The Political Lo Down: Trash In Sunrise’s Future; Endorsement Withheld In Tamarac


buddy nevins

In George Orwell’s word-bending future, the war means peace and freedom means slavery.

Far fetched?

Well, the future is now in Sunrise.

That’s the town where Green apparently means Trash.

A city hall source tells me that a firm named Green Now wants to use its land to build a trash transfer station.  

That would entail trucks hauling trash from other communities traveling through town.  A real nice touch for a firm with the word Green in its name. 

County records indicate the land Green Now owns is next to the Sawgrass Expressway south of Commercial Boulevard. The firm bought the land for $1.15 million in April, 2009.

Sunrise is a community where garbage hauling always played a big role in city hall.

At least two members of the city commission have worked in the waste business Mayor Roger Wishner and Commissioner Joey Scuotto.

roger wishner

Wishner was in medical waste business

Several years ago, Commissioner Sheila Alu fought a battle to award the garbage contract by competitive bid. 

Her reward was being followed by detectives and harassed by garbage company employees. 

In the end, her struggle saved city taxpayers millions.

It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.


Mayor Beth Talabisco of Tamarac is running for re-election without some support she had last time around.

County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman has not endorsed her and is not expected to do so, according to several sources.

Lieberman, who lives in Tamarac,  and Talabisco had a falling out over some local issue in the city.

But Talabisco’s loss is not a gain for her opponent, former Commissioner Ed Portner.

Lieberman hasn’t endorsed him, either.

I don’t believe Talabisco has anything to worry about.

I’m not sure that Lieberman can convince her lawyer husband Stuart Michelson how to vote.

I don’t think county commissioners can sway anybody’s vote.

10 Responses to “The Political Lo Down: Trash In Sunrise’s Future; Endorsement Withheld In Tamarac”

  1. sunrise resident says:

    More of the same from the Sunrise commission. They won’t be happy until every inch of Sunrise is ruined or paved over. Defeat Roger Wishner

  2. ALERT says:

    Although it is true,that the endorement may not mean much,Lieberman raising Talabisco money may be another issue,if you look at Talabisco last two races,the council race,and the previous mayors race a lot of her money came from Lieberman and her husband Stew Michealson,with the bad economic times and should they not raise her money,Beth may not be able to put the nasty pieces she did against her opponents like she did in the last mayors race,besides with out money her runner Barry Harris will sit on the sidelines

    FROM BUDDY: Good point.

  3. SunRise Rez says:

    It’s funny that Roger W is turning out to be crooked because his election over Harlem was supposed to be the washing out of the Good Ole Boys like the ones who had Sheila Followed.

    Doesn’t he have an opponent in Nov? Isn’t it Scuotto? But If it is why isn’t he saying anything about these constant mini-scandals?

  4. Resident says:

    Though Ed and Stacy (father and daughter) don’t always see eye to eye, is it possible that Stacy’s friendship with Ilene may keep Ilene out of the race too?

  5. The Truth 4U says:

    Lieberman might be able to raise money and Talabisco might be her creation, but the mayor will do just fine on her own. She had a mind of her own and Lieberman didn’t like that

  6. ALERT says:

    Beth is a rookie in politics,a lot of expiernced people put her where she is at ,lieberman,Abramowitz and many more,Beth will not have the expiernce and people to cover for her,although she could beat portner, a 2012 county commission race could be difficult.
    Also for your info stacy ritter is endorsing Beth Talabisco over her father Ed Portner,how sad that Ritter is selling her soul

  7. SunRise Rez says:

    Beth wouldn’t have had Lieberman’s support for her seat in 2012 anyway because isn’t Alu her pick?

    FROM BUDDY: It is widely rumored that Sheila Alu is being groomed by Lieberman to run for her commission seat in 2012.
    Does that mean Alu has to continue to support Lieberman’s husband Stuart Michelson as city attorney in return for a promise of support somewhere in the future?

    Who knows if Alu even wants to be a county commissioner? I’ve also heard Alu wants to run for state attorney, something she didn’t rule out when I asked her that a few months ago.

    It may be surprising to some of you, but every politician doesn’t have a burning desire to move to higher office. Alu might be one of those.

    It’s fun to speculate, but remember that anything can happen between now and 2012.

  8. ALERT says:

    no what is being heard is that Alu for State Attorney and,lieberman for clerk of the courts so she could be close to the surronding properties that is owned by her and her husband.
    Also the county commission and school board are majority woman,they are going to run on replace the good old boys.
    Buddy you remember when Ilene Lieberman ran for county commission the frist time she was going to run against an 18 year commissioner the late jerry Thompson until he saw his numbers going south and retired.With Howard Forman as Clerk of the courts,state senator,county commisioner.Halandale commissioner and a life long of political accomplishments it sounds like dejavu for lieberman

  9. Yeah says:

    Yeah, Alu is not even in Lieberman’s district, didn’t anyone check? but i guess she could move. but if not Alu then Who??? It’ll be a free for all for an open seat with no heir apparent.

    FROM BUDDY: Since when does where you live rule out a run for office in Broward? Addresses can be easily changed. Chris Chiari is currently running against state Rep. Evan Jenne, but is still the member of an advisory board in Fort Lauderdale, according to the Sun-Sentinel. The same newspaper alleged that County Commissioner Lois Wexler doesn’t live in her district. I could go on and on.
    Anyway, I believe Alu rents her house.

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