30 K Ballots Remain Uncounted In Broward


About 30,000 Broward absentee ballots remain uncounted, leaving at least two races in limbo.

The School Board race between Franklin Sands and Donna Korn, plus the judicial race between Jose Gonzalez and Laura Marie Watson, are close enough to be changed by the absentee ballots.

However, there is no reason why these last absentees would be different than the first one.  The bulk have been counted.

Here is an e-mail to me explaining the situation from the supervisor’s office:


By law we can only begin processing the Ballots fifteen days before the election and to date we have processed and tabulated approximately 135,000 ABs out of the approximately 165,000 received by mail or in person by 7:00 p.m. yesterday.  While receive thousands yesterday by in-person drop offs and by mail.  We will be finished in time for there-convening of the Canvassing Board tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.


Mary Cooney

Public Services Director

Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office


7 Responses to “30 K Ballots Remain Uncounted In Broward”

  1. Jay B says:

    I love it when a public service employee writes in such a way that it shows the lack of education and writing skills one needs to obtain such a position.

  2. Snipes Competent? says:

    There is a question of the competency of Supervisor Snipes based on the long lines at early voting and yesterday and now this delay in getting everything counted. Third World counties count their votes faster.

  3. XXXXX says:

    I don’t trust what is happening with these ballots “suddenly found”.

  4. They just wont got away says:

    The losing side of candidates run by old timers David Brown and Judy Stern. The stench on this is being smelled all over town. If it goes against Watson or Korn the fix is probably in. We saw Stern and Julio with the bs palm cards, could we but a few bs ballots past them? Someone may want to check Fred Bellis’ cellphone for calls or texts from Stern’s cell or office number in the last week, not implying wrong doing, you know just in case…

  5. voter says:

    do they need more staff? can temps be hired to count absentees?
    when miriam oliphant was soe duffle bags of absentee ballots were discovered months after the election.
    there is no excuse for the delay and disorganization at SOE today.
    snipes has been there for over four years and with exception of a bunch of elections every couple of years, her job can’t be that difficult (even oliphant managed to do it for awhile)
    so they either need more staff, more temp staff or some other way to get the job done of tallying votes.
    if not, then lets demand we ALL vote by MAIL like Oregon so we don’t need to build her a $12,000,000.00 consolidated headquarters so all the ineptitude is under one roof.

    and what about all the jammed scanners yesterday, or the scanners that wouldn’t take the ballots after numerous attempts
    were they all counted??

  6. Lamberti is garbage says:

    The Broward PBA created them in case they needed to bump up Scumberti. BUT the lead was too large. YEAH..

  7. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    In one word Pathetic. I mean from people waiting over 7hours to vote, to taken in over 300 ballots from the “Duke” of earl there, to this report. Its not Dr.Snipes its her staff. Make no mistake if she does indeed run again, the voters wil remember all of this. Will see.