Update: A Fight Over Neil Rogers’ $$$???


South Florida shock jock pioneer Neil Rogers died Christmas Eve from complications of a stroke and other cardiac problems, but the fight over his estate could continue on , say sources.

He was 68.

Here is my earlier tribute to Rogers.

Something ugly is looming that could stain Rogers’ memory, if two sources are to be believed: A fight over what’s left of his money and property.

Will there be a fight over his estate, which includes what he saved from years of earning a high six-figure annual salary and his Plantation Acres home?

Rogers had no immediate family, according to the Miami Herald. 

Openly gay, he had various live-in friends over the years. One source called some of these friends little more than gigolos.   

A straight friend of Rogers predicted that there will be a “huge battle” over whatever bucks that remain in his estate.   

“It doesn’t matter what any will says. You are going to see people come out of the woodwork claiming they are entitled to a piece of that pie,” said this friend.

There are already at least two camps forming over the estate, according to another source.

We will see.

In the meantime, we have lost one of the characters that made South Florida such a unique place. 

Rest in peace, Neil.

18 Responses to “Update: A Fight Over Neil Rogers’ $$$???”

  1. Ms. Radio says:

    Neil Rogers was my God for years. I tried to copy him and pattern my career after him.
    I realized the lesson he gave me that he was an original. Nobody could be like him.
    Thank you, Buddy for remembering.

  2. Richard J. Kaplan says:

    Buddy, In my other life I am a Probate/Estate Planning Attorney.

    If he didn’t leave a Will, Florida Statues dictate who gets what. There would be no Will Contest.

    If he left a Will then it should follow the Will. Hopefully he used a competent attorney to draft it. It is when no attorney is used, or if the attorney doesn’t work in this area, that issues can come up. Of course someone could contest a Will, and that’s where things can get sticky too.

    Also under either sitution contractual situations could be an issue.

    FROM BUDDY: The operative sentence is “somebody could contest a Will, and that’s where things can get sticky..”

  3. Tommy says:

    Neil Rogers had talent. However, he was really just a knock off of Howard Stern in New York. He started to switch his act in the mid-1980s after Stern became popular with his new brand of radio.
    Rogers tried to both syndicate his show, like Stern, and go to Sirius/XM. Nobody outside of Miami was interested.

  4. Wayne Arnold says:

    Neil Rogers left us all radio memories we will never forget.

  5. Richard J. Kaplan says:

    Three general reasons to contest a Will: Undue Influence, Dimished Capacity, or Error in Execution.

    We’ll see what is alleged if the Will is contested. A competent Attorney who is concerned about such issues normally will take steps to minimize the possibility of contesting.

    I’ve been lucky that out of the 1000’s of estate planning documents I have done, none have been contested. It’s because of the training I received, including from some senior probate attorneys in the area.


    There could be an additional element in his will. He lived in Canada art of the year. Did he own property or other assets in Canada? What do Canadian laws say about wills and death? What about Canadian “palamony” laws?


  6. RIP says:

    The life lesson Neil Rogers taught me was to neither be a cynic or gullible but to develop descernment. He was undoubtedly a cynic and lived the miserable life that comes with that burden. He could have been gullible but had too much pride to become a happy asshole. Thing is it is between the two that discernment is found. That’s where the balanced person belongs. Neil was always entertaining. Never balanced.

    RIP and thanks for the lesson.

  7. Richard J. Kaplan says:

    If decedent was a Florida Resident, personal property is subject to Florida’s jurisdiction and probate even if in Canada. Realty is subject to Canadian probate.

    Normally, Canada will accept a Florida Will if the decedent is a Florida Resident at death. Likewise, Florida will accept a Canadian Will if the decedent was Canadian.

    Taxes are another question, and Canada treats death as a Capital Transaction. The US doesn’t.

  8. Hey Richard says:


    Neils best friend and confidant was Norm Kent a very prominent and capable attorney.

  9. Richard J. Kaplan says:

    I am sure he is.

  10. Thunder says:

    Last time I knew, Norm was not a trust/wills/estate planning/probate attorney so unless he referred Neil to someone competent in that area, I would not rely on Norm’s expertise in this particular situation.

  11. So Nixionian says:

    Neil was a phemon in broadcast radio in this area.He was interesting, refreshing and always enjoyed creating a tumult.So, if there is a will contest,and YOU ARE A CYNIC, just look at it as Neil’s last tumult,the one only the lawyers will win. Neil G-d!!!!!!!!!!

  12. RIP says:

    Nixonian? Do you even know what that means? What drivel.

  13. City Activist Robert walsh says:

    let me guess Att.(don’t be caught w your pants down,or yes do get caught w/ your pants down Norm Kent is the Executor of the Estate. Need we say more.

  14. Neil Rogers Memorial Planned says:

    Fans and friends plan to gather at 3 p.m. on Jan. 7 to remember the late talk-radio phenomenon, Neil Rogers, and celebrate his life.

    Rogers, 68, died on Dec. 24. His remains were cremated.

    The memorial event will be held at the Center for Spiritual Living, 1550 Northeast 26th St., Wilton Manors. A reception follows at the Manor Entertainment Complex, at 2345 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors.

    Donations are welcome to Abandoned Pet Rescue Inc. Bring a check or visit http://www.abandoned-pet-rescue.com.

    For further information, contact Rogers’ longtime friend and attorney Norman E. Kent at 954-661-3361.

  15. Woodbine says:

    He blew and spent all his money from what I’ve heard

  16. Dave says:

    Great piece of yellow “journalism,” Nevins.

  17. James says:

    Too bad he didn’t live long enough to see The Miami Marlins take the field in their new half a billion dollar publicly owned home that he used countless hours of publicly owned airwaves to protest against,while denying his listeners who supported the project the chance to disagree with him and voice their support.

  18. Glenn the bird says:

    Sad that Neil did not leave anything to Jorge. Pavo the boy toy is slime.