just Saying says:

    “Broward Dem” = Louie Granteed, as nobody else ever refers to him as “Chief Granteed.” The sexual harassment history was well documented (he was named as a defendant in two different lawsuits the city settled … and the city had to pay six-figure settlements to make the cases go away). The gay cop (Mikey Verdugo) was very direct that Granteed was part of the those tormenting him in the workplace. As they say, Louie, history is a bitch. Certainly so in your case. And if you think you can raise $500k next time — over even $150k — you need to put down the crack pipe.

  15. Israel Fan says:

    #9Well well #9, I guess you must be working closely with the Granteed 2016 campaign to have the exact dollar amount of unreported ECO money on hand.

    Again, I welcome Lamberti and Granteed to run again. Louie Granteed barely broke 30% in the Democratic Primary, in fact he didn’t even carry Hollywood. He didn’t get the PBA Endorsement in spite of the fact that he’s related by marriage to Jeff Marano.

    At the end of the day in August 2012 Louie had more money than Scott Israel, plus the mile wide/inch deep support of the Broward Dem Insiders. So best of luck to him this time around, I’m sure it will be a nail biter.

  16. Once Again ALiar says:

    First just saying you are clearly an idiot who has no clue what you talking about. Just saying you obviously can’t read documents. Secondly, Granteed had already earned more collar brass stars than you will ever get in your life even counting the ones a teacher light have out on you elementary homework. Get off the kool aid. If inward SI I would which he is be more worried about Granteed than Lamberti. If Granteed gets in SI will have to spend every penny in a primary and this time will most likely lose. If he wins after spending all of his money Lamberti will be waiting in the general. Republican and a Democrats want SI out because he has been the worst Sheriff in history. Granteed is going to do to SI in 2016 what SI did to Lamberti in 2012. It’s funny how all of you SI cool aid drinkers write bullshit about the guy and in the same breathe try to make it seem like he won’t be a problem. Hum. Sure seems like you are all worried and that’s why you big mouths keep writing all kinds of bullshit. Can you please get some new material. It’s the same old broken record for the cOnvicted Sheriff on ethics violations by the State Commission and his cronies. The Sheriff is a liar and only cares about himself. He uses people and that why there is so much turmoil at the top and the reason employees quietly are telling everyone to support Granteed. Israel had his chance fans blew it especially after swearing to everyone there would be no retaliation and his second week in office immediately went after the union reps send transferred eight of them. Get a life. Just sayin. More to come.