City Wants 5,000 More Housing Units In Downtown Fort Lauderdale



The Fort Lauderdale Planning & Zoning Board this week considers raising the number of housing units allowed downtown from 11,060 to 16,060.


Jack Seiler
Jack Seiler: Wants More Density Downtown


That’s 5,000 units!

That could be five huge apartment complexes of 1,000 units apiece!

Those 5,000 units would be built in a vacuum. The housing would be permitted before adding infrastructure, especially infrastructure to handle the traffic.

The exception is The Wave, the mini-streetcar system approved this summer.  The Wave, of course, will not carry anyone in and out of Fort Lauderdale.  Just around downtown.

The idea that people living in those new 5,000 units will give up their cars is a planner’s fantasy.  Maybe some will walk to work, but they surely at some point will want to go other places than downtown.

None of this matters. Commissioners believe that downtown must build up.

For the life of me, I have never understood why bigger buildings equals desirable growth.  Isn’t Las Olas a destination because it is a quainter, low-rise street?

“I support more density downtown and I don’t on the barrier island,” Mayor Jack Seiler said.

That’s good for the beach, at least.  Maybe it’s good for downtown.  We shall see.

I surely hope Seiler, who I believe has the best interests of the city at heart,  is right.

Here’s the agenda item:



Wednesday, July 17, 2013


PLACE OF MEETING: City Hall, City Commission Chambers 100 North Andrews Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 TIME OF MEETING: 6:30 P.M.

 11. Downtown Units Land Use Plan Amendment Todd Okolichany 2T13


General Location: District:

Amend text in the Future Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan by increasing the residential density within the Downtown Regional Activity Center (RAC) land use designation from 11,060 dwelling units to 16,060 dwelling units.

The amendment applies to the Downtown Regional Activity Center (RAC), generally located south of Sunrise Boulevard, north of the Tarpon River, between S.E. 9th Avenue and N.W. 7th Avenue, in the City of Fort Lauderdale.


11 Responses to “City Wants 5,000 More Housing Units In Downtown Fort Lauderdale”

  1. City Activist Robert walsh says:

    I hope the Mayor is not considering putting rental housing next to some of my friend’s that paid over a half a million dollars to live Downtown. I mean its bad enough my friends @ the Water-Gardens and others are going to get the Marina lofts which is a huge project that is up for approval in August. I mean these people paid big money to live where they do, to only have a massive rental bldg. going up around them. I certainly hope not. Would the Mayor like a rental project next to his “gated community” -I mean go over to Flager, Progreesor, Sistrunk,etc. I mean its enough he is taxing the Downtoners a 100 bucks a year for his Wave project(i hope your right Jack). I mean when you pay boo-koo money to live in a luxury condo ,that you worked your ass off is not right for some over zealous delvolper,who kisses Seiler’ ass to get their rental properties down there in the first place. Be careful Mayor, you never want to inconvience your constituents. More rental properties is the answer? Will see.

  2. Sick Of It All says:

    Build next to Seiler’s house. Then see if he is happy.

  3. whiners and moaners says:

    you elected him
    live with it

  4. Alice in Wonderland says:

    Great Idea Mayor Jim Jack Joe Sieler it should be all Section 8 housing so payment is assured to the developers and the Folly Trolley.

  5. Ha Ha Ha says:

    The highest density in Fort Lauderdale must be located inside Jack Seiler’s skull. But he has plenty of company – the City Commission recently gave unanimous approval to the WAVE boondoggle.

  6. John Henry says:

    5,000 x $99 = WAVE Tax Income.

    This City is nothing but one big money scam.

  7. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    You know enough w/ the name calling. Jack Seiler is a good Mayor, and I just want to make sure my friends that again worked their asses off don’t have to live next to a huge rental bldg. That ‘s it. I mean Jack Seiler is a very good Mayor and is sharper than a tack, just because I don’t agree w/ him all the time doesn’t mean that I don’t support him. And I am not 100% sure its all rental properties going up. Please clairify Mayor Seiler..

  8. Thanks robert says:

    Of course there were the times you were supportive of Seiler of getting an opponent because he ignored your pals the sterns when they tried to smear him, right robert?

  9. finally! says:

    Love the 180 on Walsh. What did your sponsor call and tell you to backpedal?
    Also love the discrimination and bigotry dripping from your post. Its not a coincidence you listed black communities. Ahh good ol blockbusting…

  10. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #8- Really. I didn’t like Mayor Seiler’ friend Mike Ahearn chiming in when that mess Roger Stone called Barbra the C word. That’s it. As far as being supportive of him, he knows that he could call me @ 3am and I would be there for him(not that he would be in that situation). #9 I do not have a bigoted bone in my body. What I am is a “realist”. Call it , like I see it. No “block-busting” here. And don’t give me your bullshit on Sistrunk, w/ the money we have spent improving that section is absurd that you would even make that comment. And why does the black community come to be that all these projects and remodeling and they can’t get hired? Also they are telling me that Comm.Dubose is not a true representation of their district because he is Hatian, and not African American, which they have a real proplem w/. Yes, this is their dialogue ,not mine. And when you think about it, how many Black people do you know that speak Creole???. Thank you……

  11. Oh that is nice says:

    Isn’t it just so wonderful how the Mayor who doesn’t live in the downtown area wants to over develop it? What a guy? A real pal?

    Tell Mayor Seiler enough is enough. Start bringing business to Fort Lauderdale. Not money for you and the developers!