Ag. Comm. Nikki Fried Backs Local Control Of Bonnet House


State Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried has weighed in on the side of local activists seeking to preserve local control of the beachfront Bonnet House.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis, who has been leading the fight, announced Fried’s backing today. He also released the following letter:

Browardbeat’s earlier story explains the situation here and the importance of the historic house to Broward County:

2 Responses to “Ag. Comm. Nikki Fried Backs Local Control Of Bonnet House”

  1. David Brown says:

    Bonnet house has been a real oasis in Fort Lauderdale. We have enjoyed it several times since moving to Fort Lauderdale and we’re hoping it might be the location of our daughter‘s upcoming wedding. She and her fiancé were in town over Thanksgiving and we took them to see Bonnet house. They were seriously considering it for their wedding but, alas, they googled it and read about the funding controversy. With too many guests flying in they were scared off. Bad for the Fort Lauderdale hoteliers and bad for us. It’ll probably end up in San Francisco.

  2. Local History Fan says:

    Looks like the Florida Trust’s PR/lobbyist is going to have even more explaining to do. Guess going after Mayor Trantalis wasn’t the best idea when the facts are so clear.

    Great to see Commissioner Fried take this on.