Ad Slamming House Candidate is Full Of Lies





The trashiest flyer of this cycle — aimed at State House District 100 candidate Joe Geller – is also the one with the biggest obvious lies.

Paid for by a Pensacola-based committee, the piece states: “Geller’s Big Time Donors Have Done Hard Time.”

Then it goes on to mention former Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi and  Ira Cor, a Broward County-based real estate broker .

Only one little problem: neither of them did any time….hard or otherwise.

Pizzi got acquitted of bribery charges before the piece hit voters mail boxes starting on Monday.

Cor did community service community service and house arrest on insurance fraud charges in the case filed in 1987 – 27 years ago!

And Cor and Pizzi were not “big time donors.”

Cor gave $100 in Geller’s 2008 losing race for state House out of more than $273,000 raised.

Pizzi donated $500 for the current House campaign, which has contributions and loans of  more than $180,000 so far.

The piece is false. Its a straight up lie.

If this is all Geller’s opponents have, they have nothing.

Who benefits?

These mailers were done by a group that has done a pro-Ben Sorensen ad. Sorensen is one of two Democrats Geller is facing in the Democratic primary.

Here is the most interesting connection which may mean something…and may not.

The committee sending the piece is Communities First, whose chair is Travis Peterson.  Communities First and Petersen’s Impact Campaigns are run out of the same Pensacola address.

Who was Peterson’s best known client in Broward?  County Commissioner Tim Ryan in his 2012 race.





Democratic leaning House District 100 stretches east of U. S. One from Hollywood into Miami-Dade’s barrier island. There is one other Democratic candidate, John Paul Alvarez.  The race for the open seat — the current occupant is term-limited state Rep. Joe Gibbons, D-Hallandale Beach — also has Republican candidate Marty Feigenbaum and Libertarian Party candidate Omar Recuero.

Below is the piece, the front followed by the back:


Joe Geller piece--front




6 Responses to “Ad Slamming House Candidate is Full Of Lies”

  1. Evan Ross says:

    Ben Sorensen is nothing more than a republican shill taking unfair and inaccurate shots at a career leader in the democratic party.

    Thank you for bringing out the truth, Buddy. If people want to see more, they should visit

  2. Alice McGill says:

    And Daniel Sohn, a major big time liar according to Chaz Stevens, backs Alvarez. Hmmm! Is there any truth left?

  3. Good or Bad says:

    He has 2 democrats, Buddy. Ben Sorenson is in the race also.

  4. Frayed Knot says:

    “…that he felt were political damaging”

    Really? If you can’t get your facts correct at least write the piece properly!

  5. Andrew Markoff says:

    It’s always terribly frightening to think that anyone actually votes based on campaign mailings, especially any attack ads. I’ve written a profile of the three candidates in that race on called “Mark Off Your Ballot with Markoff.”

    For me, the skepticism arises when I see such ads, but not as much towards the candidate being attacked as towards whomever is doing the attacking. The negativity also suppresses turnout for the same reason- lots of potential voters are turned off by all sides and stay home.

  6. broward says:

    Has anyone told Sheriff Israel questionable friends questionable character. This is a perfect ad to run against Sheriff Israel, but there will be a l out more substance….