Update: Former Judge To Be Disbarred Five Years







The Florida Supreme Court has formally dropped any charges against former Broward Circuit Judge John P. Contini. 

At the same time, Contini has agreed lose his license to practice law for five years.  The link to the documents concerning his disbarment are here.



John Contini


The Judicial Qualifications Commission withdrew the charges a month ago. The justices affirmed the JQC decision today.

Contini had been charged by the JQC with misconduct for, among other allegations, faking his court docket to create fictitious cases to disguise his absences.

The reason for the dismissal of the charges was not given by the JQC. The dismissal cites a rule that allows the JQC to dismiss charges against a judge who already resigned.

Contini resigned roughly a month before being charged.




5 Responses to “Update: Former Judge To Be Disbarred Five Years”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Well i can see no further action by them.He resigned.What more could they want.They probably looked at this and stated he is gone.Why bother with this any longer.Bye’ bye…Now John u have plenty of time to spend your afternoons etc.doing whatever was sooo important that he had to play hookie over and over again.Everything from phony,dummy nonexistent docket BS.etc.So good luck to yaaa.

  2. Concerned says:

    Buddy, Contini consented to disbarment earlier this week: https://efactssc-public.flcourts.org/casedocuments/2018/1493/2018-1493_petition_70752_petition2dconditional20guilty20plea.pdf

  3. However says:

    Sweet deal: 5 year disbarment. He was a total embarrassment, lied and betrayed the public trust, but is “active in his church” and attends “bible study.” Pathetic.

  4. Bill says:

    This is the predictable result of electing judges.

  5. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Now he is disbarred.And learned today he is an advocate for felons to get their clemency.Never heard of this before today.Never did anything for me.Total bs.its up to the residents to vote to give me my clemency.Im perfectly fine w/ that.Will see.Its not like i eat tv.dinners( as if) every night..