Enough Already! We Don’t Need Another President Bush






sam fields



Jeb Bush wants to follow his father and brother into the White House.

Frankly, I don’t think he will get out of the GOP primaries. Recent history has made it clear the deviation from one of the conservative core issues is a death knell.

Two of those issues are immigration reform and the education policy called Common Core.

Exhibit 1 for immigration reform is Rick Perry who went down the crapper for supporting in-state college tuition for illegal aliens in Texas.  Jeb has also taken a moderate immigration stance—at least for a Republican.

Add to this is Jeb’s unflagging support for Common Core, which is establishing federal on English and math education for K-12.

Common Core is viewed by the GOP faithful as the Obamacare of education. It federalizes the standards throughout the U. S. Expect booing at some of the open Republican forums when Jeb mentions it.

If, by some chance, Jeb gets the nomination the opposition campaign will leave him saddled with the legacy of his father and brother.  The highlights of those years are two recessions and three wars; all left to be fixed by their successors.


The Bushes’ Middle East Morass 


In case you want to give “props” to Daddy Bush for the first Iraq war in 1991 don’t.  He’s the one that poked the Middle East hornet’s nest that has continuously stung us for 25 years.

The Bushes are 3 for 3 at getting us into wars.  They are 0 for 3 us out.

Of course, how can we forget their stellar handling of the economy?  You can be sure Hillary Clinton, or whoever the Dems nominate, won’t.

Finally, we get to the Godfearin’ Republican issue of “family values”.

Is there anyone left in Jeb’s family who has not been or shouldn’t have been arrested?

His kids have been busted for Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest and phony drug prescriptions.

But, in case you think it’s just youthful indiscretions allow me to remind you about June 1999.  That was the time Columba Bush should have been arrested for violating 27 USC 541, 542 and 545 for smuggling goods into the United States good for a combined sentence of up to 24 years in the Federal hoosegow.

Following his election to governor, he rewarded his wife with a solo-shopping trip to Paris. Arriving back in the U.S., she filled out the Customs declaration form claiming only $500 in purchases when the truth was $19,000 in French designer clothes.

She repeatedly lied to Customs officials about how much she spent. She continues to lie that she was not trying to cheat on taxes.  She was trying to hide her extravagant ways from “The Jebster”. Suuurre!

He would have noticed the charge card bill for the $1000 to Customs but not the $19,000 to Hermes. Huh???

While I doubt any of that will be in the 250,000 E-mails he recently released, you can be damn sure that whoever was President at the time has the complete record. Correct me, but I believe that was Bill Clinton.

For the longest time the Republicans have made Democratic First Ladies and their families fair game. Well, what goes around comes around.

Or, Jeb could take his mother’s advice about him running for President: “We’ve had enough Bushes”.



15 Responses to “Enough Already! We Don’t Need Another President Bush”

  1. Sam The Sham says:

    Jeb is not my guy. Jeb is an honest, hard working and a very capable administrator and executive, BUT he is not who we need for 2016.

    Sam, some of your points denigrating the Bushes are valid and some are not. Going after family (wife and children) at this point is very bad form. If Jeb starts to use family as a campaigning tool, then go ahead, they are fair game. Until then you are just showing your mean attitude. After all, I am sure your family and loved ones would not want to be judged by your ass-holiness.

  2. Chaz Stevens, I am Festivus says:


    As a then-somewhat young man of the 70s, I thought you’d be “pro Bush.”

  3. Byron says:

    Attacks on Columba Bush are beneath contempt. Is there anything that is out of bounds to the bitter Sam Fields.

    Why do I say bitter? Because his precious Democrats are going down the tubes. He can’t argue policy so he resorts to personal attacks.

    Democrats like Sam Fields should thrown stones because Democrats live in a glass house. The Democrat’s elder statement Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton. He was the president having sex with an intern in the Oval Office, not THE WIFE of a governor. The Sainted Democrat John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy. He was having sex with everything in a skirt while in the White House. NOT HIS WIFE. Him.

    Democrats like Sam Fields want to tear down Jeb Bush because if he is on the ballot, Hillary can’t win. He wins Florida. He wins New Mexico. He wins Colorado. He wins anyplace with a substantial Hispanic population.

  4. Sam Fields says:

    Byron, etc

    The polling data I have seen shows Hillary beating Jeb and Rubio in Florida.

    Republicans spent $50 million trying to indict Hillary when she was First Lady.

    They continue to tale shots as Mrs Obama and even her daughters.

    They have attacked Bill and Hillary’s daughter.

    With that putz Karl Rove leading the way, they committed treason to undermine Valerie Plame.

    Why then is Jeb’s Nigerian water pump scam off limits.

    I stongly suspect that the White House was in the loop when Colubmba was being detained in Atlanta. If he was a Republican I suspect the word would have come down to put the cuffs on the wife of a Democrat.

    I only wish the Dems would play under the same rules that the GOP does.

