A Break For Nan Rich: Challenger Won’t Run





Nan Rich can rest a little easier today.

Weston Mayor Dan Stermer, who was considering challenging Rich for an open Broward County Commission seat, has decided not to run.

“After serious consideration and deliberation, I have decided I wil not be running for the Broward County Commission,” Stermer told Browardbeat.com. “I made a commitment to the residents of Weston when they elected me mayor and I will honor the trust they have placed in me.”

Rich, 72, of Weston, is running for a seat currently held by Marty Kiar.  He is leaving the commission to run for Property Appraiser.

A former state senator from Weston who lost a race for the Democratic nomination for governor last year, Rich’s deep support has scared away any other accomplished Democrat with a realistic chance of beating her. There is now a good chance that she takes the county commission seat with no formidable opponent.



11 Responses to “A Break For Nan Rich: Challenger Won’t Run”

  1. Ghost of McLovin says:

    A break for Nan Rich, a loss for Broward County citizens, especially in District 1.

  2. WELL SAID says:

    If the Senator from Weston is indeed elected to the Broward County Commission, the collective IQ of that governmental body will increase a thousand fold…..Thank God…..someone actually on the Broward County Commission with an intellect….never thought I would see the day….

  3. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    She is to old. Mrs.Rich should give someone else a chance. Same thing w/ Dr.Snipes ,come on both ladies are in their 70’s. I think the gay guy from Davie , what his name Brian Caleyka, som e thing like that comm. in Davie. I mean for a county comm. seat where only one person runs is concerning. Come on people in this district make a move.Also unrealated update Ast>sate Att. Catherine Maus was appointed in Ft.lau to be on the P/Z bd. Appointmnet made by Comm.Dean Trantalis(real story).Hmm…

  4. Sue Gunzburger says:

    That is great news. Nan will be a terrific County Commissioner with her wealth of knowledge and experiences in the State Legislature, as well as the many organizations where she has been a volunteer and leader.

  5. Crypt Keeper says:

    I’m just saying.


  6. Kevin Cregan says:

    Nan Rich will make an excellent County Commissioner.

  7. Scout Finch says:

    Mayor Stermer declining to run for the County Commission is a gain for the City of Weston and a loss for the County. He is well rounded and well versed in many regional issues– not to mention very bright. He’s still on the younger side, so maybe there is still time.

  8. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Nan rich will vote like gunzenberger, a liberal middle class democratic party line except when lining the pockets of friends and family like the present roster of ethically challenged non entities now on the commission. She’ll be less obvious than sharief and hukumness or Geller in her sleaze moments but less ethical than Tim. Ryan who seems like brogan to at least try to be honest

  9. Gunzburger ?. says:

    If Gunzburger supports her I would never vote for her. Hopefully Rich will not be as nasty and dirty as Gunzburger and her son Gunzburger. Besides nobody cares what either Gunzburger think because they are unethical and not trustworthy. Personalities like dirty ice cubes.

  10. Citizen taxpayer says:

    Nan ‘Hiccup’ Rich is a [insert your opinion here]…

  11. Cucoo says:

    Dan Stermer is like Beam Furr: Superb