  5. CS says:

    This is a Nonpartisan that comes from an unbiased view and not a Jeb supporter. Please don’t post anymore blogs. You are so misinformed, not only about the Bushes but in General.

  6. Talks like a politician says:

    And not one more Clinton, por favor!!!!!

  7. CS says:

    Correction to my earlier comment. It may not be that you are misinformed, but your posts do take a very strong biased and partisan tone, which are louder than the points you are trying to make. The personal attacks are not necessary nor relevant to Jeb Bush’s candidacy, just as the voters determined they are not relevant for past Presidents (Republican or Democrat).

  8. Byron says:

    I asked “Governor” Charlie Crist. He agreed with me. Polls mean nothing at this point. He was leading Gov. Scott by more than 20 points at this point two years ago.
    Hilliary. Ha ha ha.
    There is no way she can beat a Spanish-speaking favorite son in Florida. Without Florida, the Democrats can kiss it all goodbye.
    By the way, Fields who are all these “Republicans” you talk about? Do you think every Republican thinks exactly the same? Then I can say Democrat thinks like Al Sharpton.
    Sam Fields is not a person of ideas. He is a person of personal attacks.

  9. Luvinit says:

    I think having a confessed smuggler for a spouse will do plenty to humanize Jeb for voters.

  10. Jeb looks like a 65 year old church woman says:

    Has anyone noticed that Jeb has morphed into a 65 year old woman? He looks too soft and out of shape to attract the male or female vote. I suggest he lose 30 pounds and start hitting the gym.

  11. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    @9: that should make Broward love him.

  12. Alvin Entin says:

    Sam, you are a friend, but you are way out of line attacking Jeb’s family. They are not running for President, he is. Last week I rebuked friends of mine on Facebook for attacking Obama’s daughter for a tee shirt she was wearing, she wasn’t elected to anything either. Politics was once civil, really, there were certain things which were out of bounds and that included wives and children. You are against Jeb for policy reasons, so argue them. You would be wrong, but your right to make the argument I would defend with every fiber of my being. I am for Jeb, he is the kind of right of center Republican we should be electing; thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate and responsible. A contrast for sure to the failed presidency of Barack Obama who has single handidly weakened our foreign policy, embarrassed us in Paris and has done nothing of substance as Americans are beheaded with impunity by Radical Islamic thugs. We cannot afford another 8 years of retreating from our allies in Israel and cozying up to the Saudi’s and their ilk. Those are the real issues, not what Jeb’s daughter did 20 years ago.


    Amen. I agree that attacks on Jeb’s family add nothing to the discourse.

  13. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Alvin, your claim that Obama has done “nothing of substance” about ISIS is untrue.

    Although it did take a while to get the action started, American aircraft have relentlessly pounded ISIS in Kobani (Syria) in support of the Kurdish forces defending the city and as a result ISIS has gone from controlling nearly the entire city to barely hanging on to 10-20 percent of it.

    In addition, Kurdish forces on the ground are being supported by American aircraft in the newly initiated fight for Mosul (Iraq), and American bombs and missiles have also been continuously striking ISIS at many other points throughout Iraq and Syria.

    It is very safe to say that the US has killed well over 1,000 ISIS terrorists for every American citizen killed by ISIS. Moreover, ISIS has run out of Americans to kill, but American bombs and missiles keep on killing dozens of ISIS terrorists every day.

    Here are some excellent websites of interest to those following the ISIS situation:

    1) Rudaw at http://rudaw.net/english?desktop=1

    2) BasNews at http://basnews.com/en

  14. Scooby says:

    Mr. Nevins: I’m less sure of that. If the Republicans are going to continue to claim they possess superior family values, is it not pertinent to look at their own record in that department?

  15. Sam Fields says:

    Character assassination is the GOP stock and trade.

    Think Gingrich, Rove, etc

    Think polling data that shows half of the Republicans think Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya.

    Think of the BREC legal counsel who go got so sick of the crazies that he resigned. Hey Alvin, do you know who that was?

    All I was saying is that if the Republicans want to throw rocks…”people in glass houses,” etc, etc.

    Finally, I get to your non sequitier, off the wall, inclusion of Israel and the Saudis in your diatribe.

    If I was afraid of Saudi influence in the White House the last family I would want on 1600 Pennsylvania ave would be the Bushes.

    Not only did Dubya get his Saudi buddies out of the USA the day after 9/11, but those same buddies have been financing the Bush family for years.

    Ever heard of Bandar bin Sultan?

    Up until this summer he was the head of Saudi Intelligence. From 1983 until 2005 he was the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S.

    There is a reason his nickname is “Bandar Bush”! Hint: It’s not Reggie Bush.

    Google “Bandar Bush” and you get half a million hits.


    Funny, having covered Broward County politics for decades I always thought that character assassination was the Democrats’ “stock and trade.” Despite your partisan ranting, Sam, political personal attacks have no party affiliation